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Lukeillie's Series is a fanmade series of Thomas & Friends. Luke and Millie are the main characters on most stories. The series started on late 2020 and continued ever since.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3



  • It is unknown how long the series will last.
  • Each season will have at least 12-16 episodes.
  • The series continues to follow up where Thomas & Friends left of, such as:
  • The series has some new changes that aren't present or don't happen often in Thomas & Friends, such as:
  • Characters who haven't appear in a long time have been confirmed to appear.
  • The series has been confirmed to take place in the modern day.
  • The series is CGI but some of the promotional images show models and even RWS illustrations due to those characters not appearaning in CGI.
  • Even though Luke and Millie are the main characters, they do not appear in every episode.