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Old Engine, New Changes
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date February 23, 2018
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Old Engine, New Changes is the seventeenth episode of the first season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Early one morning, the narrow gauge engines were waking up and preparing for the day. Their fires were warming them up and they were starting to feel awake and ready to work.

Sir Handel and Peter Sam were feeling particularly awake.

"What jobs do you think Mr. Percival will have for us today, Sir Handel?" asked Peter Sam.

"I don't know, Peter Sam," replied Sir Handel, "but I'm looking forward to whatever he has in mind."

"Me too," agreed Peter Sam. "There's something about today that just feels exciting and I can't wait to get started."

"Och, how can you two be so peppy this early in the morning?" grumbled Duncan sleepily. "Aren't you the least bit tired?"

"No not really, Duncan," replied Sir Handel. "We just had a good night's sleep, that's all."

"You probably could have slept longer if you hadn't been complaining half the night, Duncan," added Peter Sam cheekily.

Duncan snorted. "I had extra work yesterday," he grumbled, "and all because Mr. Percival gave me too many jobs. If you ask me, there's been too much work lately for all of us. Too much cargo, too many passengers, and especially too many visitors. I'd say we need another engine to help us out, then there will be less trouble for all of us!"

"Oh, calm down, Duncan," chuffed Skarloey. "You're just mad from not getting enough sleep. Though I have to admit, you are right that work has increased lately and we certainly could use some more help."

"And that's what's going to happen, Skarloey," said a voice. The engines looked over and saw Mr. Percival walking towards them.

"Now I know work has been steadily increasing and there are more visitors like Duncan said," said Mr. Percival, "and I decided that you all do need help. So I have ordered for another engine to come here from the Mainland to help you out."

The engines were delighted, and even Duncan stopped grumbling.

"Who is the new engine, sir?" asked Peter Sam.

Mr. Percival grinned. "Oh let's just say that he's an old engine and a friend…and I believe you and Sir Handel know very well, Peter Sam." The engines were surprised and looked at the two engines. Sir Handel and Peter Sam were puzzled too. "He'll be arriving some time today, so when you see him, please be sure to make him feel welcomed and comfortable. I must be off now, so all of you do your best and good luck."

"We will, sir," replied the engines. "Good-bye." Then Mr. Percival headed back to his house.

After he left, the little engines were very curious.

"An old engine and a friend?" exclaimed Skarloey. "And he's from the Mainland? I don't think we know anyone from this railway who's there now."

"Well according to Mr. Percival," Rheneas puffed, "Sir Handel and Peter Sam know. Do you two have any idea who this engine is?"

Sir Handel and Peter Sam looked at each other with puzzled faces. "No, we don't, Rheneas," replied Sir Handel. "We haven't a clue."

"All the engines we know are here," added Peter Sam. "Though we do know some engines from our old railway on the Mid Sodor one, but that was years ago and most of them are not here anymore."

"Well, not all of them, Peter Sam," said Sir Handel. "There's one who's still around from that railway and…" Then he and Peter Sam gasped, and smiled. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "I think so," said Peter Sam gleefully.

The others were puzzled. "What are you two talking about?" asked Skarloey.

"We think we know who this engine is," explained Peter Sam.

"And it's one we definitely know," added Sir Handel. "If we are correct, the engine is…" But just then a whistle was heard from behind the sheds and then puffing up to them was a familiar brown tender engine.

"Hello everyone," Duke proudly announced.

"Duke!" Sir Handel and Peter Sam cried happily. The other engines were surprised. Most of them haven't seen Duke in years.

"Well!" puffed Skarloey with amusement. "This is quite a surprise. It's been a while since we saw you, Duke."

Duke chuckled. "It certainly has, hasn't it? Ah, but it feels good to be back. Being on the Mainland was nice, but it most certainly isn't the same as home."

"I can understand that," agreed Skarloey. "Well it is a great pleasure to have you back. We do need some more help here, and I know a couple of engines are very pleased to see you again."

