Jacob is Farmer McColl's tractor.



1974 FORD 9600 Dual Power 6cylinder diesel TRACTOR






Jacob was built in 1967 and worked for various farmers across Great Britian until he was on the threat of scrap starting in 2011. Lucklily, his driver wouldn't allow it and put him up for sale. In early 2014, Farmer McColl requested a vintage tractor for his farm, and won the auction. He greeted Jacob warmly and he was restored to his former glory. Then Farmer McColl called the Pack over to help build Jacob's shed. Unfortunately, the project was halted when Max and Monty were chased by a bull around the roads of the area. Jacob was terrified and hid behind Farmer McColl's farmhouse. 

After Terence couldn't pull James out of a snowdrift, Emily was sent to collect Jacob. Jacob agreed and managed, along with Terence, to pull James out. 

Since then, Jacob has been working peacefully with Farmer McColl.


Jacob is often impatient and wants to get things done quickly, but knows when he goes too far. He's frightened of certain things like big animals and very loud noises, like thunder. Jacob enjoys the peaceful work of being on a farm, and is grateful that Farmer McColl bought him, even if he dislikes some of his animals.


Jacob is painted blue with white stripes with the number 9600 and "FORD" on the sides.


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