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Max and Monty's Wasteful Day
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date February 2nd, 2021
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Max and Monty's Wasteful Day is the seventeenth episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


It was the morning after a big storm on the Island of Sodor. Everyone was busily helping cleaning up any damage or mess the storm had left behind. It was surprisingly a lot of work for them as there was debris everywhere, but everyone was determined to get the island cleaned and look better once again.

Even members of the Sodor Construction Crew were helping out too. Anywhere that required their assistance, they were happy to help and do what they could to make the island better again.

Kelly the crane and Isobella the truck were helping repair damaged telephone lines, Byron the bulldozer helped clear debris from roads, and Jack, Alfie, and Oliver were busily cleaning up Knapford Harbour. Last night’s storm had caused the waves from the sea to wash up on shore and debris and sea waste lay everywhere. It was quite a mess and definitely needed help from the vehicles, though they weren’t too fond it.

“Yuck!” Groaned Jack. “What a mess. I can’t believe how much waste is around here. I’m not sure I can handle this.”

“Tell me about it,” agreed Alfie. “I may like getting dirty and enjoy mud, but honestly, I draw the line at sea waste and garbage. This is just disgusting.”

“I don’t like it either,” Oliver chimed in, “but we were sent here to clean it up for Sir Topham Hatt’s engines to use and that’s what we shall do. Besides, just think: when we’re finished cleaning up all this rubbish, this place will look good as new again, and won’t it feel nice to have helped make it look better?”

“Good point, Oliver,” chuffed Jack. “That will feel nice for sure. Won’t it, Alfie?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” replied Alfie. “I just wish we weren’t cleaning up all this sea waste though. Why can’t Jack and I do what you’re doing and clean up the less smelly stuff, Oliver?”

“Because there’s a lot more waste and garbage here than other rubbish,” explained Oliver, “and it’ll take both of you to load those rubbish trucks for Scruff to take to the waste dump, and I’ll be handling the other debris and loading for...” Then two loud horns blasted out in the distance. Oliver sighed. “Max and Monty to collect,” he muttered.

Then at that point, Max and Monty came tearing into the harbor, laughing and driving recklessly as usual. They drove so recklessly, that they ended up running over and sending waste flying in the air, towards the other vehicles. They all jumped back.

The twins saw this and laughed. “Hey Monty,” chuffed Max. “Aren’t you glad we don’t have to worry about taking any of this waste today?”

“Oh ho, you bet,” agreed Monty. “I don’t know how anyone can handle this stuff. It’s smelly, disgusting, and gross, but at least the small fries can have fun with it instead.” Then he and Max laughed rudely.

Jack and Alfie were annoyed. Oliver stayed firm. “Alright you two, don’t start with your games. We got work to do and Ms. Jenny and Sir Topham Hatt are relying on us to help clean up this harbor. Now if it isn’t too much trouble for you, Max and Monty, how about getting back to work?”

Max and Monty scoffed. “Alright, Oliver. As you wish,” grumbled Monty.

“Yeah, the sooner the better, I guess,” added Max. “Just the smell of this waste is already making me feel nauseous, so let’s hurry up and get this over with.”

“That’s the spirit,” said Oliver. “Glad to hear you two are on board. Now let’s get back to work everyone, and do your best.” Jack and Alfie agreed, and they set to work at once.

Soon all the vehicles were hard at work clearing the harbor. Jack hurriedly gathered up as much garbage and sea waste as he could, then he and Alfie took turns loading everything into the garbage trucks. They still weren’t too fond of it, but were happy they were getting the job done.

Max and Monty, who were waiting for Oliver to load the other rubbish laying around, weren’t happy at all and were very impatient.

“Come on, Oliver!” Grumbled Max. “Hurry up there! We got work to do you know!”

“Yeah,” added Monty. “The sooner we get going, the sooner we can get this over with. *Sniffs* Ugh! And away from all this gross garbage!”

“Calm down you two,” huffed Oliver. “This will be over soon if you both don’t rush me. Besides, if we want to do a good job of cleaning this harbor, then it’s going to take time. So if you want that to happen, then I suggest you two just be patient and it’ll be done before you know it.” Max and Monty grumbled.

Just then, Thomas puffed into the harbor station with Annie and Clarabel. They were bringing in more workmen to help the machines with cleaning the harbor.

“Hello everyone,” Thomas whistled, then he accidentally got a whiff of the waste. “Ugh! Phew, what a horrible smell. How is it you all can handle working around this mess?”

“Well, it’s a bit of a struggle with the smell and all, to tell you all the truth,” chuffed Jack, “but Alfie and I are managing it well and we guarantee the harbor will be nice and clean in no time.”

“That sounds good Jack,” chuffed Thomas, “and hopefully sooner rather than later. I don’t know how you guys can stand to be around this mess. It certainly isn’t very pleasant.”

“Huh, you’re telling us, Thomas,” huffed Monty. “At least Max and I don’t have to deal with all that garbage and waste like the pipsqueaks do, but all the same, it still reeks and Oliver here isn’t move fast enough for us to get away from it.”

“Yeah, so come on, Oliver,” huffed Max. “Let’s go. We’re basically suffocating at this point.”

