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Liza (age between 20-22) is a young woman who works at Ffarquhar helping with the every day duties and also cleaning the engines.


First appearance

Down at the Station





Country of origin

The Island of Sodor


Thomas's Branch Line


Between 1999-2001


Not a lot is known about her early life is known though she has lived at Ffarquhar her entire life. She has mentioned that she grew up reading the Thin Clergyman's books and watching them on television. As a result, she has an interest in railways which has carried on into her teenage years and so on.

Around the age of fourteen, she began making frequent visits to the stations to film the engines at work. She became well known for this by the Stationmaster and other station staff. Gradually, she began to speak with the engines and began to know them better. By 2018, she was officially made part of the station staff so now she makes frequent visits to Ffarquhar. She also helps in some of the engines' maintenance work.

In 2019, she acted as Guard on Thomas's evening train for the first time. Things did not go smoothly though due to a late passenger and various incidents. However, she learned that not everything goes as planned all the time and that things can go wrong. Later, she was invited to celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Railway Series at the Big Station.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, she was temporarily out of work but in Quarantine at Ffarquhar which most likely takes place between mid-April and early-May, she returned to work and found Thomas and Percy stuck in the sheds. With the help of Toby, the tension between the two friends was relieved and Liza was glad to be back at work despite the limited services.




Liza is friendly and helpful and thoroughly enjoys being around the engines on Thomas's Branch Line. She tends to provide a voice of reason for the engines although things do not always go the way she wants. She is still rather young and learning more and more about the every day life on the railway which, as she has found, is not always easy.


For her casual wear, she wears a dark coloured skirt or pants in the winter and a blouse. When working, she wears jeans and a t-shirt. She almost always wears dark coloured tennis shoes. Sometimes, she carries a black bag which contains her camera that she uses to film.


  • The idea for the character that became Liza was first devised in late 2018. She was originally going to be introduced in Best Engines Ever (2020) but that was changed to Down at the Station (2019).
  • It is hinted that she knows the author of Adventures on Rails and various stories may have originated from her. It is rumoured that the author first met her during his visit to Sodor in 2018.
  • Despite being based at Ffarquhar, she seems to know about all the engines. Sometimes, incidents are sent to her and it is possible that these later become stories. The ones she has gathered are ones that neither the Thin Clergyman nor his son had the opportunity to write.
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