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New Livery is the fourth episode of the second volume and thirtieth episode of The New Adventures on Rails.

New Livery
Season X, Episode 30
Air date 27 March 2020
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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The engines on the Fat Controller's Railway like their distinctive coats of paint. Each engine wear their colour proudly. They like to keep their paint clean but even so, their paint can get weathered over time. But if you ask Dodger, about his paintwork, he would have almost no idea what to say.

"I just don't like to make such a fuss about my paint," he said to Molly one day. "I have coal trucks to shunt and deliver. Besides," he went on, "I know I'm being useful whenever I'm dirty."

"Still, a new paint job would suit you," replied Molly.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. You'd look as good as new. Besides, you weren't always so grubby."

"Well that is true."

"I'd say you'd look quite nice."

"I don't know but whenever you tell to do something I sometimes feel more an obligation to do it."

"Why is that?"

"Not sure. But I know David feels the same."

"Well then. Keep working hard and perhaps the Fat Controller will give you a new coat of paint."

"Yes, ma'am."

Dodger chuckled and went back to work. Molly smiled to herself and was soon back at work herself.

One afternoon, David steamed into Vicarstown with a goods train.

"These slate trucks stay here," said David.

"Yes, yes," replied Diesel. "I'll take them away now."

"Would you like some help?"

"I can do it myself."

"Of course. Being revolutionary and all that."

"Yes, and exceptional traction."

"Very well then."

"Yeah, you go off and rest whilst I do all the hard work . . . I'm just kidding! . . . Some, take me too seriously sometimes . . ."

Dodger was in the shed.

"Hey there. Just brought in a goods train, I see."

"Yes indeed. Pick-up goods, as usual."

Just then, the Stationmaster came up.

"I have some news for you two from the Fat Controller." He paused impressively. "You are both receiving new coats of paint."

David was excited but Dodger was still apprehensive.

"I don't really need it, but I welcome it," said Dodger.

"Suit yourself. For me, it's about time I get new paint. You can see various chips on my current paintwork."

"My paint gets dirty really quickly though."

"Never mind that. Do you realise what this means."

"What do you mean?"

"We have worked very hard lately and now, we are being rewarded."

"I see. But for me, I would have preferred a different reward."

"Now I just wonder what Molly will think."

"I wouldn't worry, she has no idea about this. I say we keep this in the dark."

"Then again, she'll force it out out of us some way or another."

"True. And who knows if Emily told her already."

"So I guess one way or another, she finds out."

"Yeah, there is no use hiding anything from her really."

"How does that happen?"

"No idea."

That night, Molly was in the shed with Dodger and David.

"How was your day?" she asked both of them.

"Business as usual at the Mines," said Dodger.

"I had two pick-up goods trains today," said David. "How was your day?"

"Thanks for asking. I had a passenger train from here to Tidmouth, then the usual delivery of coal trucks, and another passenger back here."

"That's great," said Dodger. "And you know, your paint looks better than ever at night."

"That's so nice of to say," she smiled.

"No problem."

"And you know, speaking of paint, Dodger, don't you want to tell her."

"Tell her what?"

"Oh, you know."

"Know what?"

"About the thing."

"What thing?"

"The reward . . . Sorry Molly, he has something he needs to tell you and for some reason, is refusing to say."

"Because it's silly. Besides, you told me you would tell her."

"I did not."

"Yes, you did."

But before the two friends could argue any further,

"You're both getting new coats of paint," finished Molly.

"No, not that," stammered Dodger.

"She figured it out," whispered David.

"I suppose so."

"Yeah, we are both getting a new coat of paint."

"That is great to hear!"

"Well, I am looking forward to a new paint-job," said David. "Dodger here on the other hand, could care less."

"It's going to get dirty sooner or later."

"I think both of you have earned it," said Molly. "I'd say you both need it too. Like David, your lining is very weathered. Then Dodger, your paint has also chipped away in various places. So this reward couldn't have come at a better time."

"I'm still not sure."

"You're going to do it anyways."

"Well, if you say so, yes."

"Both of you will looking amazing with new paint. Though I wonder what colour."

"Colour?" asked Dodger. "What's wrong with black?"

"Nothing," replied Molly. "Just that I have heard some people complain about the abundance of BR black on other railways."

"But here, we are the only two engines painted black," said David.

"Yeah, and we wear it good."

"I agree with that but you might receive a new colour."

"What colour could we wear?" asked Dodger.

"Not yellow. The only who can wear yellow is you Molly," said David.

Molly smiled.

"Yeah, I'd look ridiculous in yellow or any other colour for that matter," said Dodger. "Besides, all J50s were only ever painted black."

"Same with my class."

"I'm sure they'll find something for both of you."

"And once again, when she says something, I have just have to believe it," finished Dodger.

"No doubt about it," murmured David.

