Jessie is a saddle tank engine who serves as a utility engine on the Fat Controller's Railway.





Hunslet 0-6-0 saddle tank engine


Hunslet Engine Company


Hunslet Engine Works

Arrived on Sodor



She was built in 1937 by the Hunslet Engine Company and worked at East Moors Steelworks along with seventeen other engines. She was withdrawn in 1965 and offered to the city of Cardiff, Wales and put on display at Splott Park. For fifteen years, she served as an attraction for children, and got to know plenty of children personally. Nevertheless, she still missed being in steam.

In 1980, she was purchased by Mike Pearce, a man who had worked at East Moors Steelworks and recognised Jessie when the Park wanted to sell her. He managed to acquire her and move her out of the park. She was brought to the Dean Forest Railway for restoration. Over the next fifteen years, Mike Pearce worked on her whenever he could. The opportunity to finally see her in steam again came in 1995 when the Fat Controller was looking for an 'Austerity' engine after Wilbert's successful trial to assist Donald and Douglas.

The Fat Controller agreed to restore her at the Sodor Steamworks, an overhaul that was completed in late 2003. She finally re-entered service on 29 December, and quickly proved herself a valuable addition. She is often found helping Norman at the Big Station or on Thomas's Branch Line, helping out with the goods work.



Main Series


She is a 0-6-0 saddle tank engine built by the Hunslet Engine Company.


Jessie is painted maroon with white lining. She carries a name plaque on the centre of both sides of her boiler and her number 18 in white with red lining on the sides of her bunker.


  • She was introduced as the engine the Fat Controller intended to acquire to assist Donald and Douglas and will also work on Thomas's Branch Line after Daisy was transferred to the Harwick Branch Line.
  • She is based off a real engine who is owned by Mike Pearce and currently runs under the guise of Thomas at the Llangollen Railway.
  • She appeared in the revised version of The Escape Plan and Percy and the Brake Van so as to give a small teaser to her proper debut in Work and Play.
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