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Paint the Town Red
Season 2, Episode 19
Air date April 14th, 2021
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Paint the Town Red is the nineteenth episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


There are many engines who are painted the same color across the Island of Sodor and everyone knows them well. For instance, Thomas, Edward, and Gordon are known for being painted blue; Percy, Henry, and Emily are all known for being painted green; and Toby is well known for being painted brown. However, the engine that is most well known for being painted red is none other than James. He is most proud of this and brags about having the most shiniest red paint on the island, and for being one of the few engines of the first seven ones to have his own color. Many engines ignore him and tell him that there are plenty of other red engines on Sodor, but James being who he is doesn't listen and still considers himself as the best red engine the island has ever seen and lets everyone know it too, though everyone wishes he would not.

One morning, James puffed proudly into Knapford station, feeling proud and pompous as usual, and boastful too.

"Good morning, Knapford!" he called out snootily to the other engines. "Great and glorious morning, wouldn't say? And you want to know why?"

Thomas, Toby, Rosie, Emily and Henry, who were each at the other platforms, had no interest whatsoever in guessing. "Is it by any chance because…you got another fresh coat of paint?" muttered Thomas sarcastically.

"Correct, Thomas, my friend!" James said proudly. "You got it! Just got repainted earlier and I must say, it looks better than before, wouldn't you agree?" But all James noticed was the engines' soured expressions. "Oh, don't feel too bad everyone. You all can get fresh coats of paint too…but yours probably wouldn't be as splendid as mine, as you don't nearly have as much smart paintwork as I do. You all need some practice with that." James chuckled slyly.

The engines were cross. "Well perhaps we don't care about how our paint looks because we're more concerned about other things, like…our jobs?!" huffed Emily.

"Yes, and we don't have time to boast about our paintwork either, James," added Toby. "You do that all the time and it gets very annoying after a while."

"And on top of that," added Henry, "we all see your red paint every single day, we are well aware that you are painted red. So you really don't need to bring it up about one thousand times a day, James."

James scoffed. "Hmph, seems like you all just jealous that you can't make your paintwork look as smart mine, and that you all share the same colors, well except you Toby, but regardless, people won't notice you all as much as they do with me."

The engines paused for a moment. "You know, James," puffed Thomas. "You're not the only red engine on Sodor. There are plenty of other engines who painted red as well."

"Yes, like me for example," added Rosie. "I'm just as red as you are, James, so we share the same color too and you're not the only red engine."

"Ooh, one other red engine, how shocking," James mocked sarcastically. "Huh! So Rosie is red like me too, but that's just one. Besides, she was originally pink, so technically, she doesn't count. Try naming a few more red engines. I bet you couldn't name more than two."

"Alright then," chuckled Thomas. "Well let's see…there's Skarloey, Rheneas."

"Salty, Norman," added Rosie.

"Glynn and Mike," Toby chimed in.

"Arthur and Harvey," said Emily.

"And Victor…," continued Henry.

"Alright! Alright! Stop!!" huffed James hastily. "I said name no more than two, you know."

"No you didn't," teased Thomas. "You said you bet we couldn't name more than two, and yet, we just proved you wrong, so I think we win." Then he and others laughed. James grunted.

"So James, what do you say?" asked Emily. "You still think you are the only red engine on Sodor?"

James paused for a moment. "No, but I'm the only one everyone remembers the best. All those other red engines are not nearly as popular or famous as me, so they don't stand a chance against my fame and fortune."

"Oh I don't know, James," chuffed Henry. "Those other red engines are quite popular too, so I think you may have competition with them."

"Oh nonsense!" huffed James. "The only things they're popular with is doing their jobs and staying out of the popular engines' way. Hardly anyone notices or even talks about them. Me, on the other hand, there's plenty to talk about and everyone knows it."

The engines groaned. "You know, James?" huffed Thomas. "Everyone does know who you are and they see you plenty of times during the day. So between you and the other red engines, I think they would prefer to see them more than you and take a break from all your boasting and showing off."

"Huh, you wish," muttered James. "Everyone loves to see me, and wouldn't want to see anything else." Just then, James was coupled up to some coaches and the passengers got in, then the guard blew his whistle. "Well I must be off now. So tootles, everyone, and keep looking splendid, or try to, anyway!" Then James puffed away laughing.

Thomas and the others were cross. "He just never learns, does he?" huffed Rosie.

"No unfortunately, he doesn't," grumbled Toby. "All he thinks about is himself and that's that."

