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Percy loses his mail cars in the snow the day before Christmas and Thomas helps him not to panic.


Percy pulls the mail train everyday. He always delivers all his mail in time. He has the most mail during the winter holidays. One day, Percy came to stop by next to Thomas and Philip. Percy needed his mail cars to be clean for Christmas. Philip took the empty cars away and Thomas and Percy went to work. As Philip was taking the cars he saw James. He left the cars and started to follow James. Soon, it started to snow. Thomas and Percy came back later that day, but they didn't see Philip or the mail cars. Philip soon came back. Percy told Philip where were his cars and Philip said he lost them. Percy started to panic but Thomas said he would help him find them. The two friends searched everywhere but they didn't seem to find them. Percy panicked more but Thomas kept reminding him they would find the mail cars in time for Christmas. They kept looking but still they couldn't find them. Percy was really worried about what would happen. Thomas would not let his best friend down.It was getting late, Percy was now so panicked he started to run as fast as he could and Thomas chased after him. Percy crashed into something in the snow. Thomas came to see what it was and was very happy to let know Percy what they found. The mail cars were finally found. Both engines took the cars and because it was late, they both helped deliver the mail for Christmas.



  • The events of Panicky Percy were mentioned.