Nicholas is a crane who works at the Fishing VIllage.


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Nicholas was built in 2003 and worked at a Dock in England for a time, but was then sent for scrap. Nicholas was left to rust for a decade until a stout gentleman was inspecting British scrapyards. It turned out to be the Fat Controller and Nicholas was sent to Sodor on board Murdoch's train.

When Nicholas arrived at the Smelter's he was frightened by 'Arry and Bert and their job and wanted to leave. Donald and Douglas decided to help him out and they made the manager call the Fat Controller. So now Nicholas works with Arthur at his branch line at the coasr. He loves this job, since it's what he's used to.


Nicholas is fond of the seaside, and even comes to like the smell of fish, which is why he likes Arthur and Salty. He's always a hard worker and wants to get the job done correctly, but swiftly. He'll often scold somebody if they screw up, but only if it's their fault. He also has a tendency to jump into conversations, except on the topic of scrap.


Nicholas is orange with yellow stripes and "NIcholas" written in bold black.


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