Duke looked around at the engines. He knew who Skarloey was talking about, but he pretended he didn't. "Where are they, Skarloey? All I can see around here are two little scallywags."

Sir Handel and Peter Sam grinned, then Duke laughed. "Oh-ho, I'm just teasing," chuckled Duke. "I remember you two well. How have you been, Falcon and Stuart? Or should I say Sir Handel and Peter Sam?"

Peter Sam chuckled. "We've been great and we feel much better now that you're back, Granpuff." "Indeed," added Sir Handel. "It's been years since we last saw you. How have you been?"

"Oh quite well, quite well," replied Duke modestly. "I've been on a loan for another railway on the Mainland for years and it was nice, but I'd much rather be back here working for all you engines."

"That's good to hear," said Peter Sam. "We're all pleased to have you back too."

"I know Duncan certainly is," chuckled Sir Handel, "since he apparently can't handle all the work himself and needs help." Duncan grumbled and went to a deep shade of red.

The other engines laughed and Duke smiled. "Well, if it's extra help you all need, I'm proud to be at your service."

Just then, Mr. Percival came back. "Ah hello there, Duke. I wasn't expecting you until later, but the sooner, the better I guess. My name is Mr. Percival, the controller of the Skarloey Railway and I would like to welcome you back."

"Thank you sir," replied Duke. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Thank you, Duke," replied Mr. Percival proudly. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I've heard so much about you and having you back with us is quite a treat." Duke grinned. "Now for your first job, I would like you to work with Peter Sam. A train of visitors are due to go to Ulfstead Castle this morning and I would you two to take them. Is that alright with you?"

"Absolutely," replied Duke. "Working with young Stuart, er Peter Sam, here would be like old times. Plus, this will give me a chance to familiarize myself with the railway too."

"Excellent," said Mr. Percival. "The visitors will be arriving at Crovan's Gate station soon, so you two better be going, and good luck."

"Yes sir, we will sir," replied Duke and Peter Sam, and then Mr. Percival headed back to his house.

"Well Stuart," puffed Duke. "Shall we go?"

"Right away, Granpuff," chuffed Peter Sam. "I'll lead the way and you can follow, if that's alright with you."

"Oh doesn't matter to me," replied Duke. "Though seeing how you've been here much longer and know where Ulfstead Castle is, you leading the way sounds like a splendid idea."

"Alright, suit yourself, Granpuff," conceded Peter Sam. "I can tell you all about the changes to the railway. Now we best be going if we don't want to be late."

"Yes, yes of course," agreed Duke. "Right you are. Well everyone, good-bye now and see you later!"

"Good-bye," called the other engines, and with that Duke and Peter Sam puffed away to collect the visitors.

"Pah!" snorted Duncan. "If sightseeing is all they're going to do, they should have another engine take those visitors to the castle, so they could get there on time without delays."

"Oh Duncan, stop it," muttered Skarloey. "They're still going to the castle anyway, and besides, you still have work to do yourself, you know. Right?"

Duncan snorted, then respectfully puffed away to work. The engines laughed.

"That ought to teach him," chuckled Rheneas. "Now the rest of us better do the same, since I'm sure Mr. Percival and Duke for that matter would prefer it. Wouldn't he, Sir Handel?"

"Oh most definitely," replied Sir Handel. "If Duke caught us sitting around doing nothing, he would say the same thing he said to me and Peter Sam for all those years: 'that would never suit His Grace', and believe me, that gets rather annoying very fast, so we best get to work now before he comes back." The engines chuckled and heeding Sir Handel's words, they all set to work.

Meanwhile, Duke and Peter Sam had collected their coaches and were on their way to Crovan's Gate station. When they arrived, there were a group of visitors on the platform all excited to go to Ulfstead Castle, and most of all, seeing Duke.

Emily, who had brought the visitors, was interested too. "Hello, Peter Sam," she said. "Nice to see you again. Who is your friend with you?"

"Ah, this is Duke," replied Peter Sam proudly. "An old friend of mine from years ago."

