James and the Frieght Cars is the eighth episode of Season 2

James and the Frieght Cars
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date August 12, 2011
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
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After a week when the buffers, coaches, and cars are fixed the engines have agreed to give James another chance. He works with Henry. Soon he has to pull 5 very heavy cars of metal. Henry tells James to just take his time and he will be able to pull them all the way to his station and shunt them. James is doing good, but the trucks begin their stupid tricks. James has to get them down the hill and then 10 more miles. The trucks begin to hold back but James strains to pull up but not to break the coupling. Soon James does it and begins to put on the breaks and soon reaches a cruising speed. Henry is waiting a his station. Henry concagulates James.


  • James
  • Henry
  • Hatt (non-speaking role)
  • Gordon (cameo)


  • Henry arrives at the station before James.
  • When James collects his cars and has a caboose but later at the hill he doesn't.
  • In the siding scene there is no shed.
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