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Last Day at the Steelworks is the twenty-first story of volume three.

Last Day at the Steelworks
Season X, Episode 71
Air date 17 October 2021
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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Many years passed and as time went on, Jessie’s sisters were withdrawn from service one by one and sent to the scrap-yard. Jessie knew that it was unlikely she would ever see any of them again. Eventually, she was left alone with Kelly though she was no longer in operation. Jessie continued to work hard despite everything. Diesel engines had taken over her sisters’ work. She was already friends with Steph and she made friends with some of the other diesels but not all of them were so friendly. Regardless, Jessie continued to prove herself as useful as ever with each task given to her.

“Keep up the good work,” said Kelly.

“I will,” smiled Jessie. “I hope both of us can be preserved.”

“Honestly, I think you have a better chance of being preserved,” sighed Kelly.

“Eden told me that too before she was withdrawn,” said Jessie. “I do miss her especially. Well, I miss everyone but Eden most of all. Anyways, at least we still have each other.”

“At least for now,” said Kelly.

However, one day, the Manager had bad news.

“I’m very sorry Kelly but I could not find a way to save you. I did everything I could but tomorrow, you must be taken away.”

“I understand Sir. It was an honour to work here and it was fun while it lasted,” replied Kelly.

“You were one of our best engines,” smiled the Manager. “And Jessie, I assure you that I will find some way to save you.”

“Yes Sir,” said Jessie, softly.

The Manager walked away.

Jessie could not believe what she had heard. She felt so sad that she felt like crying.

“This can’t be happening!” she cried. “Now I’m really the last engine,” she sobbed.

“Jessie! Jessie! Calm down,” soothed Kelly. “It’s going to be okay.”

“There’s no hope for me either,” said Jessie, sadly.

“There is hope. Trust me,” said Kelly.

Jessie wasn’t so sure but she knew she had to be strong.

“Let’s just enjoy our last night together,” said Kelly.

Jessie and Kelly spent the night remembering all the good times they had.

The next morning, Jessie felt a lot better.

“I’m really going to miss you,” said Jessie, “but I promise I will keep working hard till the very last day.”

“That’s my Jessie,” smiled Kelly. “I want to leave knowing that you will always do your best. And whatever happens, don’t ever forget us.”

“I won’t,” said Jessie.

Later, Jessie watched as Kelly was taken away by a diesel engine.

“Goodbye Jessie!”

“Goodbye Kelly!” called Jessie, and she blew her whistle loudly. Then she watched till Kelly was out of sight. She was silent afterwards. “I can’t believe she’s no longer with me,” she sighed. She was trying not to cry. “I have to be strong,” she said to herself. Then, she puffed back to work.

Months passed and Jessie continued to work. But then, she spent several days in the shed.

Jessie was very worried. Now she was sure her time had come.

Then the Manager came to see her.

“Jessie, I have some very important news for you,” he said. “Since you are the last steam engine to be working here, the Steelworks has offered you up to the city of Cardiff and they want to install you into a nearby park as an attraction.”

Jessie was very surprised. “So I won’t be sent for scrap?” she asked.

“Nope. I know the ideal thing would be for you to go to a heritage railway but at least this alternative will keep you away from the cutter’s torch,” said the Manager.

“I’m just glad I won’t be scrapped. Thank you very much Sir!”

“I will make arrangements right away.”

Soon, Jessie was moved to Splott Park, which is located in the city of Cardiff. There, she became the main attraction and many children loved to go and see her. She often talks about her days at the Steelworks and about all her sisters who used to work there. She enjoys talking to children and telling all her stories but sometimes she longs to be back at work.

“In the meantime,” says Jessie. “At least I have people to talk to, and so many memories to look back on. I am certainly interested in what the future has in store for me.”


  • Jessie
  • Kelly
  • East Moors Steelworks Manager
  • Eden (mentioned)

The rest of Jessie's Sisters are also mentioned.


  • East Moors Steelworks
  • Splott Park


  • This story concludes a saga of episode revolving around Jessie before she came to Sodor.
  • This story was also part of a collection of stories that the Writer used for a writing class. He has mentioned that the entire collection will be released sometime in November.