One of the Family
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date April 9, 2017
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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One of the Family is the ninth episode of the first season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


The engines on the Island of Sodor are proud of their work and are good at many different jobs. Thomas is proud of his branch line; Percy is proud of the mail; and Gordon is very proud of the express. Some engines may not like the jobs they get, but no matter what, they always do their best to make Sir Topham Hatt happy. Ryan, the new purple engine, tends to be like this for he is a very optimistic engine and can handle whatever he is given. Sometimes he tends to do more than he should, thanks to Daisy on a few occasions, but in the end, Ryan still proves that he is a really useful engine.

One morning, Ryan puffed into Knapford Station Yards with a goods train he brought from Arlesburgh Harbour. He was feeling bright and cheerful. Toby, who was nearby, could see this.

"Good morning, Ryan," he whistled. "You look very happy this morning."

"Oh I am, Toby," replied Ryan. "I can't really explain why, but I just feel like today is going to be good."

"Well, it's nice to feel like that first thing in the morning," agreed Toby, "and I'm sure if you keep that up, you will definitely have a good day indeed."

"Exactly," puffed Ryan, "and I'm planning on keeping it that way."

"Good for you, Ryan," said Toby. "Good for you."

Just then the two engines heard a commotion happening from the station. It was Gordon and Spencer, arguing with each other about who is the fastest engine, again.

"How many times do I have to tell you," Gordon huffed, "I'm faster than you. I've proved it several times."

"Huh, in your dreams, perhaps," muttered Spencer. "You only wish you could go faster than me, but let's face it Gordon: I'm the faster one and always will be."

"Pah! 'Always will be'? More like 'never will be,'" teased Gordon. "I think you're the one who dreams too much, like you did that one time you raced Edward, and what happened because of that? Oh let me think, hmmmm….oh yes! He won and you lost!"

Spencer was cross. "I thought we were only talking about us!" he snapped.

"I think those two could use some of your optimism," Toby whispered to Ryan.

"You're right," puffed Ryan. "It's too early for them to start arguing." And then he and Toby puffed up.

"Hello you two," Ryan called to the big engines. "How are you doing this morning?"

"Ug, I was doing fine until I came across this silly, silver showoff on my way here," grumbled Gordon. "Wrongfully saying that he is faster than me as usual."

"Ha! 'Wrongfully'? I think you mean 'rightfully!'" Spencer corrected. "You really should understand what some words mean, dear Gordon. Like speed, fast, and um…oh yes: winning!" This made Gordon crosser than ever.

Ryan quickly cut in. "Whoa, whoa! Hold on you two!" he puffed. "I was just asking how you were doing, that's all."

"Oh we know, Ryan," puffed Gordon, "but we usually do this and it's kind of became a bit of a habit between us."

"Why is that?" asked Ryan.

"Well," replied Spencer, it's most likely because we are both big and fast engines, we like to race each other, and we also, we are also cousins too."

Ryan gazed for a second. "Oh! You two are cousins? Well that sounds interesting," puffed Ryan excitedly. "How about we talk about that instead? I'm curious to hear how that is possible."

"Well, alright, since you asked," puffed Gordon, "we'll tell you. You see, Spencer and I were designed by the same person and built at the same place."

"Indeed," added Spencer. "Our designer was Sir Nigel Gresley and we were built at the Doncaster Works in Yorkshire, England, the place where some of the finest engines in the world were built, and…"

"Wait," interrupted Ryan. "Forgive me, Spencer, but did you say you and Gordon were designed by Sir Nigel Gresley and built at Doncaster Works?"

"Yes, indeed I did," replied Spencer. "I take it you've heard of them?"

"Heard of? I was design by him and built there too!" Ryan said ecstatically. "Wait, if we were all designed and built by them….then we're all cousins!"

Gordon and Spencer stared for a moment. "You? Our cousin?" exclaimed Gordon.

Then Spencer burst out laughing. "Oh, I don't think so. How can a tank engine like you be related to big, fast, modern engines like us?"

Ryan was offended. "Well, why can't I be? If I was designed and built by the same person and place as you, then how can I not be your cousin?"