Molly chuckled. "Just go to sleep then!"

The three friends fell asleep, content with the day.

A few days later, Molly shunted Dodger and David to the Works.

"Thanks for bringing us," said David.

"Yeah, we'll see you in a few days!" called Dodger.

Then, Molly puffed away.

Victor was pleased to see the two friends.

"Hullo, my friends. Kevin is bringing the paint over."

"Thanks Victor," said David.

"Although, aren't the workmen going to scrape off our current paintwork," inquired Dodger.

"Well, before starting, we want to finalise which colour each of you will be painted."

"Okay then."

Then Kevin raced up.

"I'm back!"

He lowered the paint pallet and it hit the floor with a bang.

"My bad. Slip of the hook, you know. At least the paint cans are all closed."

"Yeah. These are all brand new."

The Foreman came up.

"After doing an analysis, and voting, we have decided to paint you both brunswick green with black lining for Dodger and crimson and cream lining for David," he explained.

"Oh, so we're both going to be painted the same colour still," said Dodger.

"Whatever. I'm looking forward to it," said David.

"Good," said the Foreman. "Now we begin since your boilers are already cool and such."

The workmen took off the two friends' old coat of paint and then applied a special undercoat.

"I remember coming out of Gorton in works grey," murmured David.

"Honestly, I think looks best on me," said Dodger. "I'm still not completely sold on green."

"Well, we will find out soon enough."

Finally, the final paint was applied. The two engines were waiting for the paint to dry.

"Marvellous," said Victor.

"Yeah. They did a great job," added Kevin.

"You definitely look different," chuckled David.

"I'll admit. You don't look too bad. The black lining looks all right," said Dodger.

"I can't wait to show Molly."

"Huh. I just realised she wants to see our new paintjob."

Then they heard a familiar whistle.


"Hey Molly," called David.

"Hullo David. Hullo Dodger. My, the workmen have done a fantastic job. You both look brand-new!" said Molly.

"Yeah, yeah," sighed Dodger.

"Come on," encouraged Molly, "that's a good thing."

"With us and her yellow paint, we'll be an unstoppable trio," added David.

Molly chuckled. "I just came to drop off coal trucks. And pay a little visit to you two, 'cause I have missed you two."

"Thanks for stopping by," said Dodger. "I've missed you as well, and seeing you again is wonderful, and yeah, there's something about your presence, that I can't stay cross for long. We'll see you tonight!"

"That's the spirit!" smiled Molly and she puffed away.

"Finally coming to your senses, I see," teased David. "Of course I'm not surprised it was Molly who talked some sense into you."

Dodger ignored him and David chuckled. Then, their Drivers and Firemen arrived.

"Back to work at last," they said.

It seemed like ages, but at last, Dodger and David headed back to Vicarstown.

At the station, Donald and Douglas were waiting. Diesel was shunting a goods train for Donald.

"Hey, do ye see that," called Donald.

Douglas looked up and saw two engines coming towards them.

"Ye ken," began Douglas. "I would say it's Dodger and David, but, well, a different colour apparently."

"Of course. Molly said they were getting a new coat of paint."

"But I never thought they'd be painted green of all colours."

Dodger and David stopped at the platform.

"Hullo Donald and Douglas."

"Aye. I see ye're back from yon wurrks," said Douglas.

"Yes, with a new look and all," said Dodger.

"I guess some were tired of regular black," said David.

"It looks guid," said Donald. "I mind when we chose blu' when the Fat Controller made part of the railway."

"Indeed," said Douglas. "Juist like many of oor brothers and sisters."

"If I'm not mistaken, your sister is still painted blue," said Dodger.

"Aye," replied Douglas.

"I don't any J11s were ever painted green," said David. "Just black goods livery."

"Weel, we were ne'er painted blu' in Scotland either," put in Donald.

"But part of the fun noo is getting a new colour," added Douglas.

"And ye both look brawly in green," said Donald.

"Why thank you," said David.

"I was rather worried," said Dodger. "But I'm glad you like it."

"I think everyone will," chuckled Douglas.

Just then, Diesel rolled up.

"I've got your goods train Donnie," he purred.

"Thank ye Diesel."

"Yeah, yeah."

Then the Guard blew his whistle and Donald puffed away.

"I've been at the Mines recently," said Douglas.

"I'm looking forward to work again," said Dodger.

"We can go as soon as my Driver gets back."

When Douglas's Driver returned, Douglas, and a fancy-looking Dodger puffed to the Mines.

David went over to the sheds in the meantime to wait for his next goods train.

"It won't be long," assured his Driver.

Meanwhile, Douglas and Dodger were at the Coal Mines.

"My new livery looks so elegant," said Dodger. "It's a shame it'll get dirty in under two minutes."

"Ye really dinna care how ye look," observed Douglas.