"Oh, so this is the Duke you and Sir Handel have been talking about!" exclaimed Emily. "Well, it's a great pleasure to meet you, Duke."

"Pleasure to meet you too, madam," said Duke proudly, "and may I ask who you are?"

"I'm Emily," replied Emily. "I'm one of Sir Topham Hatt's engines on the North Western Railway. Have you come back permanently?"

"As far as I know, yes I have," replied Duke.

"Oh, that's sounds great," said Emily. "I hope you enjoy your time, and have fun at Ulfstead. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Oh! And from what Peter Sam has told me about you, you should really get to know Sir Robert Norramby. I'm sure you two will get along splendidly. Don't you think so, Peter Sam?"

"Indeed, Emily," replied Peter Sam. "I'm sure they will too."

Then Emily's guard blew his whistle. "Well, I must be off now, so take care you two and enjoy your day." And with that, Emily whistled good-bye and puffed away.

Duke was puzzled. He had no idea who they were talking about. He was about to ask, but then the guard blew his whistle and they had to leave.

"Ready to go, Granpuff?" chuffed Peter Sam.

"Uh, yes, of course, I am," replied Duke. "Lead the way, Stuart." Then the two engines puffed out of the station and headed for Ulfstead Castle.

On their way, Peter Sam showed Duke all the sights of the railway. He thought Duke was listening, but really Duke was thinking about something else.

"Are you alright, Granpuff?" asked Peter Sam. "You're being rather quiet back there."

"Huh? Oh yes, I'm fine, Stuart," puffed Duke. "I was just…wondering about something. Who is this Sir Robert Norramby you and Emily were talking about? And what makes you two think we would get along?"

Peter Sam chuckled. "Well, let's just say Sir Robert Norramby…is the current Earl of Sodor and…"

Duke gasped. "You mean…he's my new Grace?!"

Peter Sam smiled. "Yep, that's correct."

Duke was delighted. "Oh how exhilarating and exciting!" he puffed. "I can't wait to meet him. This must be why Mr. Percival gave us this job."

"I believe you're right, Granpuff," said Peter Sam.

"Oh, so do tell me all about him, Stuart," said Duke eagerly. "What is he like? What does he do?"

Peter Sam thought for a moment. "Hmmm, well let's see. He's a very nice man, very jolly and friendly to everyone he meets. He also owns the estate to Ulfstead Castle."

Duke was interested. "Sounds like a very successful man to have such a castle."

"Indeed he is," agreed Peter Sam, "and he also owns a dinosaur park as well."

Duke frowned. "Um, a dinosaur park?"

"Yes," replied Peter Sam. "It's really quite a sight. Sir Robert really has a huge interest in dinosaurs and he takes care of it well."

"Yes, certainly sounds like it," said Duke slowly. "Does he have any interest in railways?"

"Oh yes, definitely," said Peter Sam. "He's a major railway enthusiast. In fact, he has three engines working there now."

This made Duke feel better. "That's good to hear. In my days, His Grace was always a great railway enthusiast and did everything for them."

Peter Sam smiled. "Well Sir Robert does what he can for them, though I think he also likes maintaining his estate and park as well."

Duke frowned again. "Yes, I suppose so. Well, I'm curious to meet this man anyway, so carry on Stuart."

"Absolutely Granpuff," replied Peter Sam, and they continued on, but as they did, Peter Sam couldn't help sensing that Duke was not so interested in meeting Sir Robert Norramby now. Soon, after a while, the engines arrived at the castle and stopped at the station.

"Well, Granpuff," Peter Sam proudly announced, "here we are. Ulfstead Castle and all it's glory."

Duke looked at the castle in the distance. "Looks very nice Stuart," he puffed. "His Grace must be proud of it. Speaking of which, where is he?"

Before Peter Sam could reply, they all heard a bunch of whistles and looked forward to see Millie, Stephen, and Glynn puffing towards them.

"Bonjour la, Peter Sam," peeped Millie. "We've been espérant vous. Sir Robert has been nervously attendant."