Oliver was cross. “You know, that impatient and rude attitude of yours is going to come back to get you both someday. So I suggest you both mind your manners if you don’t want that to happen.” Max and Monty rolled their eyes.

Just then, Scruff came whistling into the harbor cheerfully. “Good morning everyone,” he chuffed. “Oh boy! A train full of trash just for me. Is it ready to go yet, Jack and Alfie?”

“Just about, Scruff,” said Alfie. “Just need to finish loading two more trucks and you’ll be good to go.”

“Alright, no worries,” replied Scruff. “There’s plenty of garbage for me everywhere just waiting for me and I’m in no hurry, so take your time. I don’t mind.”

Max and Monty were surprised to hear Scruff say such things. “Hang on a minute there,” chuffed Max. “Are you saying you actually like this stuff?”

“Oh yes, absolutely,” replied Scruff. “Collecting garbage and working at the waste dump are my specialties. Whiff and I are the most reliable ones to do such jobs and no else can do it better and we’re proud of it.”

Max and Monty were beginning to think Scruff was being rather silly. “Okay, so tell us this then,” added Monty. “Why on earth do you like garbage? Are you aware that it smells awful and it’s disgusting? Or have you worked with it so much, that you lost your senses at some point?” He and Monty sniggered to each other.

Scruff, however, didn’t mind a bit. “Ha, ha very funny,” he said modestly. “It’s not necessarily the smell I like or the fact that it’s disgusting. It’s more of making sure the island is cleaned of all this stinky garbage. Now I may not like staying clean myself, but I still care other places looking and smelling nice and I’m happy to help with that, even if it takes some time. The way I see it: the dirtier you get, the more useful you are.”

Max and Monty laughed. “Pah! What a silly saying,” exclaimed Monty. “The dirtier you get, the more useful you are? Please, nobody likes getting dirty and that only makes them feel useless.”

“Yeah, and besides,” added Max. “Anyone who gets dirty would want to get their job over with quickly and get cleaned up as soon as possible, like us for example. Which reminds me, would you hurry up there, Oliver? We don’t got all day you know.” Oliver was getting cross.

“Well, you two may want to be careful what you say,” warned Scruff. “Rushing through jobs will only lead to trouble, you know, and believe me, collecting garbage is no easy task. The best way to get a job like this done quickly is to just be patient, then it’ll be done and over with before you know it.”

“I most certainly agree with you there, Scruff,” chuffed Oliver. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell these two before you got here, but they won’t listen. So why don’t you two think about what Scruff said and listen to him?”

“Hmm, well let’s see,” said Max cheekily. “Uh, because...we don’t want to?”

“Or because he’s a silly engine who spends too much time around garbage and is out of his smoke box?” Added Monty cheekily, then he and Monty laughed rudely. Everyone was very cross with them.

“What is your problem you two?” Hissed Jack. “Can’t you just be nice for once and not make fun of other people and engines?”

“And just listen for once too?” Added Alfie. “Honestly, you two just never seem to learn and only think about yourselves.”

“Pfft, whatever,” huffed Month smugly. “We’re big dump trucks and you all are small and puny, so why bother listen to you? We do what we want and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Yeah, so cool it and mind your own business,” chuffed Max. “Besides, I think it’s time for us to get out of here finally. Right Oliver?”

Oliver glared. “Thankfully, yes,” he replied. “Now be off, both of you.” He then hit both of their dumpers with his bucket to get them moving. “And mind your manners too.”

“Sheesh, touchy,” muttered Max.

“Yeah, that was rather uncalled for,” added Monty. “Come on, let’s get out of here.” Then he and Max hurried away from the harbor.

After they left, everyone was most annoyed with the dump trucks. “Ooh, those two and their attitudes,” grumbled Oliver. “I just don’t get it with them. I sorry for everything they said to you, Scruff.”

“Yeah, we all are,” agreed Alfie. “They’re always like that, so please don’t take what they said too personally.”

But Scruff wasn’t the least upset. “No worries, everyone,” he said cheerfully. “They don’t bother me a bit. Everyone always makes fun of me for liking garbage, but I don’t care. Like I said, I’m proud to work with it and it makes me feel really useful. Anyone can say what they want about me, but their insults have nothing on me.”

Everyone was pleased to hear Scruff say those words.

“Nicely said, Scruff,” chuffed Jack. “What a way to stand for yourself.”

“Yes, I agree,” added Alfie. “Good speech, Scruff.”

“Very assertive and very confident,” Oliver joined in. “Don’t let anyone tell you different. You keep collecting as much garbage as you like and stay useful.”

“Indeed,” said Thomas, “and who knows. Maybe you could teach Max and Monty a thing or two about the importance of collecting garbage and keeping the island clean and then they could do your job for you.”

“Oh ho, I don’t think there’s a chance of that happening, Thomas,” chuffed Oliver. “You would have clunk those two good on their radiators to get them to do something like that. Otherwise, you can count them out for garbage collecting.”

Scruff chuckled. “Well, anyway. Thank you for all the kind words, everyone, and don’t worry. I’m not the least bit concerned about those two trucks and their words. They’re probably just jealous that they can’t deal with rubbish as well as I can.”

Everyone chuckled. “That’s very possible too, Scruff,” chuffed Jack. “Well your train is actually ready to go now, so you’re all set.”

