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Luke is invited to visit Misty Island by the Logging Locos but it doesn't turn out the way Luke thought.


Luke works everyday with the other narrow gauge engines. He has lots of friends. He is always ready for whatever is coming. One day, he was waiting near a station, when three strange engines passed by. Luke didn't knew who these engines were. Luke decided to keep working. Then he saw the same engines again. The engines looked like if they were up to something. Luke decided to ask the Logging Locos what was the problem. They said they wanted someone to come with them to Misty Island and everyone they asked said no. Luke felt bad for them so he agreed he would go with them. The Logging Locos were happy, they finally found someone who would come with them. Luke followed them to Misty Island. It was a strange place, a place that Luke couldn't think it actually existed. The Logging Locos brought Luke to their main station, they said he would have a great time with them. Luke was worried, the Logging Locos started making weird jokes and laughed for no reason. Luke told them if they could take him around. They agreed and they took Luke to a crane that threw logs everywhere. Luke couldn't believe this was real. Luke suggested they went somewhere else. The Logging Locos brought Luke to a place where there was lots of trees. Luke thought the view looked nice and was happy to finally enjoy the island when the Logging Locos started to blow their whistles strangly, which made Luke runaway from them. Luke left Misty Island as soon as he could. The Logging Locos were upset they made Luke not want to be with them, they now knew why nobody would ever go with them. The Logging Locos found Luke and they said they were sorry. Luke explained of they wanted engines to visit them, they need to change their ways. Luke teached the Logging Locos how to be calm and fix Misty Island. The Logging Locos were happy with Luke. Luke decided to travel back to Misty Island and was happy it was better than his last visit.



  • This is the first time Luke travels to Misty Island.
  • The events of Misty Island Rescue are mentioned.
  • This is the first time there are narrow gauge tracks in Misty Island and will appear more often in future episodes.