Overflow is the twelfth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


One hot Summer day, Delete was taking the 1 'o' clock Express. It was hot, but beautiful. He stopped at Crovan's Gate to take on water.

They had been here earlier, repairing Delete's whistle, and the Driver had left his lunch, so whilst he went to get his lunch, the Fireman filled Delete with more water.

"Ah!", sighed Delete, and sizzled happily.

Soon, the water guage was nearly.

"Got your lunch?", asked the Fireman.

"Not yet, but anyway, the Steamworks manager has a note for us", replied the Driver.

The Fireman put some weights on the water column handle, so Delete could be filled up.

"It'll be a little while", thought the Fireman.

But it wasn't. The weights made it go faster until...

"Um. I've had my fill", said Delete.

But, it was no use, it overflowed. Some passengers went out to help, but they didn't know how to handle the water, and they shot water all over Delete. He was soaked!

It wasn't until the Driver and Fireman came that they could handle it, and even so, it was out of water.

"Blast it", exclaimed the Fireman. "The next engine might need it."

So they, told the manager all about it.

"Phew", sighed Delete, "I'm glad my, overflow, is over."

And he was truly glad.


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