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Jealous James
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date March 18th, 2018
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Jealous James is the eighth episode of the second season of The Adventures on Sodor.


James is the number 5 engine red engine who works on the Fat Controller's railway, he is proud and vain, and loves to show-off his paintwork to the other engines, especially in the summer time. "Doesn't my paintwork look splendid?" He asked Duck one morning.

Duck rolled his eyes. "Yes." he muttered. A lot of engines don't really seem amused with James' paintwork, considering how much he shows it off. Some engines even try to hide away from James, so they wouldn't have to listen to his bragging.

"My paintwork is so splendid in the sunshine, isn't it?" He boasted to Murdoch, who simply scoffed.

"Couldn't you just let me have some peace and quiet please?" He asked in annoyance.

"Alright, keep your steam in." James would retort, albeit not very often. James wasn't just vain, but he had an habit of over and undershooting the platform. "Heeeeere's James!" He announced as he applied his brakes at Wellsworth, but he overshot the platform. "Oh, sorry." James apologised, with his face blushing red like his paintwork, the stationmaster glared at him as James reversed to the platform. "Sorry, it was just an accident." He would commonly protest/ "Get out of the way, Toby." James whistled as he entered Knapford.

"Woah, slow down James." warned Toby, and if James entered a station, he would screech his brakes, causing his carriages to bang into one another and the passengers would fall off their seats and complain to the Fat Controller about how bad of a railway it was. James just always likes to be the centre of attention.

One day, James was at Tidmouth Sheds bragging to the other engines. "Oh, look at my paintwork everyone, great isn't it?" He asked the others, who were not amused.

"You say that every single time." retorted Henry.

"Couldn't you just leave us in peace for a while?" groaned Gordon.

"Yes James, not everyone wants to admire your paintwork." chuckled Thomas.

"Oh yes, and what do you little tank engines know?" James huffed. "I'll have you know that my paintwork is as shinier then any of yours."

"There will be engines on the island that do have shinier paintwork then you." smirked Emily.

"Oh yeah, like who?" James snorted.

"Um, Stephen." Percy answered.

"Huh Stephen, that old timer? His paintwork isn't that shiny." James scoffed.

"Well, what about Rosie, she's painted red too." Thomas suggested.

"Huh Rosie, well she may be red, but she isn't as shiny as me anyway." snorted James.

"Perhaps the Flying Scotsman?" Emily chuckled.

"Oh yes, my brother," Gordon chortled, "he's as famous and has shinier paintwork then you."

"And Spencer too." added Henry.

James snorted. "None of those engines are shinier then me," he replied, "besides, I haven't been dirty in ages now."

"Yes you have," smirked Thomas, "you were dirty not so long, when you were tasked to take the Mayor to Vicarstown, and because of a small scratch, you went to get repainted and-"

"Okay that's enough, that was ages ago, last year actually." James interrupted.

"Well still it wasn't that long ago." said Henry.

"You've had worse accidents then that James." Emily chuckled.

"Like what?" James quipped.

"Well, them many years ago you crashed into a train of tar wa-" Percy was cut off by James.

"Don't ever dare, remind me of that one incident!" He spluttered. "That was years ago anyway, besides I had worse before that, back on my old railway in Lancashire."

"Yes, back when you were painted black, and didn't show off as much." chuckled Gordon and he laughed even more. James just hissed at the big engine, who was still laughing. Then the Fat Controller arrived on Winston.

"Hello everyone," he said, "I have some very exciting news, today the Mayor of Sodor is on a trip to the Mainland and he wants someone to take him, any volunteers?" James immediately chuffed forward.

"Me sir, please!" He said with a large grin on his face.

"That's James for you." Thomas whispered to Percy, who the latter began chuckling.

"Well then James, then it can be you." said the Fat Controller. James beamed from buffer to buffer.

"Thank you sir." He said proudly.

"Oh, and by the way, a special coach is waiting in the yard at Knapford." The Fat Controller told James. "I want you to pick it up immediately."

"Yes sir!" James eagerly replied, and the Fat Controller left. James smirked at the others. "Ha, told you I was the shiniest engine on Sodor, the Mayor will be very pleased to see me and I'm going to the Mainland."

"Who cares anyway?" spluttered Gordon.

"Uh, I don't know, the Fat Controller." and James hysterically laughed.

"Why do you always have to do the most important jobs, James?" Emily asked cheekily.

"Well, because Emily, my paintwork is as grand as gold, everyone on the Mainland, will want to admire it." replied James.