"Indeed," agreed Stephen. "He's been worrying and pacing around his mansion so much, he's starting to make a new trench right there in his own home."

"Oh-ho, well I wouldn't say he's doing that," chuckled Glynn, "but he has been waiting for you and your friend to arrive, Peter Sam. Speaking of which, it's a pleasure to meet, uh…Duke, is it?"

"Yes, that's correct," replied Duke, "and I take it you're the three engines that work here?"

"Yes, indeed, old fellow," replied Stephen. "The three and only. Stephen, at your service."

"Et Je suis Millie," said Millie.

"And my name is Glynn," said Glynn.

"Nous tous aide avec taking visitors around the castle et the dinosaur park as bien as keeping everything dans order," added Millie. "Je usually aide avec the maintenance."

"And we usually take the visitors around the area," said Stephen, "though I tend to do more of it since I was always known as the rocket and I could faster than any engine."

"Oh sure," chuckled Glynn. "Back when you could out-race a horse. Now, even a snail could beat you."

"Whoa, easy there old chap. That's no need to talk about yourself like that!" teased Stephen. "Ha, ha! But shall we challenge that later today?"

"You're on," smiled Glynn. "I could beat you with one piston."

"Ha, so you say," chuckled Stephen, "as long as it doesn't fall out while we're racing." And the two engines laughed.

Duke, on the other hand, was not impressed. "His Grace would never approved of such childish behavior," he said quietly to himself, though he was unaware that Peter Sam heard him. Just then, they heard a door closing and looked over to the mansion beside the platform to see Sir Robert Norramby stepping out.

"Ah, hello everyone," he said. "Glad to see you all are here. Oh, and I see you've finally arrived made it, Peter Sam. Jolly good, jolly good."

"Yes I have sir," replied Peter Sam, "and I've brought an engine you may want to meet as well, sir."

Sir Robert looked behind Peter Sam and saw Duke, and smiled broadly. "Well by George! You must be Duke! Oh, this is a great surprise. I've heard so much about you from many people. It is truly a grand honor to finally meet you."

Duke smiled a little bit, feeling a little better. "It's a great honor to finally meet you as well, your Grace," he replied.

Sir Robert chuckled. "How kind of you. Nobody has ever called me 'your Grace' before, but I certainly appreciate it, though you can call me Sir Robert, Duke. I prefer to go by that name anyway."

"Oh yes, of course, sir," said Duke.

"Now, I'd like to welcome you to my estate," Sir Robert proudly announced, "and as a little treat, I'd like to take a tour with you around the castle and the park. Would you like that?" Duke paused for a moment. He was not too keen with the idea, but he figured just to be nice, he agreed. "Yes, sir. I would like that very much."

"Splendid!" said Sir Robert. "I knew you would like it. Now, Millie here has brought us one of her special carriages. I'll be riding in it and explain everything on the tour." "Sounds fine with me, sir," said Duke.

Soon, Duke was coupled up to the carriage and Sir Robert climbed onboard. "Okay Duke, ready when you are," called Sir Robert. Duke whistled and he puffed off to tour the area with Sir Robert, still frowning slightly.

After they left, Peter Sam was worried. Millie noticed. "What's the matter, Peter Sam?" she asked. "Vous look nervous."

"Oh it's nothing serious, Millie," replied Peter Sam. "I just can't help feeling that Duke is not entirely impressed with Sir Robert."

Millie and the other two engines were surprised. "What? Why sur earth would vous say qui?" asked Millie.

"Yeah," agreed Stephen. "What makes you think your friend doesn't like him?"

"Well, for one thing," said Peter Sam, "when we were coming here, I told him about everything Sir Robert does and he didn't seem too thrilled, and for another thing, when you and Glynn were teasing each other, Stephen, I thought I heard him say something that meant he didn't approve of it. I don't know what he said, but it sounds as if he doesn't like how Sir Robert lets you two talk like that."

The three engines were surprised. "Well, based sur quoi vous said, Peter Sam," said Millie, "nous can understand why vous think qui, but Sir Robert est a tres nice man. Je think Duke just needs some time jusqu'à get jusqu'à know him."

