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Millie damages her whistle and doesn't want to wait for it to be fixed so Thomas tells her a story about a similar experience he once had.


Millie is an engine who takes things very seriously. She can get angry very easily and will do anything to prove herself. One day, she was ready to start her day, when something went wrong. Her whistle didn't work well. Her drivers told her she needed her whistle fixed. Millie didn't want to get her whistle fixed because it would take a long time. Her drivers went to talk to Sir Robert Norramby. As she waited, Thomas came in. He saw something wrong with Millie so he asked what was the problem. Millie explained that her whistle wasn't working and she just wanted to meet with Luke right away. Thomas knew he had gone through a situation like this so he told Millie about the time he didn't wait for his whistle to be fixed. Millie now felt silly, so she decided to have her whistle fixed, even if it took a long time. Thomas told her she will do fine. Millie waited to have her whistle fixed, but her whistle couldn't be fixed so she was given a new one. Millie didn't like this new whistle. Luke told her she would get used to it. Everyday, Millie started to get used to the new whistle. Luke was right, Millie now liked her new whistle better than her old one. She was glad Thomas told her his story about his whistle. She now had a better whistle and was happy to be a really useful engine.



  • The events of Wonky Whistle are mentioned.
  • Starting from this episode onwards, Millie no longer uses Lady's whistle.