"Well, make sure you don't get captured in the Steelworks again." joked Thomas.

"Huh, the steelworks?" snorted James. "Of course not, I'm not going there, I'm taking the Mayor on a trip to see the sights, not to an old slaggy steelworks." And with that, James steamed out of the sheds, the engines were glad now they didn't have to hear James' constant bragging.

James arrived at Knapford Yards, Stanley was shunting the special coach for him. "Hurry up Stanley, I haven't got all day." he huffed.

"Alright James, I'm coming now," Stanley replied, "here you are, the special coach, fresh from the washdown as well."

James was pleased. "Magnificent!" He commented. "The Mayor will be pleased to see me." Stanley chuckled under his breath, James was soon coupled up to the coach. "Make way Stanley, for the brightest red engine on Sodor!" He announced.

"Brightest?" chuckled Charlie. "Oh I've got a joke, what do you call a-"

"Not right now, Charlie." cut in James.

"Oh, but please, this'll be funny." The purple tank engine pleaded.

"Alright, what is it then?"

"What season is it when you are on a trampoline?" Charlie chuckled.

James thought. "Uhh... I don't know, what?"

"Spring time!" And Charlie burst out with laughter, James grinned a little, he tried not to laugh, but he ended up bursting out with laughter. "You like that one James?" asked Charlie.

James immediately stopped laughing. "Uh yes, it was okay," He said, feeling a little embarrassed. "Anyway, I have to pick up the Mayor." and James puffed proudly away, the Mayor was waiting at Vicarstown station, James pulled into the station. "Make way everybody!" He declared, as he stopped at the platform.

The Mayor was pleased to see James. "Well, hello James," he said, "ready for our trip?"

"Yes, of course sir." James replied smugly, all the passengers cheered and admired his paintwork, then a whistle blasted in the distance. It was the Flying Scotsman, who backed down onto a train of express coaches, all the passengers stopped cheering for James and walked over to the Flying Scotsman, who smiled smugly.

"Hello to you all!" He said pleasantly.

"Wow look Mommy, it's the Flying Scotsman!" A little boy shouted.

"Your paintwork is so gleaming." commented one man.

"Well, thank you." replied Scotsman pompously, he then saw James over at the other platform, James could see that he was losing popularity against the passengers.

"What, but, ohhh!!!" the red engine spluttered. "I've lost popularity thanks to the Flying Scotsman." Even the Mayor of Sodor walked over to him. "Oh, and now the mayor too," James huffed, "I mean, what's so special about him, is it because he's the first ever engine to travel 100 mph?"

"No, it's because the Flying Scotsman is one of the most famous engines in the world." said his driver.

"Huh, famous!" James retorted. "Even my paintwork's as splendid as his." The Mayor walked up to the Flying Scotsman.

"Well, hello Scotsman, I'm the mayor of Sodor." he introduced himself.

"Oh, good morning your highness." The Flying Scotsman replied.

The Mayor chuckled. "Just call me Mr. Mayor."

"Alright, good morning Mr. Mayor." Scotsman chuckled. James had to wait for the Mayor to come to his train, he started to feel jealous over the Flying Scotsman because of his popularity, Scotsman looked at James and winked, but James just scowled. Then the stationmaster came and blew his whistle to gain the passengers' attention.

"Alright everyone! Board your trains please!" He ordered, as the passengers walked away from the Flying Scotsman, except for one little boy who jumped in excitement.

"This is the first time I get to see you in real life." he said.

The Flying Scotsman chuckled. "Yep, like a lot of people on this railway." He then looked at a pouty looking James at the platform. "Hello there, sudrian," chuffed Scotsman, "have I seen you before?"

"Well, you might have," replied James, "but I don't know."

"All these people from Sodor are so excited to see me, aren't they?" The Flying Scotsman smiled.

"Well, all except one." grouched James.

"And who would that be?"

"Me!" James answered. "You've just caused me to lose all my popularity, before you came to the station, all the passengers were admiring me, but then you come in, they all turn to you."

"Oh uh, I'm sorry about that sudrian," said the Flying Scotsman apologetically, "it's just I'm a famous engine, the passengers will know me well."

"My name's James, and anyway, the passengers should know me well too, as I have a very special carriage right here, and I'm taking the Mayor of Sodor on a trip." The red engine replied.

"Well, a very special carriage indeed," complimented the Flying Scotsman, as he saw the carriage. "It looks like a carriage that my cousin, Spencer pulls."