"Well, let's see," said Spencer, "you are small, you can't go as fast as us, you don't work as hard as us, and from what I heard about you, little Ryan, you mainly take goods trains and not important passenger trains like us. So the way I see it, you are just a simple, normal, and unimportant tank engine."

Ryan felt hurt, but Toby was cross. "You know what, Spencer?" he hissed. "I think Ryan prefers not to be related to you and Gordon. He is nice, helpful, and friendly and doesn't showoff all the time, nor compete with other engines. So Ryan should be proud of who he is and you should leave him alone and mind your business."

Spencer just rolled his eyes. "Well, he can be he wants, but if he thinks he is related to us, then he better realize that he's just a tank engine and he can't do the same things as us. Now if you all will excuse me, I need to go and collect the Duke and Duchess of Boxford." And with that, Spencer puffed smugly away.

After he left, Ryan felt very hurt. Toby felt bad for him, and even Gordon did.

"You know, Ryan," Gordon began. "I don't agree with everything he said because I know you work hard and are a really useful engine, but I have to admit, even if you are related to us, I would not recommend trying to be like us because no offense, you are a tank engine and you cannot do some of the things we do, such as taking important trains and going fast. I'm not trying to be insulting when I say this, by the way. I'm just letting you know so you don't do anything that could get you into trouble." Just then the guard blew his whistle and it was time for Gordon to go. "Well I must be going," he puffed. "Good-bye, you two," he called to Toby and Ryan, "and I hope I helped you a little bit Ryan. It's nice to have you in the family, but just remember what I said." And with that, Gordon puffed away.

Ryan still felt down about what the big engines said about him.

"Never mind them, Ryan," soothed Toby. "They're just doing that to get under your boiler. You just be happy with who you are and be proud of yourself, no matter what anyone says. Don't try to change you are just to prove a point. Others can say what they want, but you should not let it get to you."

Ryan smiled. "Thanks Toby," he puffed. "I needed to hear that."

"You're welcome, Ryan," replied Toby, "and you know what? You already work hard enough on the Harwick branch because of Daisy sometimes, so the way I see, you do work just as hard as Gordon and Spencer do."

Ryan couldn't help but laugh. "You have a point there Toby," he puffed. "She often makes me work extra sometimes, but I get it done one way or another."

"That's the spirit, Ryan!" said Toby happily. "Well, I must head off to the quarry now. Mavis cannot do all the shunting herself you know. So I will see you later, Ryan, and keep up the good work."

"Thank you, Toby," replied Toby. "I'll see you later too! I must get back to Harwick now, so good-bye!" And with that, Toby headed off for the quarry and Ryan headed off for Harwick.

On his way back, Ryan couldn't help but think about Gordon and Spencer's words again. Although he felt slightly better after Toby's talk, their words still hurt him a lot and had a major impact on him. They were really bothering him.

"Never mind," he thought to himself. "It's not a big deal. I can get over it, eventually." But that was easier said than done.

Soon Ryan arrived back at Arlesburgh Yard ready to get back to work. Daisy was there fueling up and preparing to take some visitors.

"Oh hello, Ryan," she purred. "Nice of you to show up. I was beginning to think you left me to do all the work today, which you know would certainly not do. You know, because me having to pull all that freight of yours would be bad for my…" But Daisy stopped when she saw Ryan, who was looking upset.

"Hmm, what's the matter with you?" Daisy asked.

"Oh, it's nothing Daisy," replied Ryan. "It was just a few things that Gordon and Spencer said to me, that's all."

"Oh? And what did they say, if I might ask?" asked Daisy.

Ryan sighed. "Well, I found out today that I'm Gordon and Spencer's cousin because we all were designed by the same person and built at the same place," he explained, "but they were saying I'm cannot be like them because they are big, strong, and fast engines and I'm just a tank engine. Gordon was slightly more polite though, but Spencer was just being rude and…"

Then Daisy started laughing. Ryan was confused. "Oh, you? Being related to engines like Gordon and Spencer? Ha! What a joke!"

Ryan was offended. "But it's true, Daisy. I am related to them. What's so funny about that?"

