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One day jack was digging near the arlesdale railway when he suddenly hit something he dug some more until it revealed a little green tank engine “that’s bright” he said just then another voice appeared “I can’t see anything” came a voice “oh shut up stanley” the green engine said “oh boy I gotta tell the others” jack said and he hurried away to find Alfie max and Monty it took a long time to convince them he wasn’t lying soon Monty went to tell ms Jenny soon they were working hard some other vehicles came to help after pulling out the green tank engine behind him was an American red tank engine which was odd for it to be in the United States “hey where is our track!?” The red tank engine said just then frank and jock arrived “well look what we have here” they said “2 ng engines and an old shed” “oh shut up” the red and green tank engines said soon they were both taken to crovans gate works and restored now they both work on the SKR railway


  • smudger
  • stanley
  • jock
  • frank
  • jack
  • alfie
  • ms jenny
  • max
  • monty
  • oliver