"Well, yes it does," James muttered, "anyway, I've been in hundreds of different books around the world, and I've visited the Mainland multiple times before."

"Well, so have I," said Scotsman. "especially in railway annuals and all sorts." But James was still sulky, the guard blew his whistle and James left the station, still feeling jealous. The Flying Scotsman exchanged a worried look. "Was it something I said?" he asked himself. James however cheered up as he crossed the Vicarstown Bridge, he was approaching Barrow-in-Furness and saw Connor heading to Sodor.

"Hello Connor look at me, splendid aren't I?" James boasted.

Connor just rolled his eyes. "Yes James." he muttered unamusingly, James was approaching a large junction up ahead, he had seen it before.

"I've seen this junction before, haven't I?" he asked his driver.

"I think so." he replied, but was unsure. James could see lots of different engines pass by the junction. "Wow, so many engines." he chuffed to himself, James switched tracks multiple times, trying to avoid other Mainland tracks. Finally, he had passed the junction and continued on with the tour.

At the end of the day, James had arrived back to Sodor very pleased with himself, he crossed the Vicarstown Bridge and was approaching Vicarstown, he saw the Flying Scotsman there, who attempted to cheer James up with a smile, but James just glared at him and snorted, the Flying Scotsman was worried, he hoped he hadn't hurt James' feelings in any way. James had arrived back at Tidmouth Sheds looking pleased, but also sulky. Emily noticed James' sulky expression.

"What's the matter, James?" she asked.

James sighed. "Oh, it's the Flying Scotsman," he huffed, "I was at Vicarstown ready to take the Mayor on our tour to the Mainland, everyone was admiring my paintwork and then the Flying Scotsman comes in and ruins everything."

"Well, he is a famous engine." chuckled Thomas.

"Yes, but he isn't that famous, I mean, we're sort of famous because we've been on TV and in books before." huffed James.

"And the Flying Scotsman has been in them too, but has also been in railway annuals, plus he travels to many different countries, unlike us." puffed Emily.

Gordon sniggered. "See even my brother gets more attention then you James." he chuckled.

Henry smirked. "Yes, and you always said you were the grandest." he teased, but James rolled his eyes and pouted.

"Oh, that Scotsman won't be as popular for long!" He said to himself. "Tomorrow, I'll show him." and then James backed into his berth and went to sleep. The next morning, James woke up to find none of the engines at the sheds. "Hmph, they must have left to do work." he chuffed to himself, James waited for his crew to arrive, they did so eventually.

"James, the Fat Controller wants you to take waste to the dump." The driver said.

James winced. "Waste? Oh no, I'm a splendid red engine, I should be as shinier and as famous as the Flying Scotsman."

"The Flying Scotsman?" James' driver chuckled. "Oh it is because of yesterday because all the passengers were admiring him instead of you James?"

"Well, no not just that," James replied, "lots of things."

"Like what?"

"Uh, having shinier paint then me." James answered.

"Shiny paint, well you're always showing off, so there's not much you can say." his driver replied.

"Yes, but still..." James burst out.

"Anyway, we need to start work." James' driver told him.

"Alright." James replied meekly, and he steamed out of the sheds to Knapford Yards. At there, James waited sulkily for his train of waste to be shunted. "Oh come on, I haven't got all day." he snorted, the train was finally shunted and James, still sulkily, left the yard. "Oh, I'll show the Flying Scotsman how famous I really am." grumbled the red engine, James arrived at the waste dump and his trucks were immediately uncoupled. "Hmph, I'll never be famous if I'm working at a dump." huffed James, he thought of what he could do, then an idea flew into his funnel. "I know, I'll get repainted at the steamworks."

"Repainted?" The driver exclaimed. "But why, how will that make you famous?"

"Well I don't know, maybe add some decorations to me?" suggested James.

"Well, if you say so." muttered his driver, James chuffed away to the steamworks. When he arrived there, he applied his brakes and screeched right onto the turntable.

"Woah, steady my friend." said Victor.

"Sorry Victor, but I need to be repainted." James told the Cuban engine.

"Repainted, but why?" Victor asked.

"Because I'm going to try and be as famous as the Flying Scotsman." came the reply.

Victor chuckled. "The Flying Scotsman? Oh, he's very famous, why do you want to be as famous as him anyway?"

