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Whiff mysteriously loses his glasses and has to get new ones which change his personality. Meanwhile, Scruff has to find Whiff's original glasses before Whiff goes crazy.


Whiff wakes up to find his glasses removed. He asks his driver and Scruff but nobody knows what happened to them. Sir Topham Hatt soon finds out Whiff lost his glasses, so he decides he will get Whiff new ones. With Whiff gone, Scruff decides to look around the island for Whiff's glasses. Sir Topham Hatt brings Whiff to the Steamworks and asks for the workers to make some new ones. After many attemts, Whiff finaly choses some cool looking glasses. Meanwhile, Scruff is still looking for Whiff's glasses. He thinks about who would steal something from a steamie. He then finds Diesel at the docks and asks him to return the glasses. Diesel admits he doesn't have any interest in stealing glasses and leaves. That night, Scruff comes back and sees Whiff with new glasses. Scruff thinks Whiff looks weird which worries Whiff. The next day, Whiff asks his driver to remove his glasses so the other engines don't see him with new glasses. Whiff has a hard time seeing and almost crashes with Gordon. Sir Topham Hatt sees this and orders for Whiff to put his glasses back on. He is now scared that the other engines will laugh at him but instead they are all impressed. Even Diesel is impressed and can't come up with an insult. Whiff soon thinks that his glasses are so cool and decides to not work on the waste dump anymore in order to keep his glasses clean. Scruff is shocked and follows Whiff around to tell him to come back. They go to Ulfstead Castle and meet Millie there. She asks Whiff if she should get a new lamp and shows him the options. Scruff asks Millie why she is asking Whiff and she answers because Whiff's new glasses make him very smart and is sure Whiff has good advice. Whiff choses for Millie and then leave. Whiff is then invited to the Dieselworks by Paxton and accepts. Scruff tries to go but Paxton tells him only Whiff because of his glasses. This makes Scruff angry and tries to come up with a plan. The next day, Scruff wakes up and sees Whiff giving advice to Percy, James, Emily, and Philip. After they leave, Scruff tells Whiff to stop but Whiff decides he is now too cool to be friends with him and leaves. Diesel then comes and tells Scruff he has to get rid of Whiff's glasses but Scruff has a better idea. Meanwhile, Whiff is on his way to the docks to talk to the other engines. He is so impressed with his new glasses, he doesn't look where he is going and crashes into some trucks. His face was hit to hard and when he backs up, his glasses fall to the ground and break. Whiff comes to the docks and everyone is surprised to see him without glasses. Scruff then comes up with Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham Hatt is not happy with Whiff. Everyone leaves and Whiff now realizes what happened. Scruff tells him that it is okay and that they will find his real glasses soon. When they return to the waste dump, they see Whiff's glasses on the ground. They have Whiff's driver put them back on Whiff and they start thinking how they got there.



  • Whiff is seen without glasses for the first time.
  • Scruff has also tried to stop working at the waste dump in the the Thomas & Friends episode, Scruff's Makeover.
  • This episode takes place during Billy and Charlie.