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Luke and Millie have a day off and want to go to spend their time together but there is trouble coming their way. Will they be able to spend their time the way they planned to?


One day, Luke is told by Mr. Percival that he doesn't have a job at the moment, so Luke decides to visit Millie. Luke goes on his way to Ulfstead Castle and he finally makes it to the castle where he meets Stephen. Luke explains to Stephen that he wants to see Millie, so Stephen agrees to let Luke in. Luke looks around but Millie is no where to be seen. He keeps looking around, but he can't still find her. Luke finally decides to stop looking and starts to leave when he hears a familiar whistle. Luke turns back and sees Millie. They are happy to see each other again and Millie is revealed to not have any job at the moment, so they decide to go somewhere nice to spend their time. Luke asks where Millie wants to go and she suggests they go to the Skarloey Railway as she has never seen it all for herself. Luke and Millie finally make it there and Millie is having a good time seeing all the beatiful sights with Luke. Suddenly, Sir Handel passed them and he was being pushed by Troublesome Trucks. Millie was frightened but Luke suggested they try to rescue Sir Handel even if it means leaving what they were doing. Luke and Millie chased after Sir Handel. Luke told Millie to try to get in front of him and slow him down and Luke would try to couple up behind the trucks. It was hard work but they managed to save him and preventing a big accident. The Thin Controller came to see what had happened. He was very proud with Luke and Millie. Then they realized the day was almost over. Millie didn't mind they stopped doing what they planned to and was happy to spend her time with Luke and that made Luke happy too. The two soon had to return back home, they promised that they would see each other again and they would have an amazing time together again.



  • This is the first episode in Lukeillie's Series.
  • The way Luke tries to rescue Sir Handel is similar to the way Thomas tried to rescue James in The Adventure Begins except Millie helped Luke.
  • The Big Balloon makes a cameo appearance.
  • Some of the events from The Switch and Blue Mountain Mystery were mentioned.
  • Footage from Runaway Engine is used at the end of the episode.