"Well it's like what they said to you," replied Daisy. "How can a tank engine like you be related to big engines like them? I mean, no offense Ryan, you are significantly smaller than them, probably cannot go nearly as fast as them, you don't take too many special trains, and they work very hard too."

"Well I can do all of those things too, Daisy," protested Ryan defensively. "I might be a tank engine, but I can prove to be much more than I am."

Daisy started laughing again. "Oh I'm sure you could, little Ryan," she chuckled sarcastically. "But take my advice: don't try to be like them because you are just a tank engine and there's no way that you can be just like your 'cousins'. You may be part of their family, but you're still smaller than them and can't do the same things, so there. I must be off now, so tootles, Ryan!" And with that, Daisy purred smugly away to collect her visitors.

Now Ryan was crosser than ever, and feeling determined to prove that he could be like Gordon and Spencer.

For most of the afternoon, Ryan tried every way possible to be like the big engines. He tried to go fast, but instead almost ran into Duck.

"Sorry!" called Ryan.

He tried to prove that he was strong by taking several freight cars, but he barely moved an inch.

"Come on! Cooooooome on! Uh!" he said determinedly, but nothing happened. Daisy had been watching and laughed smugly, Ryan glared.

Lastly, Ryan even tried finding someone important to take, but the only people he found were Daisy's passengers.

"Ahem! They're for me, not you," Daisy snorted. "Now move along, little Ryan." Ryan scoffed, and puffed away.

A little later, Ryan was feeling exasperated. He tried everything, but no matter what he did, he could not prove that he could be like Gordon and Spencer. "Maybe I am just a tank engine," he thought sadly. "Perhaps I am not related to those two after all. I just wanted to prove that Spencer was wrong and I could be part of their family." Ryan felt like giving up, but just then he overheard some workmen talking.

"I heard from some workmen that the Duke and Duchess of Boxford need to get back to the Mainland this afternoon for an important meeting," said one, "but apparently, Spencer broke down and won't be ready in time to take them back."

"Oh dear," replied the other. "Is there any other engine available to take them instead?"

"As far as I know, I don't think so," said the first workman, "but hopefully there's one soon."

This gave Ryan an idea. "Now's my chance," he thought to himself, and he puffed up to the workmen.

"Um, excuse me gentlemen," he said. "I couldn't help overhearing your conversation, but I think I might have a solution to the problem."

The workmen looked at each other. "Alright, Ryan. What is it?"

"Well, I was thinking," puffed Ryan. "Maybe I could take the Duke and Duchess to the Mainland."

"You Ryan?" exclaimed the second workman. "You can get them to the Mainland in time?"

"Why certainly," replied Ryan. "I can be very fast, you know."

"Well, we believe you can, Ryan," said the first workman, "but you have a load of stone to collect from Ffarquhar Quarry soon."

Ryan frowned, then he looked over at Daisy in the shed sleeping, and got an idea. "Um, just out of curiosity," he asked the workmen. "Does Daisy have any work to do this afternoon?"

The first workman checked his schedule. "As a matter of fact, no she doesn't," he said.

Ryan grinned. "Well perhaps Daisy can do my job for me while I go and take the Duke and Duchess," he suggested. "She has said that she likes working hard and this is a good opportunity for her to prove it. Plus, we look out for each other and whenever one of us isn't available, the other does the work for them."

The workmen thought for a moment. "Well, I do know that you too have that pact," said the workman, "and I think I heard Daisy say she can work hard, so……I guess it seems alright."

Ryan was delighted. "Great! Thank you sir," he said.

"You're welcome, Ryan," said the first workman. "As soon as she wakes up, we'll let her know about the change. In the meantime, you better get going. I think the Duke's meeting is going to start in soon."

"I will, sir," said Ryan. "You can count on me. Good-bye!"

"Good bye, Ryan," called the workmen, "and good luck!" And with that, Ryan hurried away.

At that point, Daisy woke up and saw Ryan puffing out of the yard. "Must be trying to prove himself again," she thought, and was about to go back to sleep when the workmen came over.

"Hello Daisy," said the second one. "There's been a change in plans. Ryan has an emergency to attend to, so you'll be making his run to the quarry for him instead."

