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Percy and the Left Luggage is the nineteenth story of the second volume.

Percy and the Left Luggage
Season X, Episode 45
Air date 20 September 2020
Written by Abi Grant (original)

MainLineEngines (adapted)

Directed by MainLineEngines
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Thomas and the Lighthouse


One morning, Thomas was standing at the platform with Annie and Clarabel ready for his next journey.

Liza was there too talking with the Stationmaster.

"There's some luggage in the storage room that needs to be taken with Thomas's evening train," explained the Stationmaster. "There's a lot of luggage. It won't all fit in Clarabel."

"We can use Elsie then," said Liza.

"Yes. Just make sure it goes with Thomas's evening train."

"All right. I will make sure of that."

"Or we can make Percy in charge of that," chuckled Thomas.

"Don't be silly. He'll be at the Harbour," replied Liza.

"Don't worry. He'll do anything for me."

"Now you're just being silly."

"Yes, very silly indeed," agreed Annie and Clarabel.

Liza went over to the yard and met Percy being warmed up.

"Ready for a busy day?" asked Liza.

"Yes I am. Lots to do today," replied Percy. "Starting with a stone train once Mavis gets here."

"You have to be back before Thomas's evening train to shunt Elsie. Thomas has ordered you to do so," she teased.

"How typical of Thomas to pawn his jobs off on me. He should know better. I'll be at the Harbour."

"We know."

"I sure hope so."

Once Thomas had left, Percy took a train of stone to the Harbour.

The two engines kept busy that day. They ran their trains to time.

"All's going well," said Thomas, as he approached the Junction. "I'll collect my passengers from Henry, then get back to Ffarquhar, and be back here with the luggage in no time."

Thomas stopped at the station and his passengers got off and waited for Henry. They waited and waited but Henry was nowhere to be seen.

"What's the hold up?" grumbled Thomas.

The Stationmaster came up.

"There was a delay at Vicarstown," he explained. "He's on his way now but he will be late."

"Bother," thought Thomas but they could nothing but wait.

Meanwhile, Percy was preparing to head back to Ffarquhar.

As he approached the Harbour Junction, he was surprised to see that the signal was green.

"Usually I have to wait but green is green," he said to his Driver.

The Driver agreed and Percy puffed past the signal. Soon, he was at Ffarquhar.

"Hey Percy," said Liza. "I see you're here before Thomas."

"Yeah. That was odd. But anyways, I have shunting to do," said Percy. "Then maybe afterwards I can have a wash."

"Hmm, perhaps," smiled Liza.

Meanwhile, Henry had arrived at the Junction and Thomas was on his way, trying to make up for lost time. When he reached Ffarquhar, he was very late indeed. There was little time before his next train.

"No time to run round," said Thomas.

"Right," said his Driver.

Passengers scrambled into Annie and Clarabel. Soon, the Guard was waiting with his whistle and flag. But they were in such a hurry that Thomas, his Driver, Fireman and Guard forgot about the luggage. The Stationmaster was in his office and Liza was waiting for Thomas.

"He'll be over any second," she thought. "He is in quite a hurry."

Then, the Guard blew his whistle and Thomas hurried away.

"Wait, he forgot the luggage," observed Percy. "Stop! Stop Thomas!" And he whistled loudly.

Thomas heard Percy but didn't think much of it.

"I can't stop now," thought Thomas.

Liza shouted too but that was no use. She came back to Percy.

"We'll never stop him now," she sighed.

"But the passengers will notice their luggage is missing," said Percy. "There has to be a way to get the luggage to him."

"You're the only engine available," said Liza.

"Okay, I'll do it. The only problem is Jessie is heading here with a goods train," said Percy.

"We have to make the path clear for you," said Liza. "I'll tell the Stationmaster. Wait here."

She ran to the station.

"I just heard. I'm making some calls," said the Stationmaster.

"Percy can take the luggage to Thomas."


It took a while, but soon all was ready.

"The path is clear for Percy," said the Stationmaster. "We're halting the connection at the Junction till Percy gets there with the luggage."

"I'll go tell him," said Liza, and ran back to the yard.

"All right. Everything's ready," she told him. "Get the luggage to the Junction."

"All right. Let's go Elsie," he puffed.

"Oh, so I guess I wasn't totally forgotten," she said.

"Of course not," said Percy. "Now, we have to get to the Junction, and quickly!"

Percy set off on his mission. He puffed through stations. All the signals showed green as he passed.

"You are quite fast," said Elsie.

"Well, we do have to get there quickly," replied Percy.

Meanwhile, at the Junction, James had just puffed in.

"So I hear Henry held you up," said James.

"Yes. Fortunately, I'm on time now," said Thomas.

"Good for you."

Just then, some passengers came up.

"Excuse me, but where's our luggage?" they asked.

"The luggage," thought Thomas. "Oh dear! We left it behind!"

"We were in such a hurry we just forgot," said Thomas's Driver.

"To be fair, we have had such a good time here and we were just talking that we forgot too," said a man.

"Is there any way we could get our luggage?" asked a woman.

"We'll see," said Thomas's Driver.

Just then, the Stationmaster came up.

"We forgot the passengers' luggage," said the Driver.

"I know all about that. Percy is bringing the luggage. He'll be here any minute," explained the Stationmaster.

"Thanks goodness," sighed Thomas.

Annie and Clarabel were relieved too.

"Hopefully I won't be delayed much," said James.

"The important thing is that the passengers get their luggage," said Thomas.

Percy was nearly at the Junction when he saw the signal was red.

"That can't be!" cried Percy. But he had to stop.

"What are you doing here?" asked the Signalman.

"We have to get the luggage to the Junction for passengers on Thomas's train," explained the Driver. "Didn't you here?"

"I heard Jessie was being delayed to allow another train to pass."

"Yeah, that's us," said the Fireman.

"I have to double check though," said the Signalman and hurried into the signal-box. He returned shortly. "All right. I must have heard wrong. You're all set to go now."

The signal turned green and soon Percy puffed into the Junction.

"Here's the luggage!" whistled Percy.

Everyone was glad to see him. In no time at all, everyone had their luggage and boarded James's train.

"I guess I helped you after all!" chuckled Percy.

"I guess you did. Thank you Percy!" cheered Thomas. "I have to go now. I'll see you back at Ffarquhar."

"I have to wait for Jessie now. I'll see you soon!" replied Percy.

Percy was glad to have been helpful.

"What a day," he sighed.

"Fortunately, everything worked in the end," said Elsie.

"It is what we do," murmured Percy. "I can't wait to get back. I hope I can still have a washdown."

"After today, you deserve it," said the Driver.

Percy beamed proudly.




  • This story is based off the episode of the same name from series eleven of the television series.
  • This is Elsie's first speaking role and appearance in Adventures on Rails.