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Millie tries her best to get all her jobs finished in time but makes a big mistake that could become a problem for the Estate Railway so she tries to keep it a secret but can she really keep it a secret?


Today was a very busy day for the Estate engines. Lots of visitors had decided to come for a tour of the railway. Millie woke up very early that day and started to get everything ready. The visitors would come on the next two hours but there wasn't enough time to have everything ready. Millie rushed through all the tasks she had been given. She had to take the coaches that the visitors would ride on to get washed. She was going to fast she crashed into the coach and made a crack in it. Millie didn't know what to do. It was the only coach the visitors wanted to ride on and now it wasn't safe to ride on. Millie decided to explain what had happened when Stephen came and told her not to mess up today or she will be in big trouble. The sound of this made Millie scared and she now didn't want to tell anyone. Millie hid the broken coach in her shed and brought out another coach that looked like the real one. It was old and it wasn't used in a long time, but it looked like the one the visitors asked for. She was sure nobody would know that this was the real coach. The visitors arrived and climbed into the coach. Millie was very worried, she decided to go with them. Millie followed closely behind making sure nothing happened, while staying hidden. The tour went very well and the visitors were very impressed with the railway. Now they had to go back. Stephen had to go up a steep hill. The coach wasn't strong enough and its coupling broke. The coach with the visitors went rolling down. Millie knew she had to do something, so she used all her strengh to save the visitors. Millie had saved the people, but now the visitors were angry that they found out that the coach they were in wasn't the one they asked for. Millie now knew she had to say the truth. She told everyone what really happened. The visitors didn't know what to think of the railway now but when they saw Millie upset they were happy to know what a useful engine Millie was, which made her feel better. Everyone came back and the visitors gave their final thoughts on the railway. They believed that the railway had lots of minor issues but they had the team to keep everything perfect. Millie was now happy to not keep the secret hidden anymore. As soon as the visitors left, everyone else asked Millie were the coach was. Millie was worried, but she decided to show everyone were she hid it. They told her she didn't have to keep it a secret, that it was easy to fix and she didn't have to get in trouble for something that wasn't that bad. Millie now felt very silly for what had happened but now knew that she should always say the truth.



  • Millie calls herself Little Millie, which is a name Luke calls her.
  • One of the visitors looks like Mr. Percival.