"Not really. That's why I liked black. Anyways, I'm back everyone!"

The trucks were delighted to see Dodger.

"Wow, he looks so shiny!" said one.

"We're glad you're back 'cause some of us cannot understand Donald with that accent," said another.

"That's Douglas you idiot," said another truck.

"Point is, we are glad to have you back."

"I am glad to be back," chuckled Dodger.

"Yes, and look at him now, so shiny, splendid, and strong . . . Hey! I just made an alliteration!" said a truck.

"Clever you," giggled another.

"But you know it won't last long," said Dodger.

"Why not?"

"Well with you guys around and coal dust everywhere."

"Nonsense. We'll do whatever we can to help you stay shiny."

"You really don't have to . . ."

"We don't - but we will."

"Why? That's not how it works."

"What do you mean?"

"You're supposed to not like me."

"Technically we don't, but you make us feel valuable."

"I do my job a bit too well," sighed Dodger.

"Come on!" chorused the trucks. "Let's keep Dodger's paint nice."

The trucks cheered in agreement. Dodger could hardly believe what was going on.

"All right! Quiet! I have to get you lot in line," said Dodger. "And," he chuckled to himself, "give them a little bump."

However, his Driver thought otherwise.

"Darn it."

"What's wrong?" asked his Driver.


He was coupled up to the trucks and shunted them into place behind Douglas.

"Here you go," called Dodger.

"Ye ken," said Douglas. "Ye an expert with trucks."

"I'm too good. I blame David for that."

Douglas laughed and puffed away.

Dodger tried to get the trucks mad so that they would pay him out. But nothing worked. He biffed some trucks but found that the coal was loaded into sacks, so no dust flew out.

Meanwhile, David was at the station, being coupled up to a train of tar tankers.

"They are to help mend the road near Maron," explained the  Stationmaster.

"All right. I'll get them there in no time."

He made good time. The tar was transferred into another vehicle, and David shunted two extra tankers into a siding.

As he neared the buffers, the Driver tried to put on the brakes but nothing happened.

"Help!" cried David.

The two tar wagons hit the buffers and spilt tar everywhere.

David was covered in tar.

"Oh, great," he moaned. "First day of a new livery and now it is spoiled. I suppose I look rather silly."

"You will need to be cleaned up," agreed the Driver.

Once the mess was cleaned up, David puffed to the Big Station. Not to his surprise, many engines were there.

"Whatever happened to you?" asked Emily.

"Just a little accident," replied David.

"I thought you had just been re-painted," said James.

"That is true."

"What is with you big engines and tar?" asked Duck.

"Accident happen," said James.

"Never mind then," said Emily. "You'll be cleaned up in no time."

"I suppose. But going to the Works now feels wasted."

"Never mind. As long you are useful, that is all that matters."

"Thanks Emily. I just hope Molly doesn't see me."

"She's in the sheds," said Duck.

"I don't want her to see me . . . yet."

Just then, Jessie puffed in with some ballast trucks for him.

"You know, you could pull them tenderfirst," she suggested.

"So I shall."

David set off, pulling the train tenderfirst.

At the Junction, he picked up more trucks. He also stopped at Edward's station.

"I'm glad to see you again, but I did not expect to see you like that," said Edward.

"I didn't expect to be like this either."

"Just focus on your job for now," advised Edward.

"I will. Thanks Edward!"

He reached Vicarstown and some of his trucks were to be picked up an engine from the Other Railway. Once everyone was put where it needed to go, he puffed into a siding and waited to be cleaned.

Dodger came in later.

"What happened to you?"

"I had a little accident with some tar wagons at Maron."

"I see."

"You barely look dirty at all."

"The trucks made it impossible for me to get dirty. They were more behaved than ever."

"I taught you too well."

"Yes, yes you did."

"I just hope to get clean before Molly gets back."

"It's no use, she probably already knows."

David was clean before Molly came back, but as expected, she had heard all about it.

"It is a bit funny," she admitted, "but I know you liked your new coat of paint."

"Hopefully tomorrow I'll have no accidents."

"You still look really good though. They did a good job cleaning you."

"Thanks Molly."

They they all went to sleep.

The next morning, the engines were getting ready when a photographer arrived. He wanted to take pictures of all the engines.

"I'd never thought I would be photographed," said Dodger.

"You have," reminded Molly.

"But not with my coat gleaming. Perhaps being clean isn't so bad after all."

That day, both Dodger and David kept their paint as best as they could. Everything seemed to go right for them. They were enjoying their new livery more than ever. I'm sorry to say, it went into their smoke-boxes and made them rather boastful, and that led to some arguments between the two of them. Molly would have to constantly put things in order at the shed.

"Now I wish they hadn't received new paint," Molly told Edward one day. "I mean they deserve it, but, I didn't expect this."