“Thank you, Jack,” said Scruff. “In that case, see ya, everyone. I’ll see you later this afternoon.”

“Good-bye Scruff,” called everyone. Then with that, Scruff heaved and hauled his train and puffed away from the harbor.

Out on the main road, Max and Monty were still talking and joking about Scruff.

"Ha! Can you believe that engine?" chuffed Monty. "He actually likes collecting garbage and getting dirty. I never heard of such an engine. He must have lost his sense of smell to tolerate that stuff."

"Tell me about," agreed Max. "Anyone who actually enjoys garbage is crazy to me and I think not even the dirtiest engines like garbage. I mean, it's disgusting, revolting, and…and…well, it's just gross, let's say that."

"Exactly," said Monty. "I'm just glad we don't have to deal with all that garbage back at the harbor and we get to collect normal rubbish and debris. Though, I don't like that we still got to go back there and collect more of it with all that smelly sea waste still laying around. Hopefully, those little pipsqueaks have most of it cleaned up by the time we get back."

"Well, you know," suggested Max. "Even if all that sea waste isn't all gone when we get back, we could try to get our job done faster and get away from it sooner, if you like it."

Monty was puzzled. "Okay, and how are we going to make that happen?"

"By racing to get the job done faster, of course!" replied Max. "Think about it: the faster we go, the faster we can get this over with and get away from that smelly waste. We'll get this done in no time if we do it."

"Hmm, good point there, Max," chuffed Monty. "Going faster would mean getting the job done quicker. But doesn't that always lead us to trouble?"

"Eh, sometimes it does," said Max, "but that was when we were fooling around. This time, we'll be trying to work hard and focusing on our job. So chances of us getting in trouble this time are unlikely."

Monty thought for a moment. "Well, I guess all things considered, you are right about that," he said slowly. "Alright, I agree: let's do it."

"Great!" said Max. "In that case, race you to the dump?"

"You're on," said Monty.

"Alrighty, on the count of three," said Max. "1…2……3!!!" Then they raced off to the dump as fast as they could.

Soon the twins were racing like the wind to the dump, having fun while doing so, and determined to get their job done quickly. Though of course, as you would expect, they were driving recklessly and not being careful.

First, as they were racing, they came across Kelly and Isobella, who were still repairing some telephone poles. The twins came rushing by and honking their horns loudly.

"Excuse us!" called Max.

"Coming through here!" shouted Monty.

Kelly and Isobella jumped, and Kelly accidentally dropped a few poles. The twins laughed and continued on.

Kelly was cross. "Slow down, you two!" he shouted. "You nearly caused an accident here!"

"Yes," agreed Isobella, "and mind my paintwork next time!"

"Oh, you and your paintwork," muttered Kelly. "Can you think of anything else?"

"What? I prefer to keep it clean and neat. I don't want it scratched or covered in mud again, thank you very much," huffed Isobella pompously. Kelly rolled his eyes and sighed.

Max and Monty were still driving fast to the dump and still having fun. "Ha, ha, looks like I'm going to get there first!" called Max.

"Ha, you wish," called Monty. "You wait and see." And they continued racing.

At last, the two trucks came racing into the dump and screeched to a halt right where the dumping bay was.

Whiff was there shunting. "Hello Max and Monty," he said. "I see you got some rubbish there. Thank you for bringing it for me and Scruff. Have you seen him by the way?"

"Nope, haven't seen him at all," chuffed Monty.

"Yeah, we're too busy to look for that little stinkbug," added Max. "We got a job to finish here." He and Monty quickly dumped their rubbish into the bay. "So can't chat right now, Whiffy. So ya!" Then and Monty raced off again.

Whiff was puzzled. "Hmm, they sure seem to be in a hurry," he thought, "and what was with that stinkbug comment about Scruff?"

Back on the road again, Max and Monty were racing as fast as they could back to the harbor.

"Come on Monty," chuffed Max. "Let's get there and loaded up and be done with this already. You're barely moving back there."

"Hey, I would move if you hurried up and got out of my way," huffed Monty, "and also paid attention to the road."

Max looked ahead, and saw branches laying across the road. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, then he charged through them and pushed them aside, right into Byron, who was just about to move them.

Byron was cross. "Ooh, you clumsy dumpers!" he called. "I was just about to take care of this, you know!"

"Well, then thank Max for taking care of it for you!" retorted Monty cheekily in the distance, and he and Max laughed.

Byron scoffed. "Very funny, you too, and you better slow down! There's a level crossing just up ahead!" But the twins were too far ahead to hear Byron's warnings.

"Ha, ha, you ran into some branches!" teased Monty, as they raced on. "Did that knock some sense into by any chance?"

Max was cross. "Be quiet! That hurt a little bit, you know? Besides, at least those branches had already fallen and it wasn't knocked down by you, like you did with that Lightning Tree."

"Hey, that tree came out of nowhere!" hissed Monty. "Plus, you pushed me into that!"

"What?! No I didn't! You weren't paying attention!" hissed Max back, then the trucks started arguing as they were racing.

Meanwhile, Scruff was making his way to the dump with his train of rubbish. "Well, nearly there," he chuffed. "Just need to take care of this load and one more to go at the harbor. Then it's onto…" Then he heard the sound of horns honking and looked over to see Max and Monty racing towards the level crossing, still arguing and not paying attention to the closed gates.

