Jason is a wise tender engine.



GER Class T26


James Holden


Stratford Works



Arrived on Sodor:





Jason was built in 1902, some of the last of his class. He worked as a passenger engine, taking passengers on the Norfolk coast. Ten years later, Jason was put on loan for the construction of the North Western Railway. Sir Topham Hatt I was pleased and bought him in 1914. Jason soon grew smart and became good friends with Edward. Soon Sir Topham Hatt I sent some of his best friends away to the Other Railway, where they were scrapped, unknown to Sir Topham Hatt I. One of these engines Jason never made up with after an argument, and Jason felt guilty about it ever since.

From 1915 to 1917, Jason worked at the Logging Company, watching trees get cut down. In 1918. Jason's crew locked him up in a shed to avoid capture and the cutters' torch. Almost a century later in August 2014, Thomas and Percy found Jason and became good friends with him, although Percy promised not to tell Sir Topham Hatt III. Thomas ended up breaking the promise and told him, which ended up getting him restored at the Steamworks. 

He now works on the Main Line, pulling stopping passenger trains, like he used to. 


Jason is a wise and kind sort, and is often eager to work. He knows every part in an engine and is very smart. He hates to see good friends be torn apart and tries to settle arguments, although usually it doesn't work. Jason does prefer passenger coaches and isn't too fond of trucks. He doesn't forget his tragic past that easily and usually grieves over his best friends, especially one when his final conversation with him was an argument. Jason is still a happy engine since he knows he's safe from being scrapped.


Jason originally was painted black with golden lining, but since he was bought by the NWR, he is now painted apple green and yellow lining. He has the number 440 on his cab and he has a brass nameplate on his boiler. 


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