"Millie's right," agreed Stephen. "People don't always get along at first, but then they eventually do once they get to know each other. So the way I see, probably by the end of their tour, Duke and Sir Robert will be the best of friends."

Peter Sam sighed. "I hope you're right, Stephen," he puffed. "I really hope you're right." But he was still worried.

Meanwhile, Duke was puffing around the castle with Sir Robert as he was explaining everything. "Ah, and this is the upper chamber where King Godred would store his crown. He would have knights guarding it at every moment of the day. Well, until it was stolen, of course, then Stephen found it quite by accident several years later, and it was right under our noses. Literally about 50 feet below them in the mine. Oh-ho, that was quite amusing." And Sir Robert chuckled. Duke, however, only smiled slightly.

Next, Duke headed for the tunnel that led to the dinosaur park. "Oh, and here is the most exciting part of the estate of all. My dinosaur park! Oh-ho, better be careful that none of these big fellows eat you up. You would be quite a meal. Ho! Ho! Ho!" Duke was still not laughing. He was beginning to have his doubts about meeting Sir Robert.

He listened to everything Sir Robert had to say and the more the latter showed more interest in the park, the more Duke was getting crosser and crosser.

Eventually, the tour was over and Duke was back at the station outside the castle, feeling relieved that the tour was over.

"Well that was a fun ride," said Sir Robert. "I certainly do like a good one every now and then, and I hope you enjoyed your time, Duke. Oh! Heavens me! I just realized! We haven't really gotten to know each other! I've been talking so much, I barely asked anything about you! I'm terribly sorry. I actually don't have too many other plans now, so would you be alright if we got to know each other now?"

Duke smiled again. "I would love to do that, sir," he replied. He was beginning to feel a little better as he saw this as a chance to maybe see a different side of Sir Robert that he would approve.

"Excellent," said Sir Robert. "Now my fathers before me told me about…" But before he could continue, they heard some whistles and looked behind them to see Stephen and Glynn puffing towards them, seemingly charging.

"Looks like I'm going to win this one!" said Stephen.

"Oh-ho, I think you're wrong," countered Glynn. "I'm almost at the station!"

"Not for long!" called Stephen, then there was trouble. The two engines were so caught up in their race that they did not see that they were heading towards the same set of points.

"Look out!" cried Sir Robert, but it was too late. Stephen and Glynn noticed at the last second what was happening and they tried to stop, but then they collided with each other and were derailed. Luckily, no one was hurt.

"Well that wasn't very smart, now was it?" muttered Stephen.

"Oh dear, you two and you're racing," sighed Sir Robert. Duke was watching and was expecting for Sir Robert to punish them, but to his surprise, he didn’t. "Well, at least no one is injured, so you two are alright. I'll go ahead and call for help, and once you two are back on the rails, no more racing for the rest of the day, understand?"

"Yes sir," replied the two engines. Duke couldn't believe what he saw.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Duke, but our talk will have to wait until later," said Sir Robert. "Can you spare a few minutes?"

Now Duke was cross all over again and this time, he let it out. "No," he said. "I can't spare a few minutes because I'd rather not be here right now." Sir Robert was shocked and Stephen and Glynn was surprised.

"Whatever makes you say that, Duke?" asked Sir Robert.

"Oh many things," replied Duke. "For one thing, I find it rather silly that the Earl of Sodor takes care of a castle and a dinosaur park and treats them like amusement parks, and for another, those two have been playing around like schoolchildren since I got here and you apparently approve of it. Back in my day, His Grace would never approve of such behavior and would show discipline to make sure everyone in his presence behaved. You on the other hand apparently don't care about that at all and choose to make a joke out of it. His Grace was also a very well and successful man too and showed great pride and interested in railways, as opposed to you. Well I have to say sir, compared to the previous Dukes before you, you do not compare!" Everyone was shocked.

