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Mother Mavis
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date June 18th, 2020
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Mother Mavis is the thirteenth episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Mavis the diesel shunter is proud to work at the Ffarquhar quarry on Thomas' branchline. There are plenty of jobs for her and she never gets tired as well. She especially loves keeping things in order and whenever there’s a problem, Mavis knows how to solve it quickly and orderly. Not too many engines work at the quarry with her, except for Toby occasionally, but no matter what the case may be, Mavis is still proud to be a really useful engine.

One day, Mavis was making her way down to Ffarquhar station with a train of stone. When she arrived, Thomas was there with Annie and Clarabel and Toby was delivering milk. When they saw Mavis, they were pleased.

“Hello Mavis,” whistled Thomas. “Whoa, you look like you’ve been busy. Everything going alright up at the quarry?”

“Oh yes, just fine, thank you for asking Thomas,” replied Mavis. “It certainly is busy today, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Just the usual workload, that’s all.”

“Well just don’t work yourself too hard today, dear,” advised Annie. “I’m sure Toby has his own jobs to do today, so he won’t be able to help you out if you need it.”

“Mmm, maybe,” said Toby, “but we’ll see. I’m sure Mavis has everything covered up there, don’t you, Mavis?”

“Yes that’s right,” said Mavis. “I might be the only engine working there most of the time, but the work is no trouble for me at all, though I have to admit, some help would be nice once in a while.”

“Well perhaps you’ll receive help sooner than you expect,” suggested Thomas.

“Yes, I’m sure Sir Topham Hatt can find at least one engine to help you out if you really need it,” added Clarabel.

“And that I did,” came a voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt. He had just arrived at the station in his car. “Now Mavis, today is going to be an especially busy one at the quarry as many loads of rock and stone are due to go out to many places today. I know you’re the only engine up there now, and unfortunately no engine on Sodor help you get the trains ready as they are busy too, but luckily I found a diesel on the Mainland that can come and help you out. Her name is Francine, I believe, and she will be arriving later today. So I want you to teach her what she needs to do when she arrives so that you two can get the trains ready quickly and on time for the engines I’ll be sending to collect the trains.”

“Yes sir,” replied Mavis proudly. “You can count on me.”

“Excellent,” said Sir Topham Hatt. “Now I heard this Francine may be a bit headstrong, so please do your best to be patient with her and not let her get out of control.”

"Don’t worry, sir,” promised Mavis. “If I’m able to handle those troublesome trucks, then I can certainly handle an engine as well.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Mavis,” said Sir Topham Hatt, “but just be careful what you do. I must be off now, so good luck to you Mavis, and good-bye to everyone else.” Then Sir Topham Hatt drove away.

“Looks like you’re receiving help after all, Mavis,” chuffed Thomas.

"Yes, and it's another female diesel too," added Mavis. "Ooh, this is exciting. I'm sure Francine and I will get along splendidly, even if she's a bit stubborn like Sir Topham Hatt says she is."

"Well, hopefully she's better than a diesel I met on the Mainland," chuffed Thomas. "Her name was Frankie and she was quite the stubborn engine. She ordered me around and wasn't very kind. So yes, hopefully this Francine is better than Frankie." Then he chuckled. "It's funny. Francine and Frankie sound very alike, you'd think they were the same engine."

Toby frowned. "Um Thomas," he said slowly. "Francine and Frankie are the same name."

Mavis and Thomas looked. "What?" they said.

"Yes, Frankie is short for Francine sometimes," explained Toby. "So I think you and Sir Topham Hatt are talking about the same diesel engine." Thomas was surprised.

Annie and Clarabel were rather horrified. "Oh dear, this is not good," chuffed Clarabel.

"Yes quite so," agreed Annie. "Not good at all. Go to Sir Topham Hatt immediately and request that another engine takes her spot, Mavis. You shouldn't be working with such a horrid engine like her."

"What?" exclaimed Mavis. "What are you talking about? How do you know Frankie is horrid?"

"Because she and some other engine, Tornado, Cyclone, or Hurricane or something like that, made our Thomas work in a dirty steelworks and wouldn't let him leave," explained Annie.

"And when Thomas escaped, they tried to hunt him down and bring him back," added Clarabel. "So the way we see, you should not have that diesel working with you, Mavis."