Scruff was horrified. "Look out!!!" he whistled loudly, and applied his brakes.

This got Max and Monty's attention, and saw the gates and Scruff. "Whoa!!!" they exclaimed together, and slammed on their brakes too, but the road was still wet from last night's storm and they just skidded.

Scruff wasn't having luck either because the rails were wet and the weight of his train was pushing against him. Everyone shut their eyes and braked hard, but it was no use. Suddenly, the twins crashed through gates, Max bashed into Scruff, continued skidding across the road, crashed through some bushes, and finally came to a stop right in a muddy ditch just off the road.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but the area was a mess. The crossing gates were destroyed, Scruff was derailed, and Max and Monty were off the road and covered in mud, groaning too.

"Are you two alright?" Scruff called to them.

"Oooh, uh, yeah we think so," called Max bewilderedly.

"Yeah, just a little…dizzy," added Monty loftily.

"Alright, I'll take that as a 'yes'," said Scruff. "Don't worry, my driver will call for help and we'll be out of this soon."

Max and Monty were pleased, but knew they were going to get in trouble.

A little later, Thomas was puffing down the line with Annie and Clarabel with more workmen. Then they approached the level crossing and were shocked. They saw Scruff about to be winched onto Nelson the ballast tractor's low loader and Kelly and Butch the tow truck sitting by the bushes.

"Cinders and ashes!" Thomas chuffed. "What a mess. Are you alright, Scruff?"

"Oh yeah, I'm fine Thomas," Scruff replied cheerily. "Just a minor little mishap, that's all. Nothing to worry about."

"Hmm, well you're lucky that it was just that and nothing worse, considering what happened," chuckled Nelson.

"But what happened?" asked Thomas. "How did this happen? Did you crash into something?"

"Well, I didn't," said Scruff, "but they kind of did." He looked over to where Kelly and Butch were.

Thomas was confused. Then he saw who they were towing out of the ditch. "Oh, I see. Now it all makes sense," he muttered. "I a feeling those two had something to do with this."

"Well, at least no one was hurt from what we heard," said Kelly, "but I'm sure Ms. Jenny and Sir Topham Hatt won't be happy about this." He looked menacingly at the twins.

Max and Monty groaned. "You're not going to tell her about this, are you?" pleaded Max.

"I don't have to," replied Kelly, "because she's here right now."

Everyone looked and sure enough, there rolling up to them was a familiar looking blue car and a land rover. Then out from them stepped Sir Topham Hatt and Ms. Jenny, respectfully, and they were cross. As Sir Topham Hatt went to inspect Scruff, Ms. Jenny went over to the dump trucks and scolded them.

"Maximillian and Montgomery!!!" she thundered.

"Uh-oh, full names," the twins muttered quietly to each other.

"What on earth have you been doing today?" Ms. Jenny asked. "First I hear you were being impatient at the harbor, then I hear you nearly caused an accident with Kelly and Isobella, then you pushed branches into Byron, and now, you damaged Scruff and ran off the road? What has gotten into you two?"

Max and Monty felt ashamed. "We're sorry, Ms. Jenny," sighed Max.

"We-we were just trying to do our job and get it over with faster," added Monty. "We didn't mean to cause all of this."

"Mmm, well I'm not impressed with either of you," scolded Ms. Jenny. "You two should know by now racing around and trying to get your jobs done quickly always leads to trouble." Monty glared at Max, and Max blushed. "Oh, what am I going to do with you two. Now you've most likely put poor Scruff out of commission for a while because of your carelessness. Haven't they, Sir Topham?"

"Huh, well unfortunately yes, they have," sighed Sir Topham Hatt. "Whoever crashed into Scruff damaged his buffer beam and jammed his chassis into his wheels and now they won't turn. So Scruff can't do anything until he gets repaired."

"It's no problem really sir," said Scruff confidently. "I just need some little adjustments and I'll be back at work in no time."

"It won't be that quick, Scruff," said Sir Topham. "Those repairs take some time. Besides, considering all the garbage that still needs to be collected, you definitely won't be ready fast enough in time…and to make matters worse, I don't have any engine to collect them right now. Whiff can collect your train, but can't do everything else on his own as he still needs to maintain the dump and I can't think of any engine to take your place, Scruff. Ooh, what are we going to do?"

Everyone was upset. Thomas, however, thought for a moment, then he remembered something he said back at the harbor. "Um, excuse me, sir, but I think I have an idea," he spoke up. "Why not let Max and Monty collect all the garbage for Scruff? I just left Knapford Harbor a while ago and it looks like there's only one more load of garbage left to take. So after they take care of that load, they could collect the rest of the garbage around the island." Max and Monty were horrified.

Everyone thought for a moment. "That sounds fitting to me," chuffed Nelson.

"Yep, it makes sense considering what they did to Scruff," added Kelly.

"And their dumpers are big enough to load plenty of waste," said Ms. Jenny. "So I think this a great idea, Thomas. What do you say, Sir Topham?"

"Hmm, well if you don't need them for anymore of your projects, Ms. Jenny, then yes, I perfectly fine with that," said Sir Topham Hatt.