"To be honest, no-one would have expected them to ever argue. They've been friends since they arrived on Sodor."

"Pretty much," said Molly. "And I am their friend as well, so I have to do something. I don't want it to get out of control."

"Just try talking to them first," said Edward. "They'll listen to you."

"Are you sure?"

"More than sure."

"All right."

"If that doesn't work, it's only time till they get their comeuppance."

Molly was a bit nervous but she smiled as she puffed away.

"I must make things right between them," she thought as she puffed along. "Both of them are my friends."

She saw Dodger at the Mines.

"All the trucks are in order and my paint is the best."

"Really?" asked Molly.

"Oh, okay. Your's is the best. But mine is a close second, and much better than David's for sure."

"You know, I think it is time you let go of this paintwork thing."

"Why? I never realised the benefits of having a new livery."

"But you used to have fun when working."

"Things change Molly. This is how it has to be."

Molly had to go, but she was upset.

The trucks weren't too happy with Dodger.

"I miss when he would bump us," said a trucks.

"And when he'd insult us, he'd get us in line."

"Now he follows the rules."

"Rules are made to be broken," chattered the trucks. "Besides, the only engine we're allowed to be nice to is Molly."

When Molly arrived at the Big Station, Jessie took her trucks away. Then, she went over to the shed where David was resting.

"Hullo Molly. Lovely day isn't it."

"Yes! And our paint looks better than ever."

"Especially mine's - and your's. But can you believe Dodger thinks he looks best. He didn't even want one in the first place."

"Yeah, that is strange and perhaps both of you are taking this too far."

"What do you mean?"

"You used to argue about trivial things that could get solved in like five minutes. This is now getting out of hand."

"It's not my fault Dodger cares more about his paintwork now."

"Still, you can't argue about it forever. You're friends."

"Look, I'm not the problem. If anything, that is Dodger."

"You're both to blame."

"Nonsense." Just then David's Driver came up. "Look. I have to go now. I look forward to seeing you later."

Molly sighed. She felt like crying.

James and Henry had seen what had happened and felt sorry for her.

"You've done everything you can," said Henry.

"No, not yet."

"All they need is a lesson. Something to unite them once again," added James.

"Yeah. Deep down, they will always be there for each other and in any situation."

"But what shall I do?"

"I wonder if perhaps a simple goods train will work," said Henry.

"Yes, they will be awkward at first, but start to speak to each other again, and before you know it, everything is back to normal."

"We'll have to make some arrangements, but it can be done," said Molly. "I just can't let them down."

Two days later, she was at Vicarstown when the Stationmaster came up to her.

"The goods train is almost here," he said.

"Both of them are at the sheds getting ready," replied Molly.

She puffed to the sheds and saw them filling up with water. She puffed behind into a siding with some coal trucks only a few metres in front of her and watched.

"I'm sure I could pull the train myself," huffed David.

"Suit yourself. I have better things to do than helping you," retorted Dodger.

"I just hope they get over to the station soon," she whispered.

"Now hurry up. It's my turn to take on water," said Dodger.

"Shut up and wait your turn," replied David.

"All right! That's it!" exclaimed Molly.

She puffed towards but bumped the trucks in front of her too hard. They rolled towards the two engines. The trucks derailed and coal dust flew all over David and Dodger.

Molly felt bad. "I'm so sorry you two for ruining your paint. I just am tired of seeing you guys argue and I want to be friends with both of you. I want us to be a great trio again," she cried.

Then David and Dodger began to laugh.

"You know we both look ridiculous now," chuckled David.

"Shiny paint no more!" chuckled Dodger.

"I think we both needed this shower of coal dust."

"Indeed. I'm sorry for boasting about my paint. I should not have let it interfere with our friendship."

"I'm sorry too. If anything, we are good friends because we don't really mind our paintwork."

"Totally agreed."

"And Molly. Both of us are sorry for getting you into our quarrel."

"Yeah, please forgive us. We were wrong."

Molly smiled. "I forgive you guys."

"There's that smile," said Dodger. "No wonder we were so cross."

"And don't worry about our paintwork, we deserve it," said David.

"Yeah. You getting angry was the last thing we needed."

"Now we know, you were looking out for us."

"Just what would you do without me?" smiled Molly.

"Let's hope that never happens!" they laughed.

"Now, go and get that goods train," said Molly.

"She right," said Dodger.

"Let's go."

David and Dodger were glad to be friends again. They pulled the train with no trouble at all. That night, all three engines had a quarrel-free night. Most importantly, the three engines were glad to be together again.

So, Dodger and David kept their green paint for quite some time. Afterwards, they were re-painted black with made them much happier. It is the colour they like best and wear it proudly. Always they are glad to be on the Fat Controller's Railway and along with Molly, remain good friends.





  • The story was originally titled New coat of Paint.