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Millie decides to change her personality for the new year because some engines think she gets mad easily.


It was almost new year day in the Island of Sodor and everyone was getting ready for a new year. The engines worked hard to get over the difficult year. Sir Topham Hatt was very happy with his engines. Thomas took some party decorations to give to the engines at the castle. Thomas saw Millie and he gave her the decorations. Millie brought them to the other engines and everyone started to get ready for the party. Stephen saw Millie was stuggling and teased her. Millie got mad and Stephen said she always got mad which made Millie think about what her new year resolution should be. Soon the party was ready and everyone came. Millie was still thinking about how she would not get mad when she did. She has a good time, until Stephen kept teasing her and Millie admited what her new year resolution was, which made Stephen confused. Everyone stayed until midnight to celebrate the big event. The engines didn't believe that Millie would change that easily. At last, it was new year and everyone was happy the year was over. Stephen felt bad for what he did to Millie and he told her that she doesn't need to change, that she is perfect the way she is, which made Millie stop from trying to be an engine with different personality. Millie was happy she didn't need to change anymore and everyone had a good time.



  • This is the first episode in season 2 and the first episode to be made in 2021.