On Time! is the sixteenth episode of Branch Line Adventures.

"Huh! It's very strange that YOUR on time"

-Henry to Daisy

On Time!
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date February 22, 2012
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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Daisy decides it is better to do Her Best, than let The Fat Controller disipline her. So she takes care on the Line, and makes it to Elsbridge at the same time as Henry. Henry surprised by this, but considers it a 'vast improvement' to her behaviour. However, she fails to start back to Ffarquhar. So she decides that she won't be surprised if the Fat Controller disiplines her.


  • Henry
  • Daisy
  • Mavis
  • The Fat Controller (mentioned)
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