Then Peter Sam arrived back behind Duke. Duke noticed. "Stuart, I'm sorry, but bringing me here was a huge mistake and I never want to come back here again. Good-bye and good day to all of you!" And Duke stormed off, puffing away from the castle. Now Peter Sam was surprised too.

"Well he's got a lot nerve!" snorted Stephen indignantly.

"Quite so," agreed Glynn, also indignantly. "I've never seen an engine show so much disrespect. No one here ever talks to us or the Earl like that. He must have quite a temper."

Sir Robert was speechless. "Well I must say! Whatever has gotten into him? I don't understand. Was it something I said?" he asked Peter Sam.

Peter Sam sighed. "No sir. You're okay. It's Duke that's the problem. I was actually afraid this might happen. I'll go and talk to him." And Peter Sam puffed away to find Duke.

As Peter Sam was looking, he saw Sir Handel in the distance. "Sir Handel!" he called. "Have you seen Granpuff anywhere?"

"I have," replied Sir Handel, "but he looked furious and didn't want to talk. Did something happen at Ulfstead?"

"I'm afraid something did," sighed Peter Sam. "I don’t know what though, but I'll explain what I know so far." And so while the two engines searched for Duke, Peter Sam told Sir Handel about his trip with him and his reaction to Sir Robert.

After he explained, Sir Handel conceded. "Oh yes, I can see why he was mad in that case," he puffed. "We better find him soon and get him to apologize." But there was no need to find him, for when they arrived back at the sheds, there sulking in one of them was Duke.

"There you are, Granpuff!" exclaimed Peter Sam. "We've been looking for you. What happened back at Ulfstead Castle? And why did you storm off like that?"

"Oh don't even ask me," hissed Duke. "I'd rather not discuss my experience with that ringleader and his amusement parks."

Sir Handel and Peter Sam were shocked. "Ringleader?" exclaimed Sir Handel. "You don't mean Sir Robert, do you?"

"I most certainly do, Falcon," replied Duke.

"But why would you say that, Granpuff?" asked Peter Sam. "You do know he's your current Grace, right?"

"Oh stuff and nonsense," objected Duke. "If he were truly my Grace, he wouldn't own a castle or a dinosaur park or joke around so much. Things like would never suit His Grace back in my day."

"Well people change over time, Granpuff," said Sir Handel. "Now we know Sir Robert is different from the previous Earls, but that does not mean he is bad at what he does."

"Ha! Says you," snorted Duke. "He is nothing like the previous Earls before him. He is way too jolly and does not take his job seriously. All of the other Earls were great men and took everything well and they would be appalled by his foolish behavior. He is making the term 'that would never suit his Grace' a thing of the past and meaning nothing now!"

Now Sir Handel and Peter Sam were cross with their old friend. "Now you listen here, Duke," Peter Sam said firmly. "We've known you for all our lives and we respect you greatly, but now, that respect is starting to go away." Duke frowned. "We understand you do not approve of some of the Earl's antics, such as being jolly and being funny, but needn't I remind you that you were jolly and funny too? In fact, even a prankster?"

Duke was confused. "Whatever are you talking about, Stuart?"

"I think he's talking about," Sir Handel cut in, "the time when you broke down and we had to rescue you, then Peter Sam took you the rest of the way to the station, but you turned out to be fine and you pushed him the rest of the way instead."

Duke thought for a moment. "Well…I did that to get him to stop teasing me about my age," he huffed, "but…"

"But you still played a joke and I believe you thought it was funny," interrupted Peter Sam. "Granted, I didn't so much, but that proves that you were fine with playing jokes as well, and from what you taught us, everything you did is what Your Grace would approve of as well. So assuming Your Grace at that time was okay with your prank, which I'm assuming he was, that means there was nothing wrong with being silly after all." Duke was speechless.

"So I think what Peter Sam means is," added Sir Handel, "there is nothing wrong with Sir Robert, he is perfectly fine, and is comparable to his previous Graces. Also, you should give him another chance."

"Indeed, Sir Handel," agreed Peter Sam. "It's your choice, Duke, but if you refuse to talk and keep insulting Sir Robert, I can tell you right now, that would definitely not suit His Grace."