"Annie, Clarabel, shh!" hissed Thomas.

Mavis was a little worried. "Is that true about Frankie, Thomas?" she asked.

"Well…most of it is," admitted Thomas slowly, "but it’s not all true. Yes, Frankie kept me working in the steelworks and wouldn't let me leave, but that was because she and another engine didn't have enough help there. They just kept me to help with shunting and getting trains ready. So after a little mishap, I introduced them to some experimental engines and when they started working there, they let me go and I came back to Sodor."

"Oh, well they doesn't sound so bad," chuffed Mavis. "Except for keeping you there, Frankie doesn't sound like she's a bad engine after all."

"No she is not," agreed Thomas, "but I do have to admit, she was quite stubborn and headstrong though and often didn't listen to me. Also, she had a tendency to call me 'little tank engine' all the time instead of my name, which really bothered me. So you may want to be careful with her all the same like Sir Topham Hatt said."

"Or just go to him and get another engine," muttered Annie, Thomas scoffed. Then the guard blew his whistle.

"Well I must go now, so good-bye everyone, and good luck Mavis," Thomas whistled, then he puffed away.

"Yes good luck indeed," agreed Clarabel, but she said that to herself.

Now Mavis was a little uncertain. "You don't think Frankie is as bad they're making her out to be, do you?" she asked Toby.

"I'm not really sure to tell you the truth, Mavis," replied Toby, "but I wouldn't worry about what they said. Besides, even if Frankie is as stubborn as Thomas said she is, don't let her get to you. If she causes trouble, you let her know that it's your quarry and you don't tolerate that sort of behavior. I've seen you handle difficult engines and trucks before Mavis, so I'm sure you can handle her if she does something to bother you."

This made Mavis feel better. "Thanks Toby, I'll keep that in mind. Hopefully, I won't have to tell her that, but we'll see. I must be heading back up to the quarry now, so I'll talk to you later."

"Good-bye Mavis," called Toby, "and good luck to you, and just remember what I said." Then with that, Mavis headed back up to the quarry and Toby trundled away with the milk.

A little later, when she was back at Ffarquhar Quarry, Mavis was preparing for Frankie's arrival and warning the trucks about her.

"Now listen, you lot," she said sternly. "This diesel has a bit of an attitude from what Thomas told me, so if she causes any trouble, don't do anything. Let me deal with her and I'll let Sir Topham Hatt know what she's been doing, understand?"

"Yes Mavis," sighed the trucks.

"But what if you're not around?" asked a truck cheekily. "What should we do then?"

"You should mind your manners and not try anything regardless," retorted Mavis. "Unless you want to spend a week left alone on a siding." The trucks grunted.

Then they all heard a horn. Mavis looked up and saw a diesel she had never seen before. "That must be Frankie," she thought. "I better go and introduce myself."

Frankie looked and noticed Mavis. "Oh why hello there," she said slyly. "You must be the diesel I've been sent to work with. Nice to meet you, my name is Frankie and I'm sure it will be a pleasure to work with you."

"Why thank you," smiled Mavis. "It's a pleasure to have you here. My name is Mavis, and I would like to welcome you to Ffarquhar Quarry. It can get very busy around here as there are many rocks to load and trucks to shunt, so your help will be most appreciated. Shall I give you a quick tour of the area and show you what to do?"

"Mmm, no thank you," replied Frankie. "I'm sure I'll get used to this place quite quickly. The steelworks I work at is much more elaborate than this quarry, so getting used to this place should be quite easy. Shall we get started?"

Mavis was surprised. "Oh uh, sure if you're ready, but I'm just thinking you should know where everything goes so there won't be confusion and…"

"Yes, yes, of course, I understand," interrupted Frankie smugly. "I've shunted trucks and gotten trains ready before. I know what I'm suppose to do, so don't you worry, Miss Diesel. I have everything under control."

Mavis grunted. "Um, it's Mavis, first of all, and second of all, if you're sure about that, then please get started by shunting these trucks over to the hopper over there and have them loaded up."

"Alright, sounds easy enough," chuffed Frankie. "Now come along you lot, and no trouble now, you hear?" Then she roughly bashed the trucks together, a little too hard.