Max and Monty groaned. "But Ms. Jenny, there's tons of garbage around the island," complained Monty.

"Yeah, and besides, we still got to collect other normal rubbish and debris around the island," added Max. "Who's going to take care of that?"

"Don't you two worry," said Sir Topham Hatt. "That other rubbish and debris can be handled by one of my engines for sure. You two are assigned only to garbage right now."

"Mm-hmm," said Ms. Jenny, "and to make absolutely sure you two do your job, I will be personally supervising you both by riding along with you and making sure there will be no more goofing off from either of you."

Max and Monty groaned dreadfully. "Aw, but Ms. Jenny…," they groaned together.

"No 'but'," said Ms. Jenny sternly. "This is my final decision whether you two like or not."

"Yes Ms. Jenny," they mournfully.

Everyone chuckled at them. "Well, you know," said Kelly cheekily, "this makes sense for another reason: you two aren't only 'dump trucks', but now, you're 'garbage dump trucks'! Amazing how things work out, isn't it Max and Monty?" Then everyone chuckled again, but Max and Monty just sulked.

"Well, you know," added Scruff. "This also gives you two a chance to see how being patient and taking your time with collecting garbage is a good thing after all. It may teach you two a lesson about racing around as well."

"And that's exactly what will happen when I'm with them," said Ms. Jenny. "So come along, Max and Monty. We got work to do." So with that, Ms. Jenny got back into her Land Rover and she and Max and Monty drove off to the harbor, while Nelson set off for the Steamworks with Scruff and everyone else went back to work.

Once they were back at the harbor, Max and Monty waited as Jack and Alfie loaded the rest of the sea waste and garbage into them. The twins made sour faces as they tried to coup with the smell of the garbage, and also not complain right in front of Ms. Jenny, who watching them intently.

Jack and Alfie noticed them and couldn't help teasing. "So you decided to join in the fun with us 'small fries' with collecting garbage, eh Max and Monty?" chuckled Jack. "We're glad you did."

"Yeah, it's really not that bad once you get the hang of it," added Alfie cheekily. "Even I got used to it. So I'm sure you two will love it by the end of the day and will want to stay as garbage dump trucks too." Then he and Jack and even Oliver who was close by laughed. Max and Monty scowled at them.

"Now, now Jack and Alfie," chuffed Ms. Jenny. "No need for that. These two are on a strict schedule and are counting on you two to help them stick to it. So please continue loading them."

"Yes Ms. Jenny," replied Jack and Alfie, and they continued loading the dump trucks.

After a while, Max and Monty's dumpers were piled high with the rest of the sea waste and garbage, ready to be taken away. The trucks squirmed miserably.

"Alright, gentlemen," said Ms. Jenny. "Looks like you're all loaded and ready to go. Shall we get going?"

Max and Monty mustered out a reply. "Mm-hmm, yes Ms. Jenny," they replied mournfully.

"Excellent," said Ms. Jenny. "Then let's get going. Oh, and remember: no racing." Then she got into her truck and then she and the twins set off for the dump.

"Good luck, you two!" called Jack.

"Do your best!" added Alfie.

"And be patient too!" called out Oliver.

As they were heading to the dump, Max and Monty were hoping for a quick ride, but unfortunately for them, Ms. Jenny had other plans: she drove in front and was driving rather slowly and didn't leave much room for either truck to pass her. The twins groaned.

"Um, Ms. Jenny," called Max. "Not to complain or anything, but could we move a little faster please?"

"Yeah, we're moving kind of slow here and we…we don't want to hold up any traffic," chuffed Monty.

"True, and…and we got that strict schedule to stick to as well," added Max.

"Oh I don't think so," called out Ms. Jenny. "I know what you two are trying to do and it won't work on me. Besides, I'm going the speed limit anyway, so we're fine. So just be patient and we'll be at the dump in no time." The trucks groaned, and continued following Ms. Jenny to the dump.

After a while, they arrived at the dump again and Max and Monty went over to the dumping bays and dumped out the sea waste. Both felt rather relieved to have that done.

"Alright, not bad, you two," said Ms. Jenny proudly. "We got here right on time and we're on schedule, but that was one task done. We still got many other places to take care of. So fuel up and get ready. We got a busy afternoon ahead." Max and Monty squirmed, but at least tried to put on happy and confident faces for Ms. Jenny.

Soon, Max and Monty were collecting garbage from nearly every place on Sodor. They waited as patiently as possible as the garbage was loaded into them, then once ready, they drove off with Ms. Jenny leading them and dumped their loads off at the waste dump and so on. There was certainly a lot of garbage laying everywhere and those who were around them were glad that Max and Monty were there to take care of it for them. Of course, Max and Monty just felt miserable and really wanted to get their job over with, but they understood that they got themselves into this mess and the best thing to do was carry on.

At one point, the clean up brigade were passing by Kelly and Isobella, who were still repairing telephone poles. Max and Monty felt embarrassed and had a feeling they were going to make fun of them, but to their surprise, they didn't: they were encouraging them .

"Keep it up, you two!" called Kelly. "We've heard about your work and we're happy to hear it!"

"Yes, keep it up indeed," agreed Isobella. "You two are certainly being a credit to the cleanliness of Sodor and thank you. Oh, and thank you for not getting my paint dirty this time as well."

