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Night Shift is the sixth episode of Dodger the Coal Mines Engine.


One day, Dodger's Fireman, started to fire Dodger up very early.

"What. Why are you firing me at midnight?"

"We have to take an emergancy coal train", explained his Fireman.

"Another Night Shift?"

"Yes. You'll soon be ready."

When Dodger had enough steam, he puffed out of his shed, and collected a coal train and made his way to the Main Line.

Dodger's headlamp shone brightly, but he was having trouble staying awake.

"So... tired.... Need.... sleep. No!"

He eventually arrived at Tidmouth, where he tried to do the shunting as quickly, as possible.

Soon, he had it done.

"Well, Dodger. You deserve a good rest now", said his Driver.

"Thank you", and he puffed away to Tidmouth Sheds.


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