"Ow!" exclaimed the trucks. "Hey, easy there! No need to be so rough, thank you!" Frankie ignored them.

Mavis was starting to feel skeptical about Frankie, but she knew she still had work to do, so she set to work at once. As she was working, she tried to coach Frankie on what to do, but occasionally, Frankie would do things her own way and not listen to Mavis.

As she was loading trucks up, she kept jerking them rudely under the hopper. The trucks were getting annoyed.

"Ah! Take it easy, will you?"

"Ouch! Not so hard!"

"Ug, pew! I got rocks in my mouth!"

Mavis saw this. "Don't push them so hard," she warned. "You're spilling rocks onto the rails and knocking more out of the trucks."

"It's alright," soothed Frankie. "I've handled trucks before and I know you have to be rough to let them know who's boss."

"Well…that's good thinking," said Mavis, "but try to be a little less rough please."

"Okay fine, I will," muttered Frankie, but she still bumped them hard. Mavis grunted when she wasn't looking.

Later, Mavis was shunting some trucks together at the sheds. Then she saw Ryan arrive.

"Hello Mavis," Ryan peeped cheerfully.

"Oh hello Ryan," said Mavis. "Good to see you. You have a train of slate to take, don't you?"

"Yes, that's correct," said Ryan. "The station roof at Harwick can't mend itself, you know. Uh, is my train ready yet?"

"It certainly is," said Mavis, "and it should be sitting right…" But when she looked over to where she thought Ryan's train was, it wasn't there. "Oh, that's strange. I thought I put it right there in front of the shed." Then Frankie rolled up. "Um, Frankie, where's the train of slate that I put together?"

"Hmm? Oh you mean the one that was sitting on the track going through that shed?" exclaimed Frankie. "Oh yes, I moved that because it was blocking other engines' way through the shed. So I put it over there near the hopper so they would be out of the way."

Mavis looked over and sure enough, Ryan's slate train was over there. "Oh, well uh…, okay, but Ryan here needs his train now, so can you go get it for him please so he won't be late?"

"Huh, fine, I will," grunted Frankie. "Hold on there, big tank engine. I'll be right back." Then she went to get Ryan's train.

Ryan frowned at Frankie's remark. "Big tank engine?"

"Sorry about her, Ryan," said Mavis. "She's new here and learning her way about."

"Oh, that's okay," smiled Ryan. "I understand completely. It's not always easy teaching new engines, but I'm sure you're doing a good job in teaching her everything."

Mavis smiled. "Thank you Ryan."

At last, Frankie had gotten Ryan's train and buffered it up to him, and Ryan was on his way.

"Good-bye, Mavis! Good-bye Frankie! Nice meeting you, and thank you for getting my train ready!" he called.

"You're welcome, big tank engine!" called Frankie cheerfully. "Hmm, such a patient engine, I like that. Certainly more patient than some engines," she added, looking at Mavis.

Mavis grunted. "Yes well, lucky for you Ryan is patient, because if it were any other engine, they would be cross with you for delaying them. So please, next time, don't move prepared trains to the other side of the quarry. Just leave them ready for engines here at the sheds."

"Alright, alright I will," moaned Frankie. "Goodness gracious me. Feels like I'm being bossed around by a mother," she added quietly, then she went back to work. Mavis was annoyed.

Later Mavis was pulling some trucks out from a siding behind some rocks. Then as she was about to join the main track, some trucks came flying down the line in front of her and saw Frankie was pushing them.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Mavis and stopped.

"Oops, careful there, Miss Diesel," said Frankie. "We don't want to have an accident now, do we?" And she kept hurrying.

Mavis glared. "Not as long as we're not speeding around like lunatics," she muttered to herself, and continued shunting.

Mavis was resting and refueling a little later, when Percy suddenly came up looking worried.

"Oh my, hello Percy," she said. "Is everything alright?"

"Um, not really Mavis," said Percy. "I'm supposed to collect a train of rocks to take to the docks, but I can't find it anywhere and I have to take it now. All I found was a train of slate. Do you know where it is?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure, but I did see Frankie getting it ready just before I got refueled," replied Mavis. "Perhaps she knows where it is."

"Rocks?" chuffed Frankie as she rolled up. "No, no it was another train of slate that was due to go out next. I double-checked with the yard manager."

