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Luke decides to do something special for Millie on Valentine's Day.


It was Valentine's Day on Sodor and it was a busy time, especially for the engines. Luke was excited because it was his first time he would do something special for Millie on this holiday. Luke completed his work early and was soon ready to find Millie. The other narrow gauge engines told him some ideas on how to make Millie happy. Luke went ahead to the Sodor Steamworks. He asked Victor and Kevin for anything they had. Kevin showed everything they had to Luke. Luke took some paint and went somewhere else. He then saw Colin who had extra decorations that he didn't want and decided to give them to Luke. Luke had everything he needed and was ready to impress Millie. Luke sent Paxton to bring Millie to a tunnel, which was decorated for Millie. At first, Millie didn't knew what everything was about, but then she was happy to know it was her friend. They spend the rest of the day together and they soon left at night. Luke was happy he had done a good job for his best friend.



  • This is the first Valentine's Day episode in Lukeillie's Series.
  • The episode was released on Valentine's Day 2021.