Laugh While You Work is the sixteenth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


Delete had now had over two months of Sodor expireince. It felt though, like ages. So much had happened through that time. Delete, being a Mixed-Traffic engine, could pull both trucks and coaches. He didn't care which though.

One day, Toby needed repairs, so the Fat Controller said, "Delete, you will work in Toby's place at Sodor Slate Quarry. When you get there, look for a purple engine."

"Yes, Sir!", replied Delete, and he was off.

"Slate", thought Delete, "Just a gray piece of stone. I hope I can have an adventure when working with dull gray pieces of stone."

Mavis, was waiting for him.

"Hullo. Care to show you the ropes", offered Mavis.

"Oh, sure", he replied.

As Mavis began to talk, a purple engine crept up on him, then, he bumped him!

"Ouch!", cried Delete.

"Ha, ha, ha! Got you good, did I not", the purple engine teased.

"Oh, shut up Dodger, and get to work", ordered Mavis

"Yes, ma'am", replied Dodger.

"Don't worry, Dodger only likes to have fun. He means no harm", soothed Mavis. "In fact, he's fun."

Delete wasn't sure ANYONE could have fun in a Quarry. He suddenly felt sorry for Mavis.

Later, Delete was preparing a train for Henry. So, was Dodger. He was using the hopper, behind him. Right, before the chute was about to turn off, Dodger surged him into him, and Delete was covered in slate!

"Very, (cough) funny, Dodger", said Delete sarcasticly.

"I know, huh", replied Dodger, "Now run along. I'll shunt the train."

At the lunch break, Mavis went between Delete and Dodger.

"Don't worry", soothed Mavis, "All engines are annoyed at him, but just get him back."

So, later Delete did. He pushed him under the hopper. Suddenly he burst out laughing, so did Dodger.

"Got me good", Dodger had to admit.

That settled it, the three engines worked hard for the rest of the day. They bumped trucks on purpose, they laughed, and had a good time. Right when Delete was going to head home, Dodger said, "Remember laugh while you work, and the boringest job, can become the funnest job."

Delete had to agree.


  • Dodger
  • Delete
  • Mavis
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Henry (non-speaking role)
  • Toby (non-speaking role)
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