"I don't think so," said Mavis. "I distinctly remember he told us it was rocks to go out next."

"I think you might be wrong," said Frankie. "I listen to everything managers say and I know he said it was slate, so there."

"No it wasn't," huffed Mavis, "it was…"

"Could someone please tell me what's going on here?" huffed Percy. "I'm going to be late if something isn't done about this now."

"Right, don't worry, Percy, we'll fix this," promised Mavis. "Frankie, since I'm still getting refueled, please go get a train of rocks ready for him now."

"Huh, fine, I will…Mother," Frankie hissed. "Wait right there, little green tank engine. I'll have your train ready in no time." Then she huffed away.

Percy was surprised. "My name is Percy," he called.

"Sorry Percy," said Mavis. "She's new and frankly…well, difficult. She's still learning what she needs to do."

"Oh that's alright Mavis," said Percy. "I don't blame you. She seems like she's a bit difficult to work with. You must have a lot of patience to work with her."

"Huh, well…one can only have so much," muttered Mavis.

At last, after a little while, Frankie had prepared Percy's train, and Percy was able to leave, but he was very late by the time he left. Frankie was very annoyed at this point, and really not enjoying Mavis' company. Mavis could tell.

"Even Bill and Ben were never as difficult as her," Mavis thought to herself.

Later, Mavis was loading more trucks over by the hopper. She was facing away from the sheds and she knew Frankie was there shunting, and glaring at her.

"Are you sure we can't do anything to her?" a truck asked Mavis.

"Yeah, she's been rude and annoying all day and she's clearly getting to you," added another.

"Just say the word and we'll gladly put her in her place," another chipped in.

"Absolutely not," scolded Mavis. "Even if she's being very difficult, that's still no need to teach her a lesson, especially if I'm around."

"Oh come on, Mavis," grumbled another truck. "Face it, that diesel needs to be punished and you know it. We won't do anything too bad. Just a little biffing and bashing and…"

"No you won't," said Mavis firmly. "Now stop mentioning that and let's drop this topic at…" But before she could finish, they all heard arguing coming from the other side of the quarry.

"Um, excuse me but what do you think you're doing?" came Frankie's voice.

"Oh great, now what?" groaned Mavis to herself, and quickly headed over to Frankie.

"Um, preparing to shunt and take some trucks away," came a voice. Mavis saw it was Diesel.

"But shunting is not your job," snapped Frankie. "That's what we're supposed to do. You're job is supposed to collect the trucks we prepare for you."

"Alright, then where are my trucks?" retorted Diesel. "Hmm? Because all I see are scattered trucks and no train."

"Well perhaps you came too early," huffed Frankie. "Please leave until we have a train ready for you."

Diesel was indignant. "Who do you think you are? I've worked here before you know, so I kind of know what I'm supposed to do, unlike you apparently." Mavis was worried.

"Hey, I'm new here and learning my ways around," snapped Frankie, "and that's no way to speak to a lady, by the way, so mind your manners, little boxy diesel." Diesel was cross.

"Alright, that's enough!" Mavis cut in. "Diesel, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll have a train ready for you as soon as we can and Frankie, please just…"

"Don't bother," interrupted Diesel rudely. "If she wants to do everything around here, then fine go ahead. I don't have time to deal with someone like her. Good luck dealing with her, Mavis. I'm out of here." Then Diesel stormed crossly out of the quarry.

"Wow, Frankie even got Diesel cross, and scared him off too," the trucks whispered to each other.

"Hmph, well he had some nerve," puffed Frankie. "Such a rude diesel. I can't think of anyone ruder."

This made Mavis crosser than ever. "I can, and I'm looking right at her," she growled.

Frankie stared. "What did you say?"

"You heard me," hissed Mavis. "I'm saying you're rude. I tried to be patient with you, but now I've had it. All day, you've been doing things your own way and they are clearly the wrong ways, each one. I ask you to put trucks in a specific spot, but you put them somewhere else. I tell you don't be rough with trucks, but you bashed them around like you're in a monster truck rally. And to top that off, you call engines by their appearances and they don't like that. Engines have names, you know, so learn them. Also, you think you know how to run this quarry, but I can tell you right now: you don't have a clue. You know, Thomas warned me about you, and I must say he is right: you are stubborn, headstrong, and overall very rude and I do not tolerate that here at my quarry." The trucks were very silent.