Max and Monty were surprised. Then further up, they came across Byron again, finishing up cleaning off the road.

“Ah there they are,” he puffed. “The Garbage Collectors of Sodor, going around conquering every junk pile they come across. Ha! Ha! Well, good work, you two. I’m sure everyone’s happy with you and thanks for keeping the island clean.”

The twins were even more surprised. “Have we really been doing that well?” Max whispered to Monty.

“I have no idea,” replied Monty, “but it certainly doesn’t feel like we did. I just feel silly and gross carrying all this garbage.”

“Me too,” chuffed Max. “I almost think they’re just teasing us again and making fun of us for looking messy.”

“Yeah, good point. They probably are,” said Monty. “Let’s just ignore them and try to get this stinky, stupid job done as quickly as possible.”

“Agreed,” chuffed Max.

Then Ms. Jenny called out to them. “Everything alright back there, you two? You seem to be falling behind.”

“Uh, yes Ms. Jenny, we’re fine,” called the twins. “We’re coming.”

“Alright, but just keep up,” called Ms. Jenny. “We still got a lot of work to do and can’t waste time.” The twins just scowled quietly.

Throughout the day, Max and Monty were kept very busy indeed. They were not happy one bit, but they didn’t complain and they complied as best as they could. In fact, the more they did, the harder they worked. Even they were realizing taking their time was actually making a big difference and it felt like the work was going by faster. Additionally, they noticed that many areas did look much cleaner after they collected all of the garbage and were beginning to realize the importance of keeping the island clean. Secretly, they were starting to feel determined to keep it clean, but didn’t say it out loud, though Ms. Jenny could sense they were.

By late afternoon, the twins were working like clockwork and getting things done. There was no complaining whatsoever and even Ms. Jenny allowed them to work a little faster too, much to Max and Monty’s pleasure. They also got dirtier and covered with more garbage as well, but even though they were annoyed about that, they knew deep down, they were being really useful.

They were also right on time with dropping off their loads at the dump and Whiff was very grateful.

“Thank you very much, Max and Monty,” Whiff chuffed. “I certainly do appreciate all the help from you and I’m sure Scruff would be pleased with everything you’re doing for him.”

“You’re welcome, Whiff,” replied the twins.

“And I’m sure Scruff would be too,” added Max.

“Yeah, it’s the least we can do after what we did to him,” chuffed Monty. “Anything to make up for a friend.”

“Well, it’s nice to hear you calling him a friend this time,” chuckled Whiff, “as opposed to stink bug, or whatever you two said.”

Ms. Jenny raised an eyebrow at the twins. The twins exchanged worried looks.

“Uh well, um, time to go, is-isn’t it Monty?” Asked Max.

“Yes, yes, uh still got a lot of garbage to collect and can’t waste time,” agreed Monty. “Well, see ya Whiff.” Then the dump trucks hurried away. Ms. Jenny paused, then rolled her eyes, then followed after the twins.

The day dragged on and to the twins, it felt like it would never end, but they continued on no matter what, even though they were getting a little tired…of the smell of garbage. At last, by the time the sun was setting, all the hard work and trash collecting for the twins was finally done. Max and Monty were most relieved.

"Huh, finally, we're done," sighed Max, as he and Monty unloaded their last load into the garbage bay at the dump.

"Tell me about," agreed Monty. "I never knew there was so much trash and garbage on this island. People can be so messy sometimes and I, for one, am actually appalled by it."

"You know what? Me too," agreed Max. "Some people can be so mean and thoughtless and it annoys me too."

Then Ms. Jenny came walking over. "Well, you two, I must say after everything that happened today, I am most impressed with your work. You both worked hard and diligently with getting the island clean and I am pleased with your work. Well done to you both."

Max and Monty were pleased. "Thank you, Ms. Jenny," they said.

Then Whiff puffed up. "And I'm pretty impressed too," added Whiff. "I think you collected more rubbish in one day than Scruff and I ever did. So yes, well done Max and Monty, and thank you for all your help once again."

"Ah, no problem, Whiff," chuffed Max.

"Yeah, anything to help out," added Monty, then he remembered something. "Uh, speaking of which, how is Scruff doing by the way, Ms. Jenny?"

"Well, I received word a little while ago about Scruff," Ms. Jenny began, "and he is going to be…" But before Ms. Jenny could finish, Thomas came puffing up.

"Hello everyone," he whistled. "I just saw how the island looked and I have to admit: it looks very nice now."

"Uh, thanks Thomas," chuffed Max.

"Is that all you came here to tell us?" asked Monty.

"Actually, no," said Thomas. "I also came to tell you that Sir Topham Hatt wants to see you two and Ms. Jenny at Knapford Harbor. He didn't say what about, but I think it's about Max and Monty." Max and Monty looked at each other nervously, wondering what they did.

"Well then. If he wants to see us, then we'll head there now. Thank you for letting us know, Thomas," said Ms. Jenny. "Come along, Max and Monty. Let's go."

"Uh, okay, Ms. Jenny," said Max.

"We're coming," added Monty, then the two dump trucks and Ms. Jenny headed for the harbor, while Thomas followed behind.

On their way there, Max and Monty were wondering what they had done. "What do you think we did, Monty?" asked Max.

