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Oily in the Morning is the fifth story of the first volume of Adventures on Rails.

Oily in the Morning
Season X, Episode 5
Air date 29 April 2019
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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It was a beautiful morning at Arlesburgh. Both Ryan and Daisy were being warmed up, ready for work. Daisy had a passenger train at eight and Ryan followed with his goods a half-hour later.

Daisy purred out of the sheds and went to be re-fuelled.

The diesel fuel stood on a siding along with a coal hopper and water column.

Daisy rolled gently to a stop. The coal and water stood a couple metres beyond the diesel fuel. She was soon filled with fuel and on her journey.

After Daisy had gone, Ryan moved out of the shed to take on coal. He wasn't moving fast, but when he reached the site of the diesel fuel, his Driver applied the brakes and his wheels slipped and skidded along the rails!

"Help!" cried Ryan.

He hit the buffers and stopped.

"Phew!" he sighed.

The Driver and Fireman inspected him.

"Your brakes are fine," observed the Driver.

"Look at this though," called the Fireman.

They both saw a patch of oil on the rails.

"Must be from Daisy," they conceded.

Soon, they had cleaned the rails. Ryan took on coal, fetched his train and had no trouble for the rest of the day.

That night, Ryan and his crew worked late and didn't tell Daisy and her Driver about the morning incident.

The following morning, Ryan steamed into the siding for coal and skidded along the rails again.

"Oh deary me!" he cried.

This time, Ryan smashed the buffers to smithereens.

"At least I've stopped," he sighed. "Daisy's oil again, I assume."

"Quite right," replied the Driver.

Jessie came help Ryan.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I slipped on some oil on the rails," explained Ryan.

"Never mind, you'll soon be back at work. I'll take care of your goods today though."

"But if you see Daisy, please tell her about this."

"I will do!"

Later, Jessie was shunting at the Big Station. She went into the sheds before setting back up to Harwick and saw Daisy resting.

"Hullo, Daisy. How are you?"

"Well, I had a good run, but I heard Ryan had a little accident. What happened?"

"Well, you know that siding where the fuel is at Arlesburgh?"


"He slipped on a patch of oil left by you. His wheels couldn't grip and he smashed the buffers."

"A patch of oil, you say?"

"Yes indeed."

"Oh my. I suppose it must be mine."

"You should be inspected. Ryan will soon be back at work. Duck can take care of your passengers whilst you're repaired."

In no time at all, Daisy was sent to the Dieselworks to be fixed.

When she came back, the buffers had been mended and Ryan never slipped in that siding again.