Frankie was furious. "Well you're not very nice, yourself, Miss Diesel," she hissed. "You've been picking on me all day and I don't appreciate it. I've never dealt with such rudeness before in my life and I must say, you're the queen of rudeness. No wait, the mother of them, especially since you've been treating me like a kid."

"Well I kind have to since you're behaving like one," retorted Mavis.

This made Frankie even more cross. "That's it, I don't have to take this anymore. I'll prove to you I'm not a child. I'll take that boxy diesel's train and the next one together and show you how useful I can be."

"Fine with me," huffed Mavis. "Anything that will get you out of my sight."

Frankie growled, and roughly bashed several loaded trucks together. The trucks groaned as she did. Then Frankie had a long line of trucks, too much for her to handle.

"There, I'm off now," she hissed. "Good-bye, Mother Mavis, or Queen of Rudeness." Then she angrily set off from the quarry with her train. Mavis didn't answer. She just seethed with fury.

After Frankie had left, Toby arrived with Henrietta with more workmen. "Hello Mavis," said Toby. "I just saw what appeared to be that new engine leave with several trucks and she looked mad. Is everything alright?"

"Ooh, not at all, Toby," huffed Mavis, still furious. "That Frankie is impossible. She's been giving me a hard time all day and I've had it. Thomas was right about her, and even Annie and Clarabel were too. She is quite the horrid engine indeed."

"Well, that seems a little harsh, Mavis," Henrietta cut in. "I don't think she's quite that bad."

"Oh but she is though," protested Mavis. "She kept putting trucks in their wrong places, kept giving other engines the wrong trains, and acted like she knew everything and gave me an attitude all day. Huh, such a troublesome engine if you ask me."

Toby and Henrietta paused and smiled. "Sounds a little familiar to another engine we know, doesn't it, Toby?" asked Henrietta.

"It certainly does," agreed Toby. "One that I had to teach to be really useful as well." Mavis was confused. "Who are you talking about? You dealt with an engine like her before, Toby?"

"Well, perhaps not as difficult, but someone similar," said Toby, "and she's actually right here at the quarry."

"Really? Who's that?" asked Mavis. Toby looked right at Mavis, smiling cheekily. Mavis was surprised. "ME?! What are you two talking about? I'm not rude or headstrong like her."

"Maybe not now," chuffed Henrietta, "but you were back when you first started."

"That's right," added Toby. "Mavis, I can tell you right now, you were quite the stubborn engine indeed when you first started here. Remember? I had to keep telling you to put trucks in the right places all the time and you put them somewhere else and accused me of being a 'fusspot' when I scolded you." Mavis listened thoughtfully.

"And when he warned you not to do things, you still went ahead and did them anyway and got yourself in trouble and he had to go and rescue you," added Henrietta, "and once got him in trouble and you had to rescue him?"

Mavis blushed. "Uh, yes, yes, I think I remember that now," she said meekly.

"So don't you think you're being a little hard on Frankie and perhaps, you two have something in common and should try to work things out?" asked Toby.

Mavis thought for a moment. "Well….yes, you're right Toby," she admitted. "I guess perhaps I was being a little too hard on Frankie. I should have known that she's being just like me back when I first started and I needed to be patient with her."

"Mmm-hmm," said Toby, "and I was patient with you and look how far you've gotten: you're a hard worker, you're pretty much the leader of the quarry, and you've certainly become a really useful engine. So the way I see, with a little patience, I'm sure you can teach Frankie what to do and be a really useful engine as well." Mavis smiled.

"Um, but first," Henrietta cut in, "I think you should apologize to Frankie before you start that."

Mavis suddenly remembered. "Oh no! I almost forgot! She's pulling too many trucks! She's bound to have an accident! I better go and stop her before it's too late." Then Mavis hurried out of the quarry.

But unfortunately, Mavis wasn't going to arrive in time to save Frankie, as she was about to get into trouble. Frankie was struggling up a hill while pulling the trucks and they were up to their tricks again.

"Oh, come on, you lot!" she scolded. "Enough of this foolishness! I'm trying to make a point."

"Yeah and so are we," retorted a truck.