Daisy woke up horrified. "What?! Me? Go to the quarry and collect……cars?!" she exclaimed. "I think not. That's Ryan's job. What exactly is his emergency?"

"He offered to take the Duke and Duchess of Boxford back to the Mainland because Spencer broke down," said the first workman, "and he said that you two look out for each other whenever one has other work, and seeing as you're here, you can do his job for him."

Daisy paused for a moment. "Did you say that Ryan offered to take the Duke and Duchess back to the Mainland?"

"Yes we did," said the workman.

"And are they in a hurry?" added Daisy.

"Yes they are," replied the second workman, "and you're going to be if you don't hurry to the quarry soon."

Then Daisy realized everything. "Why that cheeky, sneaky little engine!" she thought to herself. "He's still trying to prove that he like Gordon and Spencer! And left me to do more work! Oooohhhhhhhh!"

"Daisy?" said the first workman. "Did you hear us?"

"Hmmm? Oh yes I heard you," she sneered, "and I'm on my way." And with that, Daisy growled furiously away to the quarry.

The workmen were confused. "What was that about?" wondered the second workman.

"I don't know," replied the first workman. "Must of woke up on the wrong side of the shed." And they just shrugged.

Meanwhile, Ryan had collected Spencer's special coach and was on his way to the summerhouse. "Finally," he puffed excitedly. "I can prove that I am part of Gordon and Spencer's family and I am just like them!" He was feeling very pleased with himself.

At the summerhouse, the Duke and Duchess were waiting anxiously.

"Oh dear," said the Duke nervously. "I hope Sir Topham Hatt has chosen an engine. We cannot wait any longer. If we get to Vicarstown late, we'll miss our train to the meeting."

"Calm down, dear," said the Duchess. "Everything will be fine. I'm sure Sir Topham has chosen a engine by now." And at that point, Ryan arrived.

"Hello," he whistled. "My name is Ryan and I'll be your engine today."

"Oh hello there," said the Duchess. "Are you our substitute engine?"

"Yes I am, ma'am," replied Ryan proudly. "I can get you two to Vicarstown in no time."

"Oh, splendid!" said the Duchess happily. "Isn't this great to hear, dear? Now we won't be late!" But the Duke looked at Ryan, and wasn't sure.

"Um, are you sure you can get us there in time?" he asked. "We are in a hurry, you know, and we cannot be late."

"Oh I know sir," replied Ryan, "but don't worry. I can be really fast and might even get you there early. I'm actually related to your private engine and Gordon, you know, so there's proof that I can be fast."

"Well I'm not sure," said the Duke. "Being related to them doesn't exactly mean you can go…"

"Oh dear, stop worrying," interrupted the Duchess. "If he says he can get us there in time, then he can. Now let's get on board and get going. You were the one even worried about being late and here you are, worrying about nothing and wasting more time."

The Duke sighed. "Oh, very well, dear," he said. "Let's get going." And he and the Duchess climbed onboard. "Do your best, Ryan," called the Duke. "We're counting on you."

"Yes sir!" answered Ryan proudly, and then with a blast from his whistle and a wheesh of steam, Ryan set off for Vicarstown, feeling full of confidence.

At the quarry, Toby and Mavis had just finished getting Ryan's train ready.

"Well, that takes care of that," puffed Toby. "All ready for Ryan."

"Yep," agreed Mavis. "He'll be happy to see this. I do hope he's feeling better now. He sounded pretty upset from what you told me earlier today, Toby."

"Oh I'm sure he is," soothed Toby. "He seems like he doesn't let others get to him and…"

Just then the two engines heard a horn and saw Daisy coming towards them.

"Daisy?" exclaimed Toby. "What are you doing here?"

"Oooohhh, that Ryan," replied Daisy crossly. "He tricked some workmen into making me take his train of stone for him while he goes off and makes a fool out of himself just to prove a point to Gordon and Spencer."

Toby groaned. "Oh dear," he sighed. "I take it he's still upset about what they said from this morning?"

"Yes," answered Daisy. "I can't believe he did this, and left me to do all his work. It's almost like he was trying to make it seem like I don't do much work as well. I mean, I have proven myself to be a hardworking engine on several occasions, haven't I?"

