Paint Cans is the thirty-sixth episode of the fourth season.

Paint Cans
Season 4, Episode 36
Air date December 29, 2011
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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Donald and Douglas are at the SteamWorks to be re-painted blue. They are finally happy that THEY get to be re-painted-not any other engines, espicially James. Edward and Saturn arrive with new paint cans. Soon, they are all finished when a workmen and Kevin trip, and red paint splatters all over Douglas. This is fast-drying paint and it sticks to Douglas' Boiler and Smoke Box. Donald just laughed until he choked. The Workmen tell him... That now they'll be able to tell him apart from Donald. Everyone except Douglas has a good laugh.


  • Douglas
  • Donald (laughs only)


Narrator- Then all of a sudden, red paint squited out of no-where and all over Douglas.

Douglas- Rattle my tender and side-plaques. I'm all red.

Workmen- Yes you are Douglas. At least now we can tell you and Donald apart.

Narrator- And everyone had a good laugh except Douglas who of course is looking for ways to get back at Donald.


  • Donald appeared the whole episode but only laughed.
  • The paint seems to have just flown out of no-where.
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