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Model Engine
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 6/27/2022
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Model Engine is the second episode of Tales of Sodor.


A little boy goes up to Flying Scotsman holding up a model of him. Gordon is jealous and tries to become a model too.


One bright sunny day, Gordon was resting in Tidmouth Sheds. Flying Scotsman was visiting Sodor and helping him out. Just then, a little boy came running up. He stood in front of Scotsman with a model.

”Look Mr. Scotsman! I made a model of you!” he said excitedly.

”That’s nice little boy,” Scotsman replied.

”Cole get away from those steam engines!” a man shouted.

”Sorry dad, but I wanted to show my model to Scotsman here,”

The man looked up. He hadn’t noticed the Flying Scotsman.

”It’s a pleasure to meet you Flying Scotsman,” the dad said, “ I do apologize about my son over here, we are big fans of you.”

”Oh it’s no problem.”

And with that, the two walked away.

“Why do you get to have a model of yourself,” Gordon said through gritted teeth.

“I am the first engine to go 100mph, so it’s only fair.”

”I’ll prove to you I can become a model too,” and Gordon steamed away.

Gordon puffed to the Steamworks.

“Victor, I would like an upgrade to beat my brother.”

Victor stared, “If you say so.”

Later that day, Flying Scotsman was puffing on the Main Line when an engine raced by him! It was blue and had a streamlined shape, and he could make out the number 4.

”So he wants to race, ay?” and Scotsman chased after him.

They sped past Edward at a junction.

”Slow down Speedies!” he called.

Just then, there was a loud BANG, and Gordon slowed down. His boiler had burst.

“Oh the indignity, not again.”

So the Flying Scotsman had to push him back to the Steamworks. Later, the same boy went up to Gordon.

”Look Gordon, I made a model of you!” the boy said and held up a model.

Gordon gasped. It was him alright, but it was in his streamlined shape, and there were cracks in the boiler!

”We saw you burst your boiler, and thought it would look good on our model Railway,” the father said.

“Looks like you got your wish Gordon,” Scotsman chuckled.




  • The second half of the story had to be written again, as the page refreshed right before writing finished.
  • The older thumbnail was an image with Scotsman and Gordon at Vicarstown.