"Now you see how breakvans are troublesome"

Norman & the Breakvan is the eighteenth episode of Season 3

Norman & the Breakvan
Season 3, Episode 18
Air date October 25, 2011
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
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Paxton is ill so Norman has to take his train. Paxton tells him to be very careful with the breakvan. Norman tells him that breakvans can't hurt him and he oiles away. Norman tells the cars that he is boss but not the breakvan. Unfortunely the breakvan convices the cars that he is not there boss and they plot to push him down a siding. They manage to do so and he falls into the bank of a ditch. Paxton and Diesel come to rescue him. Norman however has learned a lesson and is taken back to the DieselWorks in disgrace.


"Well, well, well look who's taken a dip"

"Shut up and get me home"

"We can't, until night time"

Norman pleading to be pulled out of the ditch

"Do you think he's learned a lesson" Paxton asked Diesel

Diesel didn't know what to say

Paxton asking Diesel if Norman has learned a lesson.


  • Paxton
  • Norman
  • Diesel (non-speaking role)
  • Rocky (cameo)


  • There is a version called Norm & the Breakvan.
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