Toby and Mavis looked at each other, then at Daisy. "Well, I'm not so sure about 'several occasions'," said Mavis, "but…"

"Oh never mind," interrupted Daisy. "Let me just take care of this dirty, filthy, and revolting train--" then she paused "--unless you two want to take it."

"Sorry Daisy," said Mavis. "I have to maintain work here at the quarry."

"And I have to take a load of stone to Ffarquhar," added Toby. "Don't worry about it Daisy, the sooner you get going, the sooner it will be over."

Daisy was cross, and she glared at her train. "Oooooohhhhh, that Ryan," she thought. "That engine is going to pay for this."

But, in a way, Ryan was actually paying for it, as he was trying to be fast out on the main line, but he was being no where near as fast as Spencer or Gordon, just like they and Daisy said.

"I can do it," he puffed. "I can be fast and I will prove that I am part of the family." And he tried even harder to go faster.

The Duke was worried. "We're cutting it very close," he said to his wife, looking at his pocket watch.

"Dear, stop worrying," said the Duchess. "I think this engine is doing fine. We'll be at Vicasrtown in no time."

"Oh I hope your right," said the Duke nervously, as Ryan continued to go faster, without much success.

At last, after a while, Ryan finally made it to Vicarstown, tired but triumphant.

"Here….we are….sir," he panted to the Duke. "Made it….just…in time." But not quite. As soon as the Duke and Duchess got off the train, Caitlin, who was supposed to take them to the meeting, was just puffing out of the station.

"Oh no!" cried the Duke. "Wait, Caitlin wait! Come back! We need you!" But it was too late. Caitlin was too far away to hear and was well on her way to the Mainland.

"Oh dear," groaned the Duke. "Now we'll never get to the meeting on time."

Ryan heard this and felt ashamed. "Oh no," he thought. "I ruined everything."

"It's alright dear," said the Duchess. "We still have time you know. The meeting isn't for another hour. We can call for another train and they can come and pick us up."

The Duke smiled slightly. "Yes I guess you're right dear," he said. "I'll go ahead and make the arrangements." Then he looked at Ryan. "And as for you, Ryan, thank you for trying but we are going to try a different engine this time, preferably one that is fast and reliable."

"Dear!" hissed the Duchess. "He tried his best and I think he did a decent effort."

"No he's right, ma'am," sighed Ryan. "I should've thought about this before I volunteered. I'm sorry I made you miss you train. I guess I'm just a regular tank engine after all, and not one made for speed, strength, or importance."

The Duchess felt bad for Ryan, but the Duke was puzzled. "Well I never said any of that, but if you will excuse me and my wife, we need to make a few other arrangements." And he and the Duchess went to the station master's office.

Ryan was left feeling very down and very unhappy with himself, wishing that he never tried to be like Gordon and Spencer in the first place. Just then he heard a whistle and saw a huge engine with two tenders backing towards him.

"Whoa!" he gasped, and then he saw who it was.

"Hello there," said the Flying Scotsman. "Haven't seen you before. I take it you're part of Sir Topham Hatt's Railway?"

"Y-y-yes sir," said Ryan speechlessly. "M-m-my name i-is Ryan. Are you the Flying Scotsman? I've heard so much about you, and meeting you finally is such a grand honor, sir."

"Ha, ha, ha," smiled the Flying Scotsman. "Why yes, I am him, Ryan, and thank you, and it's an honor to meet you too. Say, now that you mention it, I believe you're the one that my brother, Gordon, told me about earlier today. Are you the tank engine who claims that you are related to him and Spencer? And also, me?"

Ryan gasped. "Well, I didn't realize that I was also related to you, sir, which is very nice," he began speechlessly, "but after the day I had, I've finally come to terms that I really am not."

The Flying Scotsman was surprised. "Oh? And why do you say that?"

Then Ryan told him about what Spencer and Gordon told him and what he did to prove that he was like them.

"Oh, I see. I see," acknowledged the Flying Scotsman.

"So now," finished Ryan, "I probably made the biggest fool out of myself for trying to prove something that I'm really not. I'm just really a silly little tank engine that does not deserve to be part of your family."

