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Merrick is a travelling gantry crane who works at the Blue Mountain Quarry.


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In his first appearance he helped hide Luke and he later told Luke that there was no way to do his job properly if he was trying to be quiet.


Merrick is a sleepy gantry crane who works at the Blue Mountain Quarry. When there is no work to do, he is usually found snoring away, which can sometimes be heard loudly around the quarry, often to the amusement of the engines and workmen. But as soon as there is work to be done, Merrick is cheerily bustling about, wide awake once again, and working hard, ready to swing his hook into action to load an engine's trucks with blocks of slate so that they can head over the Blondin Bridge to the cutting sheds. When he is awake, he is attentive, merry, and will often wish the engines a good morning.


Merrick is painted vermilion with yellow and gold accents. He has gold nameplates on both sides of his cab.


Sodor Adventures

  • Season 1 - Down the Bridge and Harvey Goes Fishing (mentioned)
  • Season 2 - A Happy Day for Alfie (cameo) and Paul and Rusty
  • Season 3 - Don't Be Late! and Luke and the Christmas Party (cameo)
  • Season 4 - Duke's New Grace (cameo)
  • Season 5 - Thumper and the Avalanche and Creepy Cutting (does not speak)

The Adventures on Sodor

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The New Adventures on Rails

Lukeillie's Series