James Helps Out is the eleventh episode of Season 3

James Helps Out
Season 3, Episode 11
Air date October 23, 2011
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
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It is James' day off and he decides to help engines. He goes Henry to see if he needs help but Henry just ingores him. He sees Gordon grumbling and he offers to help him up the hill. Gordon just blows steam at him. He goes to Percy who has to take The Truck. Percy just steams off. James goes to his station shed and sulks. Later the statiomaster tells James that Edward needs help on the hill urgently. James says that he is just faking. His driver makes him go. Soon, they arrive back and James is proud of helping.


"Edward needs help"

"He's probably faking it to make me want to help him"

"No, it is an emergency"

"Come on, James. do what you wanted to do"

-The stationmaster trying to convice James to help Edward.


  • James
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Gordon
  • Percy
  • The Truck (mentioned)


  • The title comes from the second episode of Season 1 in Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends. In the US it was called Edward Helps Out.


  • A breakvan should have been added to Henry's train.
  • In another version Toby replaces Percy.
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