"Well he has thought of others before," puffed Henry, "but no sooner than he does that, that he goes right back to bragging about himself again."

"Hmm, if only there was a way for James to learn a lesson about that," added Emily.

"Oh I don't think we have to worry about that," chuffed Thomas. "I'm sure sooner or later, James will learn his lesson all on his own, like he does most of the time, and that boastful attitude of his usually helps with that too." The others could only agree.

Meanwhile, James was puffing along the mainline feeling proud of himself, though was secretly fuming about what the others said about him.

"Huh! Everyone's tired of seeing me and wants to see other red engines, what a joke," he thought. "What do those other red engines have that I don't? There's nothing special about them and I'm way more famous than them too, so of course people want to see me rather than them. Thomas and all of them don't know what they're talking about. I'll show them. A popular red engine like me always gets attention no matter the case." However, James was about to learn that that is not always the case.

As James puffed into Brendam Docks to collect visitors for Ulfstead Castle, he saw them standing on the quay and looking at Salty. James smirked. "Now's my chance to give the visitors a splendid sight," he thought, and puffed forward, and puffed right between Salty and the visitors. Everyone was most surprised. "Here's James!" he whistled proudly. "At your service, everyone. I'm sure you will appreciate riding with a splendid red engine like me."

But the visitors were not very impressed. Neither was Salty. "Uh, excuse me there, James," puffed Salty, "but I was in the middle of one me tales of the sea, you know, and all these shipmates were quite keen to hear it."

"Pah! Yeah, they were, now I'm sure they are more interested in me," bragged James.

"Uh, no actually we're not," said a man. "We would like to hear the rest of this engine's story if you don't mind."

"Yes, it sounds quite fascinating and our trip up to the castle can wait a while," said a woman. "So please move aside, big red engine."

James was quite surprised by this. "Uh…um…"

"Well, you heard them, lad," chuckled Salty. "The captain's on deck here and center of attention, so excuse me please. Har! Har! Har! Now where was I? Oh yes! I remember. The waves came crashing down, the ship was tossed all over the place, but it stayed strong and tough against that giant tsunami and…"

As Salty continued his story, James felt insulted. "Well that was pretty rude of them," he thought to himself. "I mean, how are Salty's stories more interesting than my shiny red paint? Hmm, oh well, I guess this crowd has lower expectations and that's why. There's still plenty of people who would enjoy me more." He smiled smugly at his remark.

Soon, once the visitors were onboard and he was on his way, James puffed up to Ulfstead Castle. When approached the castle entrance, he saw Glynn at the station platform with some visitors. James saw this as another opportunity to get attention.

"I'm sure they'll want to see a more modern red engine like me instead of an old coffee pot like him," he thought, and he puffed towards Glynn.

When he came up to the station, James whistled loudly at Glynn's visitors. "Hello everyone!" he proudly announced. "Here's James! The most modern red engine you'll ever see on Sodor, and happy to be at your service!"

Everyone gave James a blank look. "Um, James," puffed Glynn, "you might be confused, but they're not here to see you. They're here to see me and the castle. You're just supposed to bring more visitors."

"Or maybe I'm supposed to bring visitors and show them the castle," said James smugly. "Besides, no offense, Glynn, but I don't think you could give as good of a ride as I could. You know, because you're old and slow and not as modern as me."

"Oh I don't know," chuffed Glynn cheekily. "The visitors certainly like riding with an old coffee pot like me. Also, they get to hear fun facts about Sodor's history when they ride with me, which is certainly a nice change from listening to you bragging about yourself all the time." The visitors chuckled at this, James scoffed.

"He, he, he!" chuckled Millie, as she rolled up. "Glynn certainly got you there, James! You do tend to brag a lot!"

James snorted. "I don't brag that much!" he huffed. "Plus, who want to hear about a whole lot of facts about Sodor's history? They're just old and boring."

"Not as much as your bragging!" teased Glynn, then he and visitors laughed again.

"He's right you know!" said a man.

"Yes, Sodor history really is more entertaining than hearing about you all the time!" added a woman. James grunted.

"He, he! Glynn got you again, James!" laughed Millie. "Boy, for an engine who loves getting attention, you sure know how to get it, but apparently, not in the way you intended! Better luck next time, James!" Then she, Glynn, and the visitors continued laughing. James just snorted loudly, and grumpily huffed away.

