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Molly and Rebecca meet each other and cause confusion and delay while trying to find out who is better. Gordon helps them become friends.


Rebecca is the newest member of the Steam Team. She works hard trying to be really useful, even if she gets clumsy from time to time. Rebecca saw Gordon who was ready to pull his Express. Gordon was with Sir Topham Hatt, who asked Rebecca to go to the yard and collect some trucks. Rebecca went and was surprised to see and engine that she had never seen before, an engine who almost looked like Rebecca. Rebecca started asking the engine some questions but she didn't answer. Rebecca decided to leave and take the trucks. After her delivery, she told Gordon about this "new" engine. Gordon replied that the engine was not new and had been part of the railway. Gordon also said how both were yellow tender engines which made Rebecca worried. The next day, Rebecca saw Molly at the docks. Rebecca decided to ask Molly and she finally talked to Rebecca. They were both surprised and were secretly worried about one being better than the other. Charlie came and said that only one could be part of the railway, so they decided to have some contest to find out who was the better engine. They would each pull all the heavy trucks they could find and race to Sir Topham Hatt without stoping. They were ready and raced on. Charlie said it was only a joke but they were already gone. Rebecca was having fun, she knew she was a fast engine and wouldn't have trouble pulling so many heavy trucks. Molly, however, was having a really hard time keeping up. They both raced around the island. The engines were very surprised to see two yellow tender engines having a race. Rebbeca finally made it to the finish line, but she didn't stop and time and crashed into some coal trucks that detailed into the track Molly was in and blew dust everywhere and to everyone. To make matters worse, Molly got derailed where the trucks had blocked the track. Sir Topham Hatt was very cross with his engines. They said they were very sorry and were trying to find out which engine could stay. Sir Topham Hatt explained that he will keep both of them and there was a mess to clean. Gordon arrived with Rocky and started to lift Molly and the trucks. It was nightime when the mess was cleaned. Gordon said they would make great friends if they didn't compete for everything. They agree to this and the next day, Gordon and Sir Topham Hatt are very surprised to know that Molly and Rebecca have becomed very good friends.



  • This is the first time Molly and Rebecca meet each other.
  • Spencer was meant to appear but was later dropped out of the story.