"Well, because yesterday I was at Vicarstown getting ready to take the Mayor on a trip to the Mainland and everyone was admiring my paintwork, then the Flying Scotsman comes in and ruins everything."

"Well, you're always showing off your paintwork James," replied Victor, "the passengers can't admire you all the time."

"Yes, but I'm the most shiniest red engine on Sodor." protested James.

"As you think," Victor muttered, "anyway, how do you want to be repainted?"

"Uh..." pondered James. "Um I know, how about I get painted with golden patterns like the ones I had when I was competing in the Great Railway Show?"

Victor thought. "Well, very well my friend." he smiled. "Kevin!"

Kevin scurried over. "Yes boss?" he replied.

"Can you please fetch us a bucket of golden paint?"

"Right away boss." Kevin answered, and he went over to collect the bucket of gold paint. "(clang) Sorry boss!" The clumsy crane exclaimed. Victor sighed, but chuckled.

"That's Kevin to you." he whispered to James.

"Yes, indeed." James replied.

Kevin then rushed over with the bucket of gold paint. "Here you are, boss!"

"Excellent!" replied Victor, and then James went over to the back of the steamworks, so the workmen could paint him. Soon, James had been painted with gold patterns, like the ones he worn at the railway show.

"Thanks Victor!" said James and he chuffed out of the steamworks, looking quite proud. Victor chuckled and so did Kevin. James chuffed through the countryside, with a smug smile on his face, he passed by Neville. "Hello Neville, don't I look splendid?" James asked him.

"Yes of course, James." Neville replied uninterestedly. James pulled into Knapford and stopped so everyone could admire him.

"Hello everyone, look at me now, better then ever huh?" James boasted, but none of the engines were interested.

"You're wearing the same patterns like the ones you had at the Great Railway Show." observed Thomas.

"And to me, you don't even look more better." snorted Gordon.

"Hmm, you don't look any better with your blue paint." insulted James.

"Blue paint, pah! I look great with blue paint, don't we Thomas?"

"I certainly agree." The E2 replied.

"Well then, you're all jealous." James spluttered, and he steamed swiftly out of the station, Gordon and Thomas rolled their eyes and squirmed.

James pulled into Vicarstown, where he saw the Flying Scotsman being admired by the passengers. "Yes, thank you all!" Scotsman beamed with delight. James hoped his plan would work.

"This has to work." he puffed to himself, and he pulled up alongside the platform, but still no one came to see James. "Oh, come on!" Still no one went to see James, but the Flying Scotsman saw him.

"Oh, hello James, you look as splendid as ever now." he said.

"Well..." James wanted to thank the Flying Scotsman, but he was still jealous of him. "Um... okay."

"Uh James, are you alright?" asked Scotsman with sympathy.

"Huh, do I look like I'm alright?" James retorted.

"Um, no."

"Exactly, you're making me lose all my popularity against the passengers." pouted James.

"Well I'm sorry, but I did say yesterday, it's because I'm-"

"Oh, I don't want to hear it, there's no such thing as... famous!" snapped James. Then suddenly, a boy turned to face James.

"Look Mommy, that red engine looks amazing." he commented.

"Yes he does darling." his mother replied. James felt a bit better, but still felt jealous.

"Oh, another plan, but what?" he pondered. After a minute of thinking, James had another idea. "I know, I can get another tender."

His driver chuckled. "A second tender? Oh James, you don't need two tenders, the Flying Scotsman only has them because one tender is where his coal resides and the other is for his water."

"Well okay, but surely I can get another tender from somewhere." James replied firmly, and he left Vicarstown so he could find another tender. First, James looked around Knapford Yards, but there wasn't a tender there. Then he checked in the yard beside Knapford, no tender there either. He checked everywhere on the island and there was no tender. "Great, no tenders anywhere." he groaned, then he saw an old shed that hadn't been used in years, inside it was an old rusty tender, belonging to a L&YR Class 28 like James. "Yes, there's a tender," puffed James,. "and it looks a bit like mine."

"But it looks old and rusty, and I don't think it's been used in ages." said his driver.

"Oh, but we can use that still, just repaint it."

"Uh James, I doubt you'll be famous with a second tender."

"Nonsense, of course I will, besides I'm the brightest and shiniest red engine on Sodor." James boasted, his driver just scoffed.

"Very well." he muttered, and James was coupled to the old tender and he took it to the steamworks. It wasn't long before the tender had been repainted to match James and it was coupled up behind him, he now looked like the Flying Scotsman. "Thank you Victor, I will look famous now." James said smugly.

