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Jenna is an LMS Fowler Class 3F (often nicknamed Jinty) who is stationed at Wellsworth as a banker engine.


Jenna was built in 1931 at Horwich Works and like many other of her brothers and sisters was found to be good at many different jobs. As a result, she often worked as a shunting engine and also managed stopping passenger trains across the London, Midland, and Scottish Railway. In the mid-1950s and until about 1965, she often made visits to the Fat Controller's Railway and became friends with Percy who took stone trains to the other end of the line. Her brother, Jinty was also Percy's friend and visited Sodor to run Thomas's Branch Line in 1956 when the eight famous engines went to England. Jenna mentions that she didn't always get along with him however, after being withdrawn in 1967 at Westhouses, Jinty wanted to increase Jenna's chance of being preserved so she went to a nearby colliery. Over the years, her condition got worse at the colliery until she was purchased by the Fat Controller in late 1975 and put to work as a banker engine the following year.

Nowadays, she is based at Edward's station alongside Edward and she helps heavy trains up Gordon's Hill.


She is painted NWR black with red and white lining.


Jenna is known to be quite temperamental. She doesn't take kindly to the other engines' teasing and she will pay them out if since she feels she has been wronged. This leads her to do the wrong thing at times. However, with Edward's help, she is learning to put aside her differences and get along with the other engines.