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The Norramby Branch Line is a branch that runs to Norramby. It used to be part of the now-closed Sodor and Mainland Railway. Not much is known about the line.

From either Crovan's Gate or Vicarstown, the line travels to the town of Ballahoo. From here, the branch travels to the terminus of Norramby.

A joint BR/NWR service from Barrow serves the line (hourly, half-hourly at peak times). Not much is known about freight services.

In Adventures on Rails, Emily runs passenger services down the line. Molly occasionally delivers goods on the line. The line was closed in the 50s due to the Beeching Axe but re-opened in the early 1980s and at first, Molly was put in charge. However, Emily was soon transferred to Norramby by Molly's suggestion.

In Sodor Adventures, the line is staffed by Arthur and Billy.