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PH's Railway Videos (a tiny YouTube channel) has made a small series entitled 'Series 1' about Thomas & Friends, where they make up there own episodes using Thomas Wooden Railway models. There are currently 8 episodes, the first one (The Arlesdale Strike) being split into three parts. The series has a very sporadic release date, the longest gap between episodes being released is 9 months.


The Arlesdale Strike

Part 1

The engines of the Arlesdale Railway decide that their railway is too small, being made up of only a single loop, so Rex and Jock decide to go on strike.

Part 2

Rex and Jock convince the other engines to also go on strike, but soon after the engines learn that a railway inspector is coming to the railway. The inspector is given a tour of the railway and is impressed with the infrastructure, but not with the lack of motive power, thus his report may not be too good.

Part 3

After the railway inspector announces that the railway will have to close if the strike continues due to lack of motive power, the strike is called off and the engines go back to work.

Millie's Switch Derailment

Millie and Luke have another 'switch,' and this time Millie is allowed on the upper terrace. Rheneas gives her advice on being careful, but she doesn't listen and thus falls off the mountain, and is in the end saved by Luke.

Bill and Ben's Trick

After telling Percy a spooky story about a ghost engine called Pen-y-Darren who supposedly got blown up by Gal Fawkes, Bill and Ben get Diesel to trick Percy into believing that the ghost is real. Afterwards, Edward and Toby confirm that the story is false, but Edward wonders how Bill and Ben came to know about Guy Fawkes.

Rosie's Prank

Rosie tells James that a new track that runs above the Steamworks is a paint shop, and James runs there so fast he plummets off the edge and into the Steamworks, where he asks Victor for a repaint.

Peter Sam To The Rescue

Peter Sam is talking to Rheneas when Duncan's trucks bump into him, causing a runaway that he stops just before he reaches the buffers. After bragging about this to Gordon, Gordon teases him saying 'you'd never be able to save a big, strong engine like me, would you?' Then, Gordon runs too fast and comes off the rails by the narrow gauge line, just before Peter Sam arrives and promises Gordon help.

Derek's Dilemma

Following on from Peter Sam To The Rescue, Peter Sam uses a breakdown crane to lift Gordon back on the tracks before Derek takes him away to be mended. On his way, however, Derek gets halted by the Fat Controller, who announces that Arlesburgh West station is getting an overhaul, and Derek is to assist. After taking Gordon to the works, Derek helps with the construction of the station by hauling materials. On his last delivery, he breaks down, and Scruff, who he met earlier, has to push him to Arlesburgh West, where the station is pronounced open.

The Great Escape

After learning that he is the last class 46 left (the episode says 40 but that's wrong), D199 tries to escape to Sodor, but the goes onto the right hand line (in the UK you go on the left) and crashes into Henry, who is pulling the Flying Kipper.

The Runaway Rockfall

The Fat Controller gives D199 another trial on Sodor due to him being out of action (see The Great Escape), and whilst pulling a passenger train his brakes are damaged by a rockfall, sending him careening down Gordon's Hill, narrowly missing Donald and Murdoch before coming to a halt just beyond Wellsworth. The Fat Controller is impressed by his efforts in stopping the runaway with no brakes, so he lets him stay on the island.

Gordon & The Sinkhole

Henry arrives back from the works after his accident with the Flying Kipper, and takes an instant dislike to D199. Later, in the shed, they try to get the other engines to dislike D199 by reminding them what he said last time he came to the railway, however it doesn't work. The next day, the Fat Controller tells Gordon that he and D199 are double heading a train. The next day, he and D199 set off, but near the end of their journey a massive sinkhole opens up in front of them. Gordon almost falls in, but D199 pulls him to safety, and in the end they both learn a valuable lesson - don't fall into a sinkhole!

Frank & The Coaches

Frank is forced to pull some new coaches on the loop, but they have faulty brakes. When he tries to set off, the brakes are jammed on, and after a long time the coupling snaps, sending him careening towards the chute, which he falls off of and onto Duck's truck.

Derek's Dilemma, The Runaway Rockfall and especially Gordon & The Sinkhole are both following on from previous episodes which you need to watch to fully understand the plot.



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  • Frank & The Coachesis extremely similar to Thomas The The Tank Engine & Friends' series six episode, 'The World's Strongest Engine.'
  • Episodes 1, 2, 4 & 5 didn't have scripts - they were add-libbed
  • The first 5 episodes didn't have music, apart from trumpet. Thomas music came in with episode 6.
  • Derek's Driver and D199's Driver are twins
  • The series' creator is an avid railway enthusiast. This is evident by not only his other content, but also a rather conspicuous sign in 'Gordon & The Sinkhole'.