James felt more determined than ever to prove that he was the most popular red engine on Sodor. So he decided to try to prove he was by coming across every red engine he saw and telling anyone around them why he was most special. However, every time he tried to do that, people either told him they were not interested in him or simply told him to go away as they were more interested in the engine they were already with than him. This, of course, just made James feel crosser and crosser.

He puffed into Crovan's Gate station and saw people admiring Skarloey and Rheneas and tried to get their attention. "Hello everyone!" he called. "Here's James! The most splendid and useful…"

"Um, excuse me, James," interrupted Skarloey, "but these visitors are here to see me and Rheneas, not you."

"Yes," agreed Rheneas. "We've heard about what you're doing today, James, and we can tell you right now, you can save your need for attention for another day when people are interested in a big red showoff, like you."

"Indeed," said Skarloey. "So good day to you, James, and do please stop showing off and just do your work. Everyone would appreciate it if you would." All of their visitors agreed. James grunted loudly, and fumed away.

Then he headed for the Steamworks and tried to show-off there. He came rushing in hurriedly. "Here's…"

"Uh, uh, uh, don't even think about it, James, my friend," called Victor abruptly. "This is not the place for bragging. We got engines to fix, parts to make, and I need to make sure everything runs smoothly in here. So unless you do need repairs, please leave, and stop showing off." James let out an exasperated sigh, and puff away again.

As he was puffing into Kellsthorpe Road station, he saw another red engine at the platform and passengers were there looking at them, so he tried one more time to get attention. "Here's…."

"Eh! Eh! Ahem!" Then James saw it was Rosie, who gave him a knowingly annoyed glare.

"Huh, fine, I know. I'll go," grumbled James, and huffed away once again.

James slunk slowly along the line, feeling rather depressed. "How is it that people are suddenly more interested in pretty much every other red engine on this island except me? I mean, I'm the most famous one out of them and people were acting like I was a nobody. That doesn't make any sense." He thought for a moment. "Hmm, perhaps everyone is tired of seeing me after all, and it's time for those other red engines to get the spotlight instead. Oh dear, I guess I'm just old news now, and nobody cares about me. Oh, the shame of it. Might as well go back to the sheds and stay out of everyone's way in that case." So James continued puffing along and went sadly to Tidmouth Sheds.

When he puffed into the sheds, he saw Thomas, Henry, Emily, and Toby there, all looking at him with knowing expressions. James thought he knew what they were thinking. "You all don't have to worry," he huffed. "I'm not here to brag. I'm just here to rest and stay out of everyone's way, okay? So there."

"Oh we had a feeling you might," puffed Emily.

"Yes, we all heard what you were doing today from the other engines, James, and we have to say, you really went a little too far with trying to get attention from everyone," added Thomas.

"Well how was I supposed to know everyone would be interested in the other red engines?" grumbled James. "I honestly never heard or seen anyone show any interest in them and I'm the most famous one on the island. I just figured since that was the case, they would want to see me all the time." The engines groaned.

"Hmm, well, it's like what Thomas said earlier, James," chuffed Henry. "Everyone knows who you are and see you literally all the time. Sometimes, people want a little change and see other engines who have the same color as you, but just because they do, doesn't necessarily mean they haven't forgotten about you or stopped caring either."

"Henry's right," agreed Emily. "Take me and him for example: we're both green and people know Henry very well, but sometimes they like seeing me more than him, but they still talk about Henry all the time and haven't forgotten about him at all. So I think you're probably overthinking this whole situation, James, and you don't have to worry about anyone forgetting you."

"But you all didn't see how people were treating me around the other red engines," protested James. "They were laughing at me, telling me to get out of the way, and said they were growing tired of my boasting. So I think that indicates they don't care about me anymore and would much rather see other engines."

"Well, they probably said those things because they knew you were deliberately trying to steal attention from someone else," puffed Thomas. "James, if there's one thing we all know about you very well, you ask for attention 'way' too much and it can get pretty annoying sometimes. I'm not trying to be rude, but it's a fact and we really wish you would stop doing that all the time. Boasting and bragging will do you no good and the more you do it, the less people are going to care about you. So that's most likely why people have been treating you the way they did today."

"Indeed," agreed Toby, "and frankly James, this is something you ought to know by now, especially since boasting has gotten you in trouble in the past many times before, such as the bootlace incident, the tar tanker accident, the bee incident..."

