Millie is a French narrow gauge engine.



Decauville 0-4-0







Voiced by

Miranda Raison


Millie is the Earl's own private engine. She usually take passengers around Ulfstead Castle. Once however, she switched jobs with Luke at the Blue Mountain Quarry, but decided it was better to be at Ulfstead Castle.


Millie is a narrow gauge engine. She has worked on the Earl of Sodor’s Estate Railway for many years. She is very loyal to the Earl and her relationship is like that of a personal servant. They have fun together and are as close as many friends, but there is also a certain formality to their relationship. Millie is a youthful, fun-loving, friendly engine who is full of spirit, and can be fiery when crossed. But she is also fair-minded and never spiteful. That said, she will take it upon herself to teach an uppity engine a lesson, should she feel the need. She always wants to do the best by the Earl and will defer to his judgement in all things, but when it comes to other engines, she has a mind of her own.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Mille is the enemy in the Vicarstown Dieselworks at Night and the Flooded Version with Percy.

Millie is a small blue humanoid with Sir Robert Norramby’s crest on her stomach.

In Thomas & Friends Ultimate Custom Night

Millie is an antagonist in Ultimate Custom Night.

Behavior: Millie will attempt to enter the office from

Challenges: Narrow Gauge, Girls’ Night Out, Ulfstead Castle, Blue Locomotives, Other Countries,

In the Gender Bent Universe, her male counterpart is named Milford.


Millie is painted blue with white lining, a golden running board, boiler bands and wheel spokes, and Sir Robert Norramby's crest on her cab sides.


Sodor Adventures


The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor

The Adventures on Sodor


  • She shares the same whistle sound as Lady in the television series.


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