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Katie with her two coaches

two of her brothers

Katie is a e2 from the LSCBR

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She is a very helpful e2 tank engine

She was brought by the lner for 25 pounds in 1939 before the second world war broke up then half went to the nwr in 1941 while the lner kept the other half but in 1963 her former owner mr angel leago inleagly sold to her ireland to her dealth but in 1967 sir charles topham hatt of the nwr ended up buying the half from a ireland scrapyard and brought her back to sodor.

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british railways ended up banning mr leago in 1974 from being near railways for his crimes.

Br was going to fully sell the other half of katie to the nwr in 1964 or late 1963.

Katie herself hasnt not forgiven her so called first owner and ethier has her brothers or the nwr.

She works on the Ffarquhar branchline with her big brother thomas and younger brothers leo and gavin