Duke's face fell. After hearing their words and thinking about his actions, he felt terrible. "Oh dear, what have I done," he said. "I can't believe I said all those things to the Earl earlier. I guess I was so used to His Grace being so serious and stern, that I never thought he would change overtime."

"Well, like I said, Granpuff," said Sir Handel soothingly. "People change over time. That doesn't always mean it's a bad thing. In fact, in this case, it was good because even though he is not as strict as the other Earls, Sir Robert is a very nice man and respects everyone. Sure he is a bit more fun-loving and a little less strict, but he is still a great and successful man regardless." Duke thought about this for a moment, then smiled.

"So Granpuff," smiled Peter Sam, now seeing Duke had changed. "What do you say? Are willing to give Sir Robert another chance?"

Duke took a deep breath, then spoke. "Yes, I am, Stuart," he said. "When I see him, again, I'll apologize."

Just then, they all heard a whistle and then looked to see Millie puff up beside them, and there in her cab was Sir Robert Norramby. He still looked hurt about earlier.

"Hello everyone," said Sir Robert.

"Hello sir," replied Sir Handel and Peter Sam.

"And hello to you too, Duke," said the Earl. "I know you may not want to speak to me, but I just want you to know I didn't mean any harm earlier when you burst out at me and…"

"Please sir," Duke interrupted. "You really don't have to apologize. If anything, I should be apologizing to you for being so disrespectful. I was just not used to My Grace being well…like you."

Sir Robert was puzzled. "Oh? Whatever do you mean, Duke?"

Duke sighed. "Well, you see, sir, I'm used to My Grace being a serious and well-kept man. I'm also used to him taking his work seriously and making sure everything is in order and stands no nonsense when things go wrong, but I see now that the past is in the past and it's time to move on."

Sir Robert nodded. "Mmmmm, well I definitely understand how you feel, Duke. Yes, I'm not like my fathers before me in that sense, but I assure you, I am just as good as they were, and yes, I agree: the past is in the past and it's time to move on. I really would like to get to know you Duke because my fathers told me so much about you and you seem like a very interesting and nice engine."

Duke smiled. "You know, um…Your Grace, after what Peter Sam and Sir Handel told me about you, I would like to get to know you as well."

Sir Robert smiled. "Excellent! You know, if you want to, we could have another tour again and this time, we'll have a conversation and I'll get to hear you talk."

Duke chuckled. "I think that's a splendid idea, sir. I'm ready when you are."

Sir Robert smiled, and Sir Handel, Peter Sam, and Millie smiled too.

Soon, Duke was back at the castle with Sir Robert on their second tour and this time, it was different. The two of them talked to each other, they got to know each other better, and they even joked as well.

"Ho, ho! You turned out fine and he was the broken-down one?" Sir Robert chuckled.

"Indeed, he was!" chuckled Duke. "Oh that was quite the joke I played on him and I still think that's funny to this day. Oh! But don't tell Peter Sam I said that," he added quietly.

"Oh-ho, my lips are sealed," chuckled Sir Robert, and they continued enjoying their trip.

Along their journey, Duke listened to everything the Earl had done and he had to admit he really was a successful man.

"Wow, you really are a railway enthusiast, aren't you?" Duke asked.

"Yes, indeed I am," said Sir Robert. "In fact, I enjoy preserving them as well. That's why I have older engines like Stephen and Glynn working here at the estate, so that they still have work to do." Duke was fascinated.

Soon their tour was over and they were back at the castle station again.

"Well Duke," said Sir Robert. "I must say compared to earlier, this tour went by much better and I enjoyed it very much."

"I did too, sir," agreed Duke. "Much, much better, and you know, I don’t believe I officially said this, but I sincerely apologize for my outburst today. I see now that you are truly a great man, you're very successful, and you are very comparable to your previous Graces."

Sir Robert smiled. "Why thank you very much, Duke," he said. "I'm happy to hear you say that and I'm glad that we got on good terms, and I must say, after hearing all about you, you are a one of a kind engine and you deserve to be named Duke." This made Duke very proud.