The Flying Scotsman could tell Ryan was very upset. "Nonsense," he soothed. "Just because you’re a tank engine and can't do the same things that we can doesn’t mean you don't deserve to be a part of our family. In fact, I think it's nice to have a little cousin in the family."

Ryan perked up a little. "Really?" he asked.

"Certainly," replied the Flying Scotsman. "There's one in every family you know, and you know what? They also know how to have a lot of fun too!" chuckled the Flying Scotsman, and he chuckled.

Ryan couldn't help but laugh too. "That is true," he smiled. "I can be fun and make people happy. I take it that means Gordon and Spencer don't always have the best sense of humor?"

"Oh ho, ho, ho," chuckled the Flying Scotsman. "Most times, they don't. In fact, even when I make a little joke about my brother, he gets all puffed up in his smokebox and makes a big deal about it. Don't tell him this, but I often find that to be a little hilarious." And he and Ryan couldn't help but laugh, and Ryan was beginning to cheer up a little bit.

"You know what?" puffed Ryan. "I know I may not have the abilities that you three have, but I know something else."

"What's that?" asked the Flying Scotsman.

"That that's okay," said Ryan. "The more important thing in this case is to be myself and not let others tell me otherwise, even if they are big bully cousins like Spencer, and I should stick to my own work and be proud of that."

"That's absolutely true, Ryan," smiled the Flying Scotsman. "I'm glad to hear you say that, and you know what? After hearing you say that, I have one thing to say: welcome to the family, Ryan! It is an honor and a privilege to have you as one of the family."

Ryan beamed happily. "Thank you very much…cousin! I'm happy to be a part of it too!" And he and the Flying Scotsman laughed.

Just then, the Duke and Duchess came back. "Well the good news is that we have another train booked for this afternoon and we'll make it on time after all," explained the Duke to Ryan.

"Oh, I'm glad to hear that, sir," replied Ryan.

"And also," added the Duke, "I'm sorry for what I said to you earlier, Ryan. I was just mad. I really do believe you are a reliable engine."

"That's alright, sir," soothed Ryan. "I'm sorry too, and you're forgiven."

The Duke smiled. "Thank you, Ryan. Oh and before I forget," he added. "We overheard the part of your conversation with the Flying Scotsman and did you say Spencer had something to do with this?"

"Yes I did," said Ryan.

The Duke and Duchess sighed. "Oh dear, why am I not surprised? Would you mind telling me what happened?"

Ryan smiled. "Certainly sir," he said, and he told them the whole story as well.

"Oh, so Spencer thinks he only takes special trains, does he?" exclaimed the Duke. "Well, after that statement and what he said to you, Ryan, I can assure you that he won't be taking such a special train after he's repaired."

Ryan and the Flying Scotsman looked at each other, then back to the Duke. "What does that mean, sir?"

"Oh you'll see," smiled the Duke. "I have ways keeping that engine in line, and it usually works. Well, we best be getting ready for our next train, so until next time, good bye you two! And thanks for getting us here, Ryan!"

"Good-bye!" called Ryan. "And you're very welcome."

"Oh and also," added the Duke, as he and the Duchess said together: "Keep being a really useful engine!"

Ryan smiled. "Thank you very much! And I will!" he called back, and he whistled good-bye to them.

"Oh, and speaking of really useful," pondered the Flying Scotsman, "didn't you say that an engine was doing your work for you?"

Ryan suddenly remembered. "Oh no! Daisy!" he cried. "I completely forgot about her! Flying Scotsman, it was nice meeting you and having this talk, but I really need to leave and make something up to a friend."

The Flying Scotsman smiled. "Go to it, little cousin," he encouraged. "Make the family proud and show them how useful they can be."

"Oh I will, I can guarantee it for sure this time. Good-bye now!"

"Good-bye, Ryan!" called the Flying Scotsman. "And good luck!" And with that, Ryan hurried away to find Daisy.

The Flying Scotsman thought for a moment. "Hmmmm, I wonder why Gordon and Spencer can't be nearly as cheery as him. It would certainly mean less arguments in the family, for once."