James was getting more and more annoyed. "Grrrr, alright fine!! You all make good points," he admitted. "I do tend to boast and brag a lot, but that's just how I am. I can put boasting aside, you know, and do my work, but I just don't want people to miss out on how good I do a job, and they do that sometimes and it makes me feel done."

"Well that happens sometimes, James," chuffed Toby, "but just because it does doesn't mean people don't already know that you're a really useful engine. It also doesn't mean that you have to boast about yourself all the time either. Just be happy that people already know who you are and know that regardless of what you do, you are still a really useful engine. So instead of boasting all the time, just go out and paint the town red."

James was confused. "Um, I might be missing something here, Toby, but the town is already painted red, based on what I saw today."

"No, no, that's not what I meant," chuckled Toby. "What I mean by 'paint the town red' is celebrate who you are and be proud of yourself for every good thing you do. You can especially do this when someone tells you you've done a good job and call you a really useful engine as well."

"Yes," agreed Emily, "and you don't have to boast or showoff to make that happen too, James. All you have to do is just simply do your work and as long as you do it well, then you should be proud of yourself for that."

"That's true," added Henry. "It's really not that hard to do, James, and we know that you can do it too. You just have to remember to not showoff like Emily said."

James grunted. "Mmm, well I guess I could always try to do that," he puffed. "I just don't want people to miss out on how useful I am or say mean things about me."

"Well even if they do, don't worry about it," chuffed Thomas. "Just be proud of who you are and know that you are a really useful engine all the same, James. What matters is how you do it, and like everyone's been saying: the way to make that happen is to just stop showing off and do your work, and if you do a good job, then that's something to be proud of and if people do praise you for your usefulness, then that's a good reason to paint the town red."

James thought for a moment. "Hmm, alright. I would like people to see just how splendid and useful I am, but if just doing my work without showing off is what it takes, then I can certainly try to do that."

"And that you should," came a stern sounding voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt. James had a bad feeling about this. "James, I've heard from many people and engines that you were going around Sodor trying to get attention from everyone and you were getting in the way, and do you know what I think of that?"

James gulped. "It was foolish and you don't approve and…it caused confusion and delay, sir?"

"Correct, James," said Sir Topham Hatt. "You should know better than to do that by now, and I really should make you stay in the shed to teach you another lesson about this…" James squirmed. "…but after hearing what you just promised the other engines, I think you deserve a chance to redeem yourself."

James perked up. "Really, sir? You mean it?"

"Yes, I do," smiled Sir Topham Hatt, "but only as long as you keep your word and work hard and be really useful, and most important of all, don't show off! Now, can I trust you to keep that promise for me, James?"

"Oh, yes sir, I promise," said James. "I will try my best, sir. You can count on me. I'll keep my promise for sure."

"Mm-hmm, good," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now I know you have quite a few more jobs for the rest of the day, James, so I expect nothing but the best from you and I hope to hear better reports about you as well. I'm counting on you, James, so do not let me down and be a really useful engine."

"Yes sir, I will," said James.

"Excellent," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I must be off now, so along with James, you all best be getting back to work as well."

"Yes sir," replied the engines, then Sir Topham Hatt drove away.

"Well James," chuffed Thomas. "Are you ready to prove yourself to be a true, hardworking, and really useful engine?"

"Yes Thomas, I am," said James proudly. "So if you excuse me, everyone, I got jobs to do." Then with that, James puffed proudly and confidently away. The engines smiled and grinned at each other.

Soon, James was back at work again and this time, he did not boast, brag, and try to get attention from anyone. He simply did his work and did it well. He did come across some of the other red engines again and wanted to show off to the people admiring them, but he knew better than to do that and instead just simply carried on with his work without saying anything.

When he puffed into the docks with a goods train, James saw Salty talking to a group of waiting visitors again. He was about to say something to them, but instead, he simply carried on and carefully shunted his train into the sidings. As he did, some of the visitors noticed him and called him out.

"Hey look! Isn't that James, the big red engine?" asked a woman.

"Yes, I think it is," said another woman. "I've heard so much about this engine and seeing him is a real treat."

"And look at how useful he's being too," added a man. "Shunting a train, being most careful, and I'm sure he's on time too. Isn't he, Salty?"

"Aye, I believe he is, sir," replied Salty. "Right on time and being most careful indeed. They don't call him a really useful engine for nothing you know. So good work there, James. You made a captain proud." Then everyone cheered and clapped for him.

James was surprised, but was pleased. "Thank you, everyone," he chuffed. "Just doing my job, that's all. Enjoy your time here on Sodor and I'll see you all later." Then James whistled good-bye and puffed away. Thomas just puffed in and secretly heard everything, and beamed at James.

