Into the Old Mid-Sodor Railway is the fifth episode of the second season of Small Railway Adventures.

Into the Old Mid-Sodor Railway
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date August 23rd, 2013
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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Learning the Past


Soon, the construction of the new Arlesdale began. Each day, Mike, Bert, Rex, and Frank would take building supplies to the construction site.

"For now, we will build the station and the yard can be restored later on."

"Sir?" asked Rex. "What will happen to the old Arlesdale?"

"It'll be used as a shuting yard and runaway siding."

New tracks were layed. It was hard work to replace the narrow gauge track to minature guage track.

Rex was the engine most often on track-laying duty.

One day, they reached the second station of the Mid-Sodor Railway.

"Cas-ny-Narwin," Rex was trying to read the sign of the old station.

"Yes indeed," his Driver replied. "This is the next station we'll be repairing. It'll look just as it did when Duke was around."

"Who's Duke?"

"The engine that some searchers discovered."

"Oh, right! In 1972. I wonder what other engines worked here."

"Several others, about three, I believe."

"Who are they? Please, tell me."

"Some other day. Right now we have to focus on laying these tracks."

And Rex's Driver left Rex still wondering...

To be continued........


  • Rex
  • The Small Controller
  • Frank (non-speaking role)
  • Duke (mentioned)
  • Mike (mentioned)
  • Bert (mentioned)
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