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The Kirk Ronan Branch Line is a small line on the North Western Railway.


In Adventures on Rails, the line was first used by Neil and two other engines at the time of the Sodor and Mainland Railway. After, the formation of the North Western Railway, the line was abandoned, and the War had great effect on it, causing a lot of it to be damaged. Decades later, the Fat Controller decided to reopen the line for tourists attraction, and so had Russell Means design an engine to be built at the Steamworks to run this line. The line reopened in 1991, and Russell, named after his designer, now runs this line. More on the Kirk Ronan Branch will be explored in The Engines of Sodor.

The Writer of The New Adventures on Rails has mentioned that the Kirk Ronan Branch Line may be focused on in the future after the re-introduction of the Norramby Branch Line.


The line starts at Kellsthorpe Road and calls at Rolf's Castle before ending at Kirk Ronan. The line serves the harbour here, and ore and slate from Crovan's Gate are sent here.

Kirk Ronan is known as a fishing port, so fishes are unloaded here. A steamer service to Dublin is operated on Tuesdays and Fridays from Kirk Ronan, so tourists may use the railway as transportation to the port.


As of now, it is unknown which engines run the line. At the time of the Sodor and Mainland Railway, the line was run by Neil and two other engines.

In Adventures on Rails, the line is run by Russell after its reopening in 1991. Dodger and 'Arry and Bert worked here before Russell was built and also help out on some occasions. In The Engines of Sodor, Neville, and Rosie will run the line along with Russell.

in Sodor Adventures, the line is run by Fergus and an upcoming character.