Next, James was bringing another group of passengers to Ulfstead Castle. When he arrived, he saw Glynn and Millie at the station platform again. Emily was at one of the other platforms.

"Ah, hello again, James," chuffed Glynn. "Brought more visitors? Why thank you, but I'm a little surprised you're not trying to get them more interested in you right now. Shouldn't you be doing that?" Glynn chuckled as he said that.

James smirked. "Well, I would if they were interested in me, but I kind of brought them here for you since they're more interested in you and learning about Sodor's artifacts. Isn't that right, everyone?"

"Yes, indeed, James," said a man. "Sodor's history is quite fascinating and seeing it here at the castle is very amusing."

"And Glynn is quite a sight too," added a woman. "Seeing a coffee pot engine up close is a rare occasion and hearing about his history is very entertaining. So thank you for bringing us here, James. You are a really and reliable useful engine."

"Why thank you, ma'am," said James, "and you're quite welcome too." Then he whistled good-bye. "Enjoy your time here everyone. I'm sure Glynn and everyone else here will give you a splendid time." Then he puffed away.

Everyone waved and called good-bye back to James. Glynn and Millie looked at each other, both feeling quite surprised at what just happened. Emily just smiled and giggled quietly.

Then James went to Crovan's Gate station to collect the visitors from Skarloey and Rheneas. When he arrived, he saw the visitors making their way from the narrow gauge platform to the standard gauge platform. Henry was at another platform too.

"Ah, and here he is, arriving right on time," Skarloey said to the passengers. "Now James here will get you all home safely and to your right destinations. Rheneas and I would like to thank you all for time with us today and we hope you enjoyed your visit."

"Yes," agreed Rheneas. "Of course though, it may not be perfect if a certain someone brags about himself the entire time he takes them home." He sniggered to Skarloey.

James heard that, but didn't get mad. "Don't worry, you two," he puffed. "That won't happen. The visitors just want to go home and probably don't even want to hear much about me, especially since 100 year old engines are more interesting anyway. Well, got to go. See you later Skarloey and Rheneas!" Then James puffed away. Henry smiled at James.

Skarloey and Rheneas were surprised. "Did he just admit that we're more interesting than him?" Rheneas asked Skarloey.

"Either he did," replied Skarloey, "or I'm getting old to the point where I'm not hearing properly and he said something bizarre. Either way, that's quite surprising to hear someone like James say that. Do you know what he's up to, Henry?"

Henry smiled and tried not to giggle. "Nope, not at all," he chuffed. "I think James is just trying to be a really useful engine, that's all." Then he puffed away, leaving the little engines very curious indeed.

Later, after he was done with passenger duties, James had found Toby with damaged cowcatchers and carefully helped him to the Steamworks. When he arrived there, Victor was waiting outside.

"Hello Victor," called James. "Toby had a little accident here and needs some repairs. Would you like me to shunt him?"

"Right inside and right in the middle of the turntable will be fine, James," replied Victor. So James pushed Toby inside and made sure he was on the turntable and ready for inspection.

"There, how's that, Victor?" asked James.

"That's perfect, my friend," said Victor. "Thank you for bringing Toby in by the way, James. We'll make sure he's fixed up and ready for work in no time."

"You're welcome, Victor," said James. "Anything to help anyone in need. Well, I must be getting back to work now, so good-bye and take care everyone." Then James whistled good-bye and puffed away again. Toby beamed at James.

"Hmm, well that was quite a change of heart for him," chuffed Victor, secretly impressed. "Certainly a big, and much preferred, difference from that boastful side of him that we always see. Do you why that is, Toby?"

Toby grinned. "Oh let's just say James learned another lesson about being boastful, that’s all," he chuffed. Victor chuckled and knew what Toby meant.

Next, James was taking a goods train along the Mainline. Then when he got to Gordon's Hill, he came to sudden stop when he saw halfway up the hill, Rosie was struggling with a heavy train of coal and was stuck.

"Rosie, are doing okay?" he asked. "I have a goods train to deliver too, you know, and I can't be late."

"Ooh, I'm sorry, James," sighed Rosie, "but this coal train is heavier than I thought and I've been trying all afternoon to get over this hill. It's no use. I'm sorry for getting in your way, but please: don't brag about yourself or make fun of me, James. I'm really not in the mood for it right now."