"I have no idea," replied Monty. "I don't think we did anything wrong and we didn't cause any trouble since we were collecting that rubbish. So I think we might be okay."

"Yeah, me too. I just hope it's nothing bad," chuffed Max, and they continued following Ms. Jenny.

As they were driving along, Max and Monty looked around at some of the places where they collected garbage, and noticed that they really did look much better without anything laying around. Each place looked nice and clean and very tidy indeed. A few people at those places even waved and said thank you to them. The twins both felt pretty pleased with themselves, and had a feeling that they may not be in trouble after all.

After a while, Thomas, Ms. Jenny, and the twins arrived at Knapford Harbor. Max and Monty looked around and were amazed. All the debris and sea waste was gone, all the other rubbish had been cleaned up, and the harbor looked as good as new again, and looked nice in the evening sunset as well.

"Wow, would you look at that," chuffed Monty.

"Yeah, definitely looks a lot better and cleaner since we were here earlier," agreed Max.

Then Jack, Alfie, and Oliver came up to them. "Hello Max and Monty," chuffed Jack. "How was cleaning the island? Did you enjoy it? Or was it pure torture for you?" He and Alfie chuckled.

"I think they might have enjoyed, considering how much garbage and debris is all over them," puffed Alfie. "It looks like they enjoyed it too much and took a bath in it." He and Jack chuckled a little more. Ms. Jenny was not impressed.

However, Max and Monty were not offended. "You know something, you two? The joke's on you because believe it or not, we did actually enjoy our jobs today," chuffed Max. Jack, Alfie, and Oliver were surprised.

"Yeah, it's true," agreed Monty. "It did start out as torture, to be honest, but once we got going, we got the hang of it and realized that even though garbage is really smelly and disgusting, it is more important to make sure the island is cleaned and nice, even if collecting garbage isn't exactly a pleasant job."

"Yeah, and even though we really wanted to get the job over with quickly," added Max, "we have to admit that patience makes a big difference and taking your time with a job results in better…uh, results and it'll be over with in no time."

"Lastly, we also have to admit that although it was a stinky and smelly job," chuffed Monty, then he paused and he and Max looked at each other, then both spoke. "It was totally worth it."

The others were impressed. "Well, well, well, you two," chuffed Oliver. "I must say that was probably the smartest and most moralizing speech you two ever said, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, we are most impressed."

"Indeed we are," agreed Jack. "I'm surprised you two actually admitted that. So good for you for admitting all of that."

"And just to be clear," said Alfie, then he whispered to them, "you're not just saying those things because Ms. Jenny is right here, correct?" Even Ms. Jenny had to laugh.

"No!!!" scoffed Max and Monty.

"Oh, well in that case, good for you for admitting all of that indeed," chuffed Alfie, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Yes, these two certainly did prove themselves," said Ms. Jenny. "They were patient, most of the time, they waited until they were loaded, and drove carefully and safely to the dump each time and didn't cause any trouble once. So yes, well done to you, Max and Monty. You made a mother proud." Max and Monty beamed.

"And I'm most impressed as well," said a voice. It was Sir Topham Hatt. He arrived in his car and came over to them. "Well Ms. Jenny, after everything I heard today, I must say you have some very reliable dump trucks on your team. I received many calls about Max and Monty collecting all the garbage on the island and everywhere looks very neat, tidy and clean. So I guess it's my turn to say to Max and Monty, well done you two. I am very pleased with your work today and thank you making the island clean once again, and for cleaning up the harbor too. It'll be back to use in no time at this point."

Max and Monty beamed. "Thank you sir," they said.

"And thank you for those kind words, Sir Topham," said Ms. Jenny. "These two might be troublesome, but they certainly know how to step up and be really useful when they have to be."

"Yes they certainly can," Sir Topham Hatt agreed, "though as I was driving into the harbor just now, I thought I saw a train of waste still laying around here." Everyone gasped and looked at the twins.

The twins gulped. They thought they were in trouble, and also really didn't want to collect anymore garbage, but they plucked up courage and spoke. "No problem, sir," said Monty.

"Yeah, we'll take care of it in no time," added Max, then he paused. "Wait a minute, did you say a train of waste, sir?"

Then Sir Topham Hatt laughed. "Oh-ho, yes I did, Max, but you don't have to worry about it in this case. You did plenty today and I think you deserve a break. Besides, I already have someone else to take it for you."

Max and Monty were puzzled. "Who is it, sir?"

Then they heard a familiar whistle, and there, chuffing from under the mainline bridge into the harbor, was none other than Scruff, all repaired and good as new.

"Good evening, everyone," he whistled cheerfully.

Everyone was pleased to see him. "Scruff!" they all exclaimed.

"Good to see you again, old chap," said Oliver.

"You look as good as new," chuffed Jack.

"Yes and very smart and look much better without all those dents too," added Thomas.

"Aw, thank you everyone," chuffed Scruff. "It feels good to be repaired and back at work once again. I did miss collecting garbage today, but from what I heard, a couple of useful dump trucks did a pretty good job of doing it for me."

Max and Monty grinned slightly, then they remembered about their accident.

"Ah yeah, speaking of today, there's something we want to say to you Scruff," said Monty.

