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Jinty and Pug are two tank engines who come from time to time from the British Railway.


They came to help whilst the Fat Controller's engines were in London in 1956, and have often come to help at Vicarstown or take loaded stone trucks that Percy brings.

Adventures on Rails

In Adventures on Rails, both engines were familiar with Percy from when he took stone trains to the other end of the line. They also visited Sodor in 1956 whilst the Sudrian engines went to England.

It has been revealed, that Percy lost contact with them since he stopped taking stone trains to Barrow-in-Furness. That left their fate unknown to him.

In 1976, another 'Jinty' was purchased by the Fat Controller from a colliery near Westhouses. Her name was Jenna and she later met up with Percy and revealed that she had been saved in part thanks to Jinty. In 1967, he had the chance to go to the colliery but declined and set Jenna alone since he wanted to increase her chances of being preserved. It is implied that Jinty was scrapped shortly afterwards.

In 2016, Norman was away for repairs which meant that Jessie had to take over as pilot engine. However, Jessie broke down and left the yard without a designated pilot engine until James stepped in to help along with Donald and Douglas. The Fat Controller then decided that another engine was needed and brought Pug to the railway.

Since then, Pug has become the designated pilot engine at the Big Station alongside Norman and Jessie, who comes from time to time. Slowly but surely, he has gotten used to his new surroundings, and proven to be very capable at his job.


The New Adventures on Rails

Adventures on Rails


Thomas and Friends: Epic Adventures

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As far as their only appearance in Adventures on Rails, they are both painted in unlined BR black. Jinty has the number 47298 with the BR logo on his cab and tanks. Pug has the number 47000 on his cab.


In the special, they are portrayed as kind, sympathetic engines, and they seem to know Percy's twin, in which Percy never believes them about.