Victor was unsure. "I don't think so my friend, it looks as if you'll be made fun of more then anything."

But James just snorted. "Who cares? Everyone will think I'm famous and better then the rest." and he left the steamworks with the tender coupled behind him. Victor was right, James did look silly with a second tender, engines laughed at him as he went by, James felt quite embarrassed, but determined. "This has to be my last chance." he said to himself, but as he was approaching Vicarstown, he had to stop at a junction, Spencer was also there, he laughed when he saw James with his second tender.

"Oh James, why have you got two tenders and golden patterns?" The streamliner laughed.

"Hey, it's not funny!" snappeds James. "I'm trying to be as famous as the Flying Scotsman."

Spencer was puzzled. "The Flying Scotsman, but why?"

"Well, because I was at Vicarstown yesterday and all the passengers were admiring me, then Scotsman comes and they all turn to him." James explained.

"Oh right, but you show off anyway, so what can you say?" chuckled Spencer.

"And so do you, you show off more then me." scowled James.

"Huh, show off more then you? I'm more pompous then a show-off." Spencer protested and then the signal turned green. "Well, goodbye James, or should I say... The Flying Showoff?" And Spencer burst out with laughter, James blew steam angrily at him and steamed huffily away. "Hey, what was that for?!" snapped Spencer, but James had already left far in the distance, he arrived at Vicarstown station, but the Flying Scotsman was not here this time.

"Well, thank goodness he's not here." said James, he saw some passengers. "Make way for James!" he announced. "Look at me, don't I look splendid?" But the passengers weren't paying attention to James, and they looked worried. "Uh, did you hear me?" James asked them.

"Well no, because we're in a terrible situation." replied an elderly woman.

"The Flying Scotsman was going to take us to St. Pancreas station on the Mainland." explained one man.

"And he hasn't arrived." said another.

"Oh, well uh…" James thought carefully. What should I do? he thought to himself, should he take the passengers or wait for the Flying Scotsman to arrive? "You know what, I'll take you." James decided, he would seem more famous if he brought the passengers to St. Pancreas.

"Um, are you sure?" One man asked. "I mean, do you even know the way there, that's all the way in London, which is miles from here?"

"Well, oh I wasn't thinking," James muttered to himself, "uh no, but I'll try anyway."

"Alright." The passengers replied and they boarded the Flying Scotsman's coaches. James felt proud, he was going to become more famous now.

"Make way for me!!" he declared as he departed the station, James crossed the Vicarstown Bridge. With his golden floral patterns and two tenders, he felt important and famous. "Ha, beat that Scotsman." James chuckled to himself, he was now on the Mainland and was approaching Barrow-in-Furness where he saw a BR Class 37 at the platform, he glared gruffly at James, who winced back at the diesel. "Huh, diesels." he snorted, James was approaching the large junction again. Like before, there were several engines passing through the junction. They all looked at James with his golden patterns and two tenders, they thought he looked quite strange, but thought he was important anyway, James was enjoying this. A couple hours later, James had finally arrived at St Pancreas in London, the passengers disembarked and cheered for James. "Thank you!" he said to the passengers proudly. "I look splendid, don't I?"

"Yes, you certainly do." replied a woman.

"And useful." added a man. James was so pleased that he was able to become famous, the Flying Scotsman then pulled into the platform, he almost popped his pistons when he saw James there.

"J-J-J-James, what are you doing all the way here?" he asked I shock.

"Well, I'm a really splendid engine, as you can see Scotsman," replied a smug James, "the passengers think that too."

"Very well James," Scotsman replied. "oh and would you want me to help you get home? It is getting really late and you're not fast enough to reach Sodor."

James thought. "Uh, yes please Scotsman." he replied.

"Well, let's get going then." and the Flying Scotsman was coupled up to James' tender, and he steamed out of the station, with passengers cheering for the two engines. The Flying Scotsman raced along the line, with James in front of them.

"Yahoo!!" James cried out as he was being pushed quickly along the line.

The Flying Scotsman chuckled. "Want me to go a little faster?" he asked.

"Yes please." James replied, and Scotsman pushed him even faster. James admired all the sights in London. "Wow, these sights are amazing."

"Well, glad you like them." said the Flying Scotsman who winked at James, the two had now exited London and were heading towards Sodor, they could see Barrow-in-Furness up ahead.

"We're almost home!" James burst out.