Just then, Stephen and Glynn puffed up. "Well, I see you two are getting along quite well," remarked Stephen.

"Indeed, we are, Stephen," replied Duke. "We got to know each other better and we are on good terms now."

"That's excellent to hear, old fellow," chuffed Stephen. "I'm glad you two made up. It's like what I said earlier: people don't always get along at first, but then they eventually do once they get to know each other, and it looks like that is true."

"It certainly is, Stephen," agreed Sir Robert. "Oh! You know, I almost forgot. I have a little offer for you Duke." Duke listened. "How would you like to take visitors to and from here during the summer, when it's really busy, and give them tours around the castle under the name, 'The Ulfstead Castle Special'?"

Duke thought about this for a moment. "Hmmmmmm, you know, sir, I would love that very much. I enjoy taking visitors around and I would like to be at your service in any way."

"Wonderful!" said the Earl. "Sounds splendid to me. Oh, but just during the summer though. I don’t want to take you away from your usual work."

"Oh I understand, sir," said Duke. "I prefer to do it just for the summer anyway. Plus, I don't want to take any visitors away from these two engines. Right gentlemen?"

Stephen and Glynn chuckled. "Right you are, Duke," said Glynn. "Otherwise, all we would be doing is racing all the time."

"Which we really don’t want to do now, based on what happened earlier," added Stephen.

"I should think so," said Sir Robert. "Racing around carelessly would not suit me at all. Right Duke?"

Duke chuckled. "Right, Your Grace." And they laughed, even Stephen and Glynn did too.

Just then, Peter Sam arrived to take the visitors home. "Good evening, everyone."

"Good evening, Peter Sam," said the Earl. "Taking these visitors home, are you? Sounds good."

"Yes I am, sir," replied Peter Sam, "and also, unless he wants to stay here a little longer, a certain Granpuff too."

Sir Robert smiled, and turned to Duke. "Well Duke, are you ready to go back or do you want to stay a little longer?"

"You know, sir," sighed Duke, "as much as I would like to, I think I'm ready to go home and get a good nights sleep. It's been a busy day for me."

"I completely understand, old chap," replied Sir Robert. "There was a lot today and you deserve some rest. Just know, you're always welcomed back here at any time even if it isn't summer."

"I'll keep that in mind, sir," smiled Duke, "and I really did have a splendid time here and getting to know you."

"Likewise, Duke," agreed Sir Robert. "Well good-bye now, and see you soon!"

"Good-bye sir," called Duke and Peter Sam, "and good-bye to you all as well!" Duke called to Stephen, Glynn, and Millie.

"Good-bye, you two!" they called back. "And it was a pleasure meeting you, Duke!" added Stephen, then with that, Duke and Peter Sam headed back to Crovan's Gate.

Along the way, Peter Sam spoke to Duke. "Well, Granpuff," chuffed Peter Sam. "I take it you approve of the Earl now?"

"Most definitely, Stuart," replied Duke. "We had a great time this afternoon and I must say, he is a very fine gentleman."

Peter Sam smiled. "See? I told you he was," he chuckled. "You just needed to give him a chance."

"You're absolutely right, Stuart," agreed Duke, "and you know, I might be an old engine, but from now on, I'll be accepting to any new changes that come my way."

"I glad to hear that, Granpuff," smiled Peter Sam. "So does that mean," he added cheekily, "if Sir Handel and I were to start keeping you in order, would you be okay with that?"

Even Duke couldn't help but laugh at this. "Don't push it you silly little scallywag!" he chuckled, and the two of them laughed as they headed back home.




  • References to the fourth season television series episodes, Sleeping Beauty and You Can't Win, were made in this episode. Another reference to the television series special, King of the Railway, was made in this episode as well.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this episode marks Duke's first appearance since the fourth season television series episode, Gallant Old Engine, and his first speaking role since You Can't Win of the same season.
  • This episode marks Glynn's only speaking role in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.