"We've proving how silly you are and how you shouldn't mess with trucks," added another. The others agreed.

"Oh come off yourself," hissed Frankie. "It's not like you all haven't been biffed and bashed before. That's what you're made for, so get used to it." This made the trucks cross.

Then they were at the top of the hill, then suddenly Frankie felt a surge and the next thing she knew, the trucks were pushing her down the hill.

"On! On! On!" they shouted. "Push her off the rails! Teach her a lesson! Show her who's boss!" Frankie was nervous. "Whoa! Slow down there!" she wailed, and she tried to apply her brakes, but they were useless against the surging trucks.

Then there was trouble again, a sharp curve was up ahead and Frankie knew she couldn't stop in time. She applied her brakes as hard as she could, but it was too late. Frankie's wheels jumped the tracks and she and the trucks plunged off the rails. Rocks and slate spilt everywhere. Luckily, no one was hurt, but Frankie lay on her side against some bushes and the trucks laughed and laughed.

"Ha, ha, ha!" they chuckled. "This ought to teach you to bash us hard." Frankie felt miserable.

Then at that point, Mavis came up. She was shocked. "Oh dear, I was afraid this was going to happen. Don't worry, Frankie, I'll go and get help. You stay there." Then she raced off.

"That's all I can do," sighed Frankie mournfully.

Soon, Mavis had collected Rocky and he was soon at work clearing up the mess. Sir Topham Hatt was onboard and he was not happy.

"Listen, Francine," he said sternly. "I don't know how you behave at that steelworks of yours on the Mainland, but here, I do not tolerate rudeness or stubbornness from anyone, especially if it’s from an engine. I received complaints from some of my engines that they dealt with engine at the quarry today who made them late with their deliveries and gave them an attitude and I know for a fact that it wasn't Mavis. So what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry, sir," replied Frankie sadly.

"Hmph, well sorry won't get you of trouble for this," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Once Rocky here has you back on the tracks, you'll be sent back to the Mainland immediately and I'll have to find another engine to help you out tomorrow, Mavis."

Mavis paused and saw how sad Frankie was. Then she spoke. "Um, sir, if it's alright with you, I would actually like to have Francine continue working with me."

Sir Topham Hatt was surprised. "What? But Mavis, she's caused confusion and delay today and you know I don't tolerate that whatsoever."

"Just one more day, please sir?" asked Mavis. "Today was just a misunderstanding about a lot of things, but I'm sure if you give her a second chance, Francine can prove she's really useful and I can help her with that. I promise."

Sir Topham Hatt paused and looked between the two engines. "Hmm, alright Mavis, I guess I could give her a second chance, so yes, I'll let her stay through tomorrow, but I don't want to hear any complaints from anyone about trouble coming from the quarry. Understand?"

"Yes sir," replied Mavis.

Sir Topham turned to Frankie. "Do you understand too?"

"Y-y-yes sir," added Frankie nervously, then she looked at Mavis, giving her a puzzled look as Mavis just smiled.

That night, the two diesels were back at the quarry and were backing into the sheds ready for sleep. Mavis was settling in, but Frankie was still puzzled.

"Alright, what are you playing at?" she asked Mavis. "You told me I'm stubborn, headstrong, and rude earlier and you wanted me out of your sight and now you want to work with me? Are you losing your mind or something?"

Mavis chuckled. "Well, let's just say for a while, I did because I was too silly enough to realize something that I should've known in the first place."

"Oh? And what was that?" asked Frankie.

Mavis smiled. "I was just like you when I first started here."

Frankie was surprised. "What? What do you mean?"

"Well, I was quite the stubborn and headstrong engine myself," explained Mavis. "I would put trucks in different places everyday, did things my own way, and another engine called Toby would get cross with me for that."

"Really? You?" exclaimed Frankie. "But you don't seem like you would do that at all. You're too…motherly to behave like that."

"It may seem like I'm not now, I'll give you that," admitted Mavis, "but trust me, other engines, especially Toby, can concur that I was quite the troublesome engine back when I first started, but overtime, I learned to be a really useful engine and know what to do here at the quarry. What I'm trying to say, Frankie, is…I'm sorry for the way I treated you today. It was rude of me to be so harsh to you and I really should have been more patient and tried to help you with everything."

