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Jessie's sisters are the other seventeen saddle-tank-engines that worked at East Moors Steelworks along with Jessie.


All of Jessie's sisters were built from 1932 until 1937 since Jessie was not built until 1937. They entered work at East Moors Steelworks shortly after being built and they received names from the workmen at the Steelworks.

They worked through the second World War, and through Nationalisation. In 1952, British Railway's Modernisation Plan began to be a threat to all the engines and slowly, diesel engines started making appearances. In 1960, withdrawals began and by 1965, Jessie was the only remaining 'Austerity' at the Steelworks. Kelly was the last engine to be withdrawn.

Jessie still remembers her sisters and during her time at Splott Park, she always told stories about her time at the Steelworks and working with her sisters.


Not all of the engines' names were revealed in the stories so below is the complete list with the engine's corresponding number.

  1. Eden
  2. Kelly
  3. Lynette
  4. Melissa
  5. Nayeli
  6. Sofia
  7. Rachel
  8. Vanessa
  9. Ximena
  10. Ana
  11. Cyntia
  12. Gemma
  13. Bree
  14. Ida
  15. Dafne
  16. Ffion
  17. Helen


Eden is the oldest and often the voice of reason within the group. Kelly is seen as the most versatile and a hard-worker in general. Helen is seen as the grumpiest, and she has an ongoing sibling rivalry with Jessie.


The New Adventures on Rails


Like Jessie, they are all based off the 'Austerity' 0-6-0 saddle tank engines built by the Hunslet Engine Company.


They are all painted maroon with white lining and they carried their respective numbers (1-17) on their cab.