Meanwhile, Daisy had finally made it down to Knapford from the quarry, and was preparing to change lines to head to Harwick, but the cars were playing their tricks.

"Hold back! Hold back!" they yelled, and giggled.

Daisy was fed up. "Enough!' she yelled. "I have officially had it with you lot. I've had a bad day already and I just about had it with…" Just then she heard a whistle, and saw it was Ryan.

"Hello, Daisy," puffed Ryan meekly, knowing what was coming up next.

"You!!" thundered Daisy. "Oooohhh, do I have a buffer to bash with you, you sneaky, cheeky little engine! Why on earth did you..."

"Wait, wait Daisy," Ryan interrupted. "I just want to say something, then you can say whatever you want."

Daisy glared. "Well it better be good," she sneered.

"Oh it is, I promise," replied Ryan. "I want to apologize for my behavior today. I should've known better than to let Gordon and Spencer's words get to me and I should've have continued to carry on with my work instead. I know I am not like those two, but I am alright with that and not everyone in the family has to be like one another and it is best to just be ourselves. Also, I am very sorry for how I treated you today, Daisy. I was just mad and I never meant to hurt you like this. I know you work hard and you have proved that on many occasions. And you know what, since you made it this far with that train, would you like me to take it the rest of the way?"

Daisy smiled. She could tell Ryan was sorry. "I would like that very much Ryan," she said, "and I want to apologize for what I said to you too. You are not just a tank engine: you're a really useful engine as well, and I am proud to work alongside you on the Harwick branch line."

Ryan smiled too. "And so am I," he puffed.

Just then Toby and Gordon puffed up. They had been listening to the whole conversation.

"It's good to hear that you two are on good terms with each other," puffed Toby.

"Indeed," agreed Gordon, "and Ryan, I wasn't trying to be insulting to you this morning. I was just pointing out that it's best to do your own work and not try to be something that you're not. You do know that, don't you?"

"I do now, Gordon," replied Ryan, "and to be honest, I wasn't necessarily hurt by your words. It was Spencer's that really got to me, but it's over now and it doesn't bother me anymore."

"Oh good," said Gordon. "I'm glad to hear that. Also, in case I didn't make it clear earlier, I am happy to have you as part of the family too, Ryan. Any member of my family is certainly one that is important to me."

Ryan beamed. "Thank you Gordon. That means a lot."

"You're welcome, Ryan," puffed Gordon.

"Oh, and I forgot to mention," added Ryan. "I told the Duke and Duchess of Boxford all about Spencer and they were going to...well, kind of put Spencer in his place."

"Oh really?" puffed Gordon. "Did they say what they're going to do?"

"No they didn't," said Ryan, "but I am curious to see what it is."

"Um, I think I know what it is," said Toby, looking behind Ryan and Gordon.

The engines looked and there was Spencer hauling a long train of garbage, taking it all to the dump.

"Oh, why me," he groaned. "What did I do to deserve this?"

The engines couldn't help but laugh their buffers off.

"Well, perhaps if you had treated a certain little cousin of ours with respect and hadn't boasted so much," retorted Gordon, "then you wouldn't have gotten into this mess."

"Yeah," agreed Ryan, "and also, I proud to be to be who I am, Spencer. Sure I am not like you or Gordon, but it doesn't matter to me. As long as I'm happy being myself, then I fine with that." Then he sniffed. "Ewww, but I don't think I would be happy with myself if I was you right now, Spencer. I would feel like I need to get a bath and fast."

And everyone laughed, but Spencer just groaned.

"Oh the indignity," he sighed.

"That's my line!" laughed Gordon, and everyone laughed again, but Spencer, feeling like he had quite enough, puffed silently away, leaving Ryan to feel proud of himself and feel like a really useful engine.




  • A reference to the eighth season television series episode, Edward the Great, is mentioned in this episode.
  • Gordon and Spencer mention they were built by Sir Nigel Gresley, who was one of the most well-known engineers in England and made some of the most famous steam engines ever.
    • Also, they mention they were built at the Doncaster Works, which was a real place in South Yorkshire, England.
  • This episode marks Mavis' only speaking role and the Flying Scotsman and the Duke and Duchess' only appearances in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


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