Frankie thought for a moment. "Well, you know, you don't have to take all of the blame," she admitted slowly. "I was part of the problem too. I'm sorry I was so difficult to you. You see, back at the steelworks, I'm kind of like the leader there and I know how everything's suppose to go when it comes to shunting and preparing trains. So when your controller sent for me to help you, I thought it would be easy to work here because it would be pretty much like the steelworks and wanted to show I know what to do, but I guess I was wrong about that. Everyone's new to everything whether they like it or not. So yes, I caused much of the mess today too for being foolish."

"Well don't you worry, Frankie," soothed Mavis. "We still have tomorrow to fix everything and this time, I'm sure we can make things better. Agreed?"

Frankie paused and smiled. "Agreed," she said, "and this time, I promise to cooperate and listen to everything you have to say."

"That's my girl," chuckled Mavis. "You're already making your mother proud." Then the two diesels chuckled and soon went to sleep.

The next day, Mavis and Frankie went straight to work and this time, it was much different. Whenever Mavis told Frankie where to put the trucks, she put them there with no trouble. Whenever Frankie was being a little too rough with the trucks, Mavis would let her know and she would try to be more careful with them. This made the trucks feel better.

Then whenever they had to get a train ready, Frankie listened to the instructions and this time, she made sure to get the right trains ready and put them in the right places for the engines to collect them. She even remembered to call the engines by their names this time as well.

"Here you are, Ryan," called Frankie. "Train of slate all ready for you."

"Oh, why thank you Frankie," replied Ryan. "Very kind of you."

"And here's your rocks, Percy," she said. "I made sure to get it right this time."

"Thank you, Frankie," replied Percy. "I do appreciate it."

"And for you, Mr. Diesel," said Frankie. "I know you do shunt here, but I have taken the liberty in getting your train of gravel ready for you anyway, just to make up for yesterday."

Even Diesel was impressed. "Oh-ho, Mr. Diesel, huh? I do like the sound of that. Well, thank you very much, Ms. Frankie. Keep it up." Frankie smiled.

All day long, Frankie was proving to be very useful and knew what to do around the quarry, and there was not one complaint as well. Mavis felt very pleased, and even the trucks were impressed too. Then later, when she took a train of rocks down to Ffarquhar, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel saw her, but to their surprise, Frankie was quite nice.

"Hello Thomas," she said. "Nice to see you again. How are things since your visit to the steelworks?"

"Um, they've been quite well," replied Thomas. "How are things going with Mavis?"

"Oh quite well as well," she replied. "She is definitely very helpful and such an expert at what she does. Anyone would be lucky to work with her." Then Frankie was uncoupled. "Well, I must get back up there. Good to see you again, Thomas, and you have very lovely coaches if I may add." Then she left.

Thomas was speechless, and Annie and Clarabel were surprised. "Lovely coaches?" exclaimed Annie. "Thomas, are you sure that's the horrid engine you were talking about?"

"You know, Annie, I'm not so sure anymore," chuffed Thomas, who still couldn't believe what just happened.

"Well, even if she is, she has great manners, I must say," said Clarabel. "Maybe she just picked on you because you're the stubborn one, Thomas." Then she and Annie chuckled, as Thomas just scoffed.

At last, after a long day of hard work, everything was completed at the quarry. Mavis and Frankie were exhausted, but felt pleased with themselves.

"Phew, well that takes care of that," chuffed Frankie.

"Yes indeed," agreed Mavis. "Quite a lot of work, but definitely feels rewarding when you get all of it done."

"I couldn't agree more," said Frankie, "especially when it's done on time and there is no hassle either."

Just then the two diesels heard a bell, and saw Toby arrive with Henrietta. Sir Topham Hatt was onboard.

"Ah good evening, ladies," he said. "Now first and foremost, I received much better news today from the both of you. All of the trains arrived on time, everyone got the right cargo, and there was no confusion and delay either. So I'm proud of you both for making up and working together today."

"Thank you sir," replied Mavis and Frankie.

"Also, I must admit, I'm glad you thought of keeping Frankie here another day, Mavis," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I can see now that she is truly a really useful engine and can get work done without a fuss. So good thinking there."

"Thank you sir," replied Mavis. "Frankie was certainly a great helper today and she really proved herself."