"Not long to go now." smiled the Flying Scotsman, they passed through Barrow-in-Furness and saw the Vicarstown Bridge up ahead. James and the Flying Scotsman raced across the bridge and towards Vicarstown, where they stopped at the platform. "Here you are, at home again!" declared Scotsman.

"Thanks for the ride, Scotsman," smiled James, "that was incredible."

Scotsman chuckled. "Glad you liked it." he replied.

"Oh and uh, I'm sorry for being so jealous of you," James said apologetically, "I just wanted everyone to think I was their centre of attention."

"That's alright," soothed the Flying Scotsman, "everyone has their moments of jealousy." He noticed that it was getting dark. "Now it's getting dark, and I should be heading back to England. I'll see you next time I visit Sodor, James." and the Flying Scotsman steamed away back home.

"Goodbye Scotsman." James called, and he chuffed proudly back to Tidmouth Sheds.

Meanwhile at the sheds, the engines wondered why James hadn't returned.

"Where is he?" questioned Henry.

"I hope James isn't in danger." Percy worried.

"Oh, he won't be Percy." soothed Thomas.

"Well, I have to agree that it's quiet here without him." commented Gordon.

"I slightly agree." murmured Thomas in agreement, then the Fat Controller arrived at the sheds, he was concerned.

"Have any of you seen James?" he asked his engines.

"No sir, we haven't." replied Emily.

"We've not seen him since this morning to be honest." added Thomas.

"Well, wherever James is, he must return here immediate-" Then James' whistle blasted in the distance, as the red engine puffed proudly onto the turntable, the engines were surprised when they saw him.

"Hello everyone, don't I look splendid?" James bragged.

"J-James, you look magnificent!" gasped Emily.

"Look at all those gold patterns!" cried Percy. "The same ones he had at the Great Railway Show."

"Not to mention his second tender." smirked Gordon.

"James! Where have you been?" asked the Fat Controller.

"To the Mainland sir," James replied, "well, not just the Mainland, but to St. Pancreas in London." The engines and the Fat Controller's jaws dropped in amazement.

"You didn't did you?" asked Gordon in shock.

"Yes I certainly did." James replied smugly.

The Fat Controller was quite cross with James. "James, you mustn't ever leave Sodor without telling me." he said sternly.

"Yes sir." said James, feeling quite ashamed, but still proud.

"And for leaving Sodor without my permission, you'll be pulling goods trains for the next few weeks." scolded the Fat Controller.

"Yes sir."

"Okay, now I'd say you should get some rest James," The Fat Controller suggested, "you've travelled a long way from Sodor."

"Well not really," James replied. "for the majority of the way back, I was being shunted by the Flying Scotsman.

"The Flying Scotsman?!" The Fat Controller exclaimed. "Well, it's nice to hear you've met him, but right now you should just get some sleep."

"Yes, of course sir." replied James and the Fat Controller drove away. After he'd left, the other engines were curious to know about James' journey.

"How did the trip go?" asked Henry.

"Fine, thanks." replied James.

"Did you meet any other famous engines?" asked Thomas. "Stepney, the City of Truro?"

"Were there any mean or sly diesels?" quizzed Gordon.

James was pleased that he had been able to show everyone just how famous and splendid he could really be, but rather bragging to the engines, it was their turn to start asking questions.

"Were you jealous of the Flying Scotsman?" Emily asked.

"Well," James didn't know whether he should answer, "to be honest, yes I was, but not anymore."

"Huh, I told you he'd get jealous over my brother." huffed Gordon.

James was no longer jealous of the Flying Scotsman, and he tried not to be jealous of any other engine again, but it wouldn't last long until he'd start to show jealousy again. But James was still happier to be the most splendid red engine on the Fat Controller's railway.




  • Several references to past television episodes/specials are made:
    • A reference to the first season television episode Dirty Objects is made by Percy, when the engines are teasing James of his many accidents.
    • A reference to the twentieth season television episode All in Vain is made by Thomas, also when the engines are teasing James of his many accidents.
    • References to the 2016 television special The Great Race are made as James gets decorated with golden patterns like he did in the special when he was competing in the Great Railway Show.
    • The narrator saying that James had travelled through the junction on the Mainland before and Thomas saying to James to make sure he doesn't get captured in the steelworks again are references to the 2017 television special Journey Beyond Sodor.
    • James mentions Lancashire, which is a county in North West England and was the place where James' basis, the L&YR Class 28 was built. James also mentions that he worked in Lancashire before coming to Sodor.