"Yeah," said Max. "We're sorry for causing that accident with you. We didn't mean to do that and we were being clumsy."

"Also," added Monty, "we're sorry for making fun of you for liking garbage. We understand now that what you do is really useful after all and although it is a dirty and smelly job, it feels nice knowing that you're helping to keep everything clean and neat for everyone."

"And lastly," chuffed Max, "you are not a silly engine at all. You are a very useful one and one who we agree is definitely a trash-collecting expert."

Scruff beamed. "Thank you Max and Monty, and don't worry about it. You two are forgiven. I've been in other scrapes before and it was no big deal. I'm also glad to hear you two say all those things as well. I heard all about your work today from Whiff and it sounds like you two really got the knack for collecting garbage and thank you for everything you did today. You two are actually quite useful after all."

Max and Monty were very pleased to hear that. "Thank you very much, Scruff," they said.

"Oh, and by the way," added Scruff cheekily, "Whiff also told me that you two did an even better job of collecting waste today than he and I ever did. So in that case, how would you two like being official garbage dump trucks, hmm? Whiff and I could use the extra help you know, and we would appreciate it."

Max and Monty squirmed dreadfully. "Uh, gee…well, um, that sounds g-g-great, Scruff," chuffed Max.

"Yeah, but…but…but, we…," stammered Monty.

Then Scruff burst out laughing. "Oh-ho, I'm just kidding, you two!" he chuckled. "I know garbage collecting isn't really your thing and you would prefer to stick to your own work and I understand that."

Everyone laughed. Max and Monty felt embarrassed, but gave a little chuckle.

"Besides," chuffed Scruff, "collecting garbage is what Whiff and I do and we're proud to do so as well. We don't necessarily need help with it as we can handle it. However, if you two want, if we ever get backed up at the dump and you're not busy with any construction, would you two like to help out with collecting garbage, sometimes?"

Max and Monty paused and looked at each other for a moment, and smiled, then answered. "Deal," they said. "We'll be willing to help if you need it, Scruff."

"But uh, only when you really need it," added Monty.

"Yeah, so not all the time, but in emergencies, sure," puffed Max.

"Great! Sounds like a plan then. Thank you, Max and Monty," smiled Scruff. "Well, everyone, I must be heading off now. Whiff can't do all the work by himself you know, so tootle-loo and have a good evening!"

"Good-bye, Scruff!" called everyone else, then Scruff puffed away with the last garbage train.

After he left, Max and Monty thought of something else. "Um, Ms. Jenny," chuffed Max. "Although we do understand that being patient is important and it was important to take our time, Monty and I are…well…honestly tired of being covered in garbage."

"Yeah," agreed Monty. "We do understand that the dirtier we get, the more useful we are, but that doesn't mean we can stand the smell of garbage for very long. So we were wondering…"

"Can we please get a washdown now?" they asked desperately.

Ms. Jenny chuckled. "Well after all you did today and how hard you worked, I think you both deserve a very thorough and well-deserved washdown. So yes, you may get one, Max and Monty."

Max and Monty were most pleased. "Hooray!!! Thank you, Ms. Jenny!" they said happily.

"You're very welcome, you two," said Ms. Jenny. "Now off you go."

"Yes, ma'am," they said.

"Well, what do you say, Max? Race you to the washdown?" asked Monty.

"You're on," said Max. "On the count of three. 1…2…"

"No!!!" everyone cried.

Then the twins laughed. "Just kidding!" they teased. "We learned our lesson and won't race. Good-bye everyone!" Then with two honks of their horns, they drove off to the washdown.

"Boy, we got them good!" chuckled Monty, as they drove off.

"Yeah, they really thought we were going to race again," laughed Max. "Funny how they think we're always troublesome when we can be nice."

"I know, right?" chuffed Monty. "We can be good if we want to. Gosh, some people take things too seriously sometimes." Then they were soon out of distance from the harbor.

After they left, everyone just sighed happily. "Ah Max and Monty," puffed Oliver. "They really are quite a pair."

"Yeah, you can never tell when they are just teasing or being serious," added Alfie.

"But at least we know above all," chuffed Jack, "they can be really useful when they need to be, and that's the important thing to remember about them."

"Quite right, Jack," agreed Ms. Jenny. "Couldn't have said it better myself, though maybe I should make them garbage trucks fulltime until they are fully useful and stop fooling around." Everyone looked at Ms. Jenny. "Oh, I'm just kidding! We can't have a really useful construction team without our dump trucks! It wouldn't be the same!"

Then everyone laughed. "That is quite true, Ms. Jenny," said Oliver. "Even I have to admit that!"

"Yeah, very true indeed," agreed Jack, then together, they all laughed until the sun went down.




  • This episode was published on Groundhog's Day, 2021.
  • References to the television series Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episodes, A Tale for Thomas and Mud, Glorious Mud, are made in this episode.
  • This is the first episode of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor in which Terence appears, but does not speak.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this marks the first appearance of Knapford Harbor (South) since the second season television series episode, Percy and Harold.
    • Additionally, it is implied in this episode that the harbor will make more appearances in future episodes as well.
  • This episode marks Whiff, Scruff, Nelson, Oliver (the excavator), Kelly, Byron, and Isobella's only appearances in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.