"Well I couldn't have done it without you, Mavis," said Frankie, "and thank you for giving me a second chance. You know, I might have said it rudely yesterday, but you are actually a good motherly figure to everyone and I understand that you were just looking out for me, as good mothers should."

"Thank you dear," smiled Mavis. "That really means a lot to me."

"And she wouldn't be like that if she didn't have a good mentor to begin with," added Henrietta, referring to Toby, who blushed.

"Yes that's true, Henrietta," agreed Mavis. "Frankie, this is the engine I was telling you about. The one and only: Toby."

"Hello Frankie," said Toby.

"Hello to you, little tram…er, Toby," Frankie stammered. "So you're the engine that taught Mavis to be really useful. Well it's a pleasure to finally meet you. Also, tell me one thing…" she looked cheekily at Mavis. "…exactly how much trouble was Mavis back when she first arrived."

Even Toby had to chuckle. "Oh she was a handful, I have to admit," he laughed. "She even had me on a tightrope one time, but as time went on, she became a really useful engine and I see now all that teaching really paid off as she was able to help you be a really useful engine yourself, Frankie." Frankie and Mavis smiled.

"I quite agree, Toby," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Now Frankie, I know you worked well today, but I received a call from the steelworks on the Mainland that they need you back, so I'm afraid your time here is done." Frankie sighed. "But you know, you are always welcomed back on my railway should we need help from you again."

This made Frankie happy. "Thank you sir. I'll keep that in mind. I really did have a great time here at the quarry and I'll look forward to the next time I'm needed here on Sodor." Sir Topham Hatt beamed. "And Mavis, I'll miss you, but thank you for teaching me that everyone's new to everything and we all need help sometimes. You truly are a really useful engine, a great mentor, and…well, a good mother too, Mother Mavis."

Mavis smiled broadly. "You're very welcome, Frankie. I'll miss you too, but I'll look forward to seeing you again as well, and just remember everything I taught you about being a really useful engine. Who knows: you could teach those other engines at the steelworks a thing or two as well."

"I'll certain try," said Frankie. "They are already useful enough, but a few more tips should make an improvement with them."

"Yes well, I'm sure you will Frankie," Sir Topham Hatt cut in. "Now before you go, I would like you to do one more thing for me. Could you take me to Ffarquhar please? I need to speak to Thomas, Annie and Clarabel about something."

"Oh certainly, sir," said Frankie. "I can do that. What is it about?"

"Oh I need to have a little chat with them about spreading rumors, that's all," replied Sir Topham.

"Oh, alright sir," said Frankie. "Well, everyone, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you, and I'll see you next time. Good-bye."

"Good-bye, Frankie," called Mavis, Toby, and Henrietta. "We'll miss you." Then with that, Frankie left with Sir Topham Hatt.

"You know, Toby," chuffed Mavis after Frankie left. "Frankie really is a nice engine after all. I do hope she can come back again sometime."

"Well from the way I saw you two behave just now, that would be nice if she does," agreed Toby. "Especially since you seem like you were behaving like a mother and daughter."

Mavis smiled. "Yes that's true, we were like that, and I actually liked it. Being called a motherly figure was actually nice. It makes you feel confident and responsible."

"That's always a good feeling," said Toby.

"So Mavis," questioned Henrietta. "Since you've been called Mother Mavis, does that make Toby…Grandfather Toby? You know, since he taught you and you taught Frankie?" Toby frowned.

Mavis chuckled. "That's one way of putting it," she laughed. "Toby could be a grandfather, and that gives me a chance to teach him a few new things."

Toby chuckled. "You teach me? Oh ho, nice try Mavis, but I already know what do around here, so don't think you can teach me anything new."

"Well I teach you new things all the time," added Henrietta cheekily, "so I'm pretty sure if I'm able to, Mavis can certainly do the same as well."

"Oh…right, good point," said Toby meekly, and Mavis and Henrietta laughed, and then, so did Toby too.




  • A few references to the third season television series episodes, Mavis and Toby's Tightrope, and the television special, Journey Beyond Sodor, were made in this episode.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this marks Frankie's first appearance since Journey Beyond Sodor and and her first appearance in an episode.
    • This also marks the first time Hurricane and the Experimental Engines are mentioned from said special as well.