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Millie comes up with a trick to stop Stephen and Glynn from scaring her in Halloween but she takes the trick a bit too far.


It was Halloween in the Island of Sodor and everyone was getting ready for this day. Millie was more interested in being useful. Stephen told Millie that it would be a very scary day but Millie didn't believe him, so he told Millie a scary story but she still continued with her jobs. Later that day, Millie saw Stephen telling Glynn about his plan to scare Millie that night. At first, Glynn doesn't agrees but he soon does. Millie, worried, leaves as soon as she hears this. Millie is still worried about this so she comes up with a plan to scare Stephen and Glynn instead. She spends the rest of the day doing her jobs. Stephen comes next to her and tells her there is nothing to be scared of and he leaves right away. During the evening, she covers herself in Halloween decorations and takes a flatbed of pipes to make her sound like a ghost. She follows Stephen around and hides from him. Stephen tells Glynn its time to scare Millie and they leave to Millie's shed. They try to put scary decorations inside but they soon hear a ghostly voice. It orders them to take away the decorations from the shed and don't try to do it again. They get scared and do as what they were told and soon leave. Millie is very happy her trick worked and decides to see what Glynn and Stephen are doing. She finds them and sees they are coming up with another trick. Millie decides to trick them again because she doesn't want them to scare her and it was fun. As they are talking they hear the ghostly voice again and runaway. They are scared but then Stephen notices something and finds Millie. He gets mad at Millie but she gets more mad at them for trying to scare her. They start an argument but then the Earl tells them to stop and apoligize to each other. Millie is very sorry for what she did and Stephen is sorry for trying to scare Millie. They all spend the rest of the night with no problems at all and agree its ok if they are scared.



  • This is the first epiosde in which Luke does not appear with Millie in Lukeillie's Series.
  • This is the first Halloween episode in the series.