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Jessie and the Diesel Engines is the nineteenth story of volume three.

Jessie and the Diesel Engines
Season X, Episode 69
Air date 12 September 2021
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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After she returned from the Works, Jessie continued to work hard at the Steelworks. Even so, the thought of being replaced by diesel engines was still in her mind.

One morning, the Manager arrived at the shed whilst the engines were getting ready for work. “Good morning,” he said. “I wanted to inform all of you that two new diesel engines are coming to the Steelworks to help out. Now, diesels are quite new for all of us so do your best and just try to get along with them.” Then he walked away.

Some of the engines were more concerned than others.

“I’ve been worried about this ever since I got back from the Works,” said Jessie. “I remember seeing diesel engines and John told me that they are the future of railways.”

“Nonsense Jessie. No-one can replace us,” said Helen.

“Well, British Railways says otherwise,” put in Kelly.

“Regardless, I think that if we continue to prove ourselves useful, we won’t be replaced,” said Jessie, boldly.

“I agree with Jessie,” said Eden, raising her voice. “If we all continue to work hard, Manager will see we’re still as reliable as any new or modern engine. So, let’s give the diesels a nice welcome and continue to work hard.”

That calmed everyone down, and one by one, the engines went to work.

Later that day, the two diesels arrived at the Steelworks. One of them, named Steph, was a BR Class 09 diesel shunter painted in all black. The other diesel, named Kim, was a BR Class 35 and painted in a vibrant blue and yellow livery. They both looked very modern. They observed Jessie and her sisters doing their work.

“Huh, this place is full of steam engines,” said Kim. “It’s a good thing we’ve come.”

“What do you mean?” asked Steph.

“You see my dear Steph, we diesels are the newest engines. All these steam engines are old and worn out and we have to prove that we are the future. Trust me, these steam engines are nothing compared to us.”

“Well they’re coming now.”

Jessie and Kelly had seen the diesel engines and had come over to greet them.

“Hullo there. I’m Kelly and this is my sister Jessie,” said Kelly.

“I’m Kim and this here is Steph.”

“Very nice to meet you both,” said Jessie.

“Now then, I suppose there’s plenty of work to do around here,” said Kim.

“Of course,” said Kelly.

“Well, not to worry because we can handle just about any job.”

“Really?” asked Jessie.

“Of course! We are diesel engines after all and we’re much more cleaner and reliable than you dirty, outdated steam engines,” boasted Kim.

“First of all, I’m not dirty and certainly not outdated,” retorted Jessie.

“And we’re just as reliable as any diesel engine,” said Kelly.

“Nonsense,” scoffed Kim. “It’s only a matter of time before you’re all withdrawn and replaced by us diesel engines.” Then Kim oiled away.

“Sorry about that,” said Steph, and she rolled away.

“Well that diesel was very rude,” said Jessie.

“True,” said Kelly. “Still, it’s best if we focus on our own work.”

Jessie agreed and then the two engines went back to work.

Throughout the day, Kim continued to be rude to Jessie and her sisters. She growled and hissed whenever they passed her.

“Such dirty smoke,” she complained to Steph.

“To be fair, we have our fair share of nasty fumes from our exhaust,” replied Steph.

“Rubbish,” snorted Kim. “We’re a lot cleaner than those nasty steam engines.”

Steph decided to say nothing more.

At the end of the day, the two diesels were looking forward to a rest. They went over to the shed where Kim was disgusted to see Jessie and all her sisters there.

“What’s this?” fumed Kim. “Is this where we’re supposed to sleep?”

“Given your attitude, you don’t have to,” called Jessie.

“Yeah. Go sleep elsewhere if you want!” called Helen.

“I will,” said Kim, “because I will not share the shed with any dirty steam engines.” Then she fumed away.

“I better talk to her,” said Steph and she followed after Kim.

“Good riddance,” said Helen.

“It’s safe to say that the first day with the diesels has been rather rough,” said Jessie.

“Well, at least we’re doing our work properly,” said Eden. “That’s all that really matters.”

Jessie agreed with her.

The following morning, Jessie was shunting trucks in the yard when Kim came up.

“There you are. You took your time getting ready unlike me. I just fill up with oil and I’m ready. You take hours getting ready!” laughed Kim. “Now get my train ready.”

“You could say please,” scoffed Jessie.

“Just hurry up!”

“All right, all right. I shan’t keep you waiting,” said Jessie.

Jessie quickly arranged all the trucks. She had just finished when Steph rolled up.

“That was some very fast shunting,” said Steph.

“Thank you. Besides, I wouldn’t want Kim to be late with her delivery of steel,” said Jessie, sarcastically.

“I heard that!” shouted Kim.

“I know,” replied Jessie, calmly.

Kim was coupled up to the heavy trucks of steel. She began to pull with all her might. The trucks were very heavy and presently, she began to feel hot and tired.

“I don’t feel well,” she wailed.

Thick black smoke billowed from her exhaust.

“You’ve overheated!” exclaimed the Driver.

“Bother,” fumed Kim.

The Manager came to see what was happening.

“She’s overheated,” explained the Driver. “She can’t pull the train anymore.”

“Well these trucks need to get to the station,” said the Manager. Then he spotted Jessie. “Ah! Jessie, come over here!” he shouted.

“What’s going on?” asked Jessie.

“I need you to take the train to the next station,” said the Manager.

“Nonsense. It’s much too heavy for her,” coughed Kim.

“Rubbish. I can move these trucks with ease,” said Jessie.

“I know you can do it,” said the Manager. “Now get going!”

Steph moved Kim into a siding and Jessie was coupled up. The Guard blew his whistle and waved his green flag and Jessie puffed slowly away. The trucks were heavy and Jessie had to work very hard to get the train moving. She pulled with all her might and soon the train was running well. They were soon in the beautiful countryside and the Fireman shovelled more coal into her firebox to keep Jessie’s pistons pumping. By now, she was enjoying her journey.

Presently, they reached the station. Jessie was tired but glad to have done a good job.

Later, she was back at the Steelworks. She was shunting trucks alongside Steph.

“You did an impressive job by moving all those trucks earlier,” said Steph.

“Thank you,” said Jessie.

“I think you definitely proved that steam engines are still reliable.”

“I do hope I made that clear!” laughed Jessie. “Thank you for being very kind,” she said to Steph.

“I’m just glad to make friends,” replied Steph. “It doesn’t matter whether they’re diesel or steam engines.”

That made Jessie glad to be working with Steph.

Later, she met Eden at the water tower and told her what had happened in the morning.

“I had to take Kim’s train to the station because she broke down,” said Jessie.

“You did a very good job, I hear,” said Eden.

“Yeah, if anything this proves that we steam engines are still reliable.”

“Indeed. As I’ve said, we just have to keep up the good work.”

Jessie agreed.

Eventually, Kim was sent away for repairs whilst Steph stayed at the Steelworks. Despite the failure of one diesel engine, it didn’t stop the arrival of more diesel engines. But that’s another story.


  • Jessie
  • Eden
  • Kelly
  • Helen
  • Kim and Steph
  • The Steelworks Manager

The rest of Jessie's Sisters also appear.


  • This story is quite different in several aspects. The Writer originally used it for a writing class. As a result, the entire story takes place at East Moors Steelworks sometime in the late 1950s. This also means that the story does not take place on the Island of Sodor.
  • This story continued where Jessie and the Old Engine (from volume two) left off.