James was impatient and rather annoyed, but then he remembered his promise, and decided to do something else. "Don't you worry, Rosie," he said encouragingly. "That's not what I'm going to do. Right now, it's more important to get over this hill and get our jobs done, and I'm going to help with you with both."

Rosie was surprised. "What? What do you mean? You're going to push me and pull your train over this hill at the same time?"

"Of course," chuffed James. "It's just a hill after all, and I'm sure you still got a lot of puff left in you. So together, we can handle this hill with no trouble." Then James puffed carefully up to Rosie's train and buffered to her brake van. "Well Rosie, are you ready to get over this hill?"

Rosie was still surprised, but was pleased what James was doing. "Yes, I am. Ready when you are, James," she puffed.

Then together, the two red engines heaved and hauled their heavy trains over Gordon's Hill. It was harder than James had expected, but he did his best to help Rosie and pull his train at the same time. At last, the two engines made it over the hill and were moving again.

"Hooray! We did it!" cheered Rosie. "Thank you, James! That was quite nice of you to do that. Ooh, but unfortunately, I'm starting to run out of water after all that struggling on the hill and I'm running late. Would you mind helping me all the way to Knapford in this case? That's where all this coal needs to go."

James smiled. "Well, lucky you, that's where my goods train needs to go too. So yes, you got it, Rosie," he chuffed.

"Thank you James!" called Rosie, as the two engines made their way to Knapford station.

Soon, the sun was setting, and after much heaving and hauling, James finally arrived at Knapford station with Rosie and their trains, feeling quite tired and exhausted. Thomas, Emily, Henry, and even Toby were there and saw the whole thing.

"Well, well, well, James," puffed Thomas. "I guess working without boasting really paid off, didn't it?" James was too out of breath to answer.

"I think it did," agreed Emily. "He certainly worked hard this afternoon and I didn't hear anyone say anything about him trying to get attention either. Did anyone else?"

"I certainly didn't," chuffed Henry.

"Neither did I," agreed Toby. "Heard nothing but good things about James all afternoon and he was quite useful as well." James managed to smile at them for this.

"Well, in that case, I have something to say about all of that," came a voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt. "James, I too have heard good things about you today and I'm proud of you. You might be very boastful and try to get attention for your red paint, but you certainly proved today that even the most boastful engine can work very hard, be on time every time, and even go out of his way to help another engine and be a very useful engine."

James smiled. "Thank you, sir," he puffed, "and to be honest, it was completely worth it."

"I'm glad to hear that, James," chuckled Sir Topham Hatt, "and you know what else? Although everyone has been saying good things about all the red engines on Sodor, many people have said they remember you the most today out of them and agree you are a really useful and hardworking red engine, James. So that's something to be proud of and in my opinion, a good reason to paint the town red, so to speak." James beamed proudly.

"Three cheers for James! The most useful red engine on Sodor!" called a man. "Hip! Hip!"

"Hooray!!!" cheered everyone else, and they cheered and cheered. Even the engines whistled along with them. James felt very proud and pleased indeed.

"So James," asked Rosie. "How are you going to paint the town red anyway? You're not going to around and start boasting about yourself again, are you?"

"No, Rosie, I can assure all of you, that's the last thing I want to do right now," chuckled James. "Instead…" he yawned, "…the way I'll be…painting the town red…is getting…a good…night's…sleep." Then James slowly closed his eyes and began to fall asleep. Everyone giggled.

"Well, after the busy day he's had, I think that's the best way for him to paint the town red," puffed Henry.

"I agree," added Thomas, "and you know, despite being a pretty boastful engine, James really can be a useful engine and put that boastful side of himself aside for a while." Everyone agreed. "Of course though, it would be nice if he would put it aside forever and just stop the boasting all together." The engines silently agreed with that too.

"Don't count on it!" grunted James, who still had his eyes closed and admitted he heard that. The engines paused for a moment, then they all burst out laughing.

"Oh well, at least it was nice while it lasted!" laughed Toby. "I guess it can't be James if he doesn't boast all the time!"

"Yep, that's our James!" chuckled Thomas, and joined in the laughter too. Also, even though he was falling asleep and was quite tired, even James couldn't help giving a smile to that too.




  • References to the television series episodes, James and the Coaches, Dirty Objects, and Buzz, Buzz, are made in this episode.
  • At the end of the episode, Thomas exclaims "Yep, that's our James!", which is a lyric from the television series song, James the Really Splendid Engine.