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KUR ED1/EAR 11 class




Vulcan Foundry

Year built:

Between 1926 and 1930

Nia is a Kenyan tank engine.


Nia is a tank engine from the African country of Kenya. She meets Thomas there and when she hears about his big world adventure, she decides to join him on his journey, which Thomas was not very fond of at first. However, as their journey continued, the two of them became good friends.

When the engines return back to Sodor, Nia reveals that she doesn't have a home anymore and she is really an orphan. When Thomas heard this, he decided to invite Nia to live on Sodor with him and the other engines. Nia was delighted and now she happily resides on the Fat Controller's Railway as one of the newest members of the Steam Team.


Nia is an adventurous and fun engine who teaches Thomas about friendship. Whether she is in her homeland of Africa or travelling around the world, Nia is positive and thoughtful. Her eagerness to help can sometimes irritate her friends, but her truthfulness and kind heart always win them over.


Nia is based on the KUR ED1 class, a class of 2-6-2 tank locomotive built by Vulcan Foundry for the Kenya-Uganda Railway between 1926 and 1930. Nia has been modified in order to work on British railways. Whereas her original basis was metre gauge, Nia is standard gauge and she has been given buffers and screwlink couplings in order to work with the other engines.


Nia is painted orange with yellow lining. She has stripes with an African pattern consisting of red, yellow, green and purple painted along her tanks and dome, as well as green and yellow lining on her cylinders and green stripes on her brake pump and her footplate is painted red. Her name and the number "18" are painted on the sides of her tanks and cab respectively in yellow within black squares.



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