Incoming! is the eighth episode of the nineteenth season.

Season 19, Episode 8
Air date 31 December 2014
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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It was a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor.

Donald and Douglas were preparing to take a long heavy goods train to Arlesburgh.

"Its a beautiful day, Donal'," said Douglas.

"Why yus, Douggie. Nothing can ruin this," agreed Donald.

"Just two more trucks!" called Norman.

"All right," they replied.

Norman shunted the remaining trucks and the brake van.

The shunter fastened the coupling, and the Guard blew his whistle and waved his green flag.

"Here we go!"

Soon, they trundled through Haultraugh.

"What a beautiful coast," sighed Donald.

"Ah! We'll be there in no time!" said Donald's Driver.

Then, there was trouble!

"Watch out!" called Douglas and his crew, as a turkey flew into Donald's cab!

"Och!" called Donald's Driver.

The turkey hit him right in the face!

Donald's Fireman, who had luckily been uninjured, applied the brakes.

"Och! Oh, dear! Call Callan, and tell them to halt traffic!" called Donald's Fireman to Douglas's crew.

"Will do!"

Then, Donald's Fireman got out his cell phone, and called the ambulance.

"Our train has been hit . . . by a turkey! Please come immediately!"

Meanwhile, Douglas's Driver had warned the Stationmaster of this situation.

"All traffic halted!" he called on the radio telephone.

Soon, the ambulance arrived.

"We'll take him from here," said a medic.

Then, presently the Fat Controller arrived on Winston.

"Oh no! Stop!"

"Early days, Sir," sighed Winston.

Then, he climbed down to speak to the engines and crews.

"What happened here?!" the Fat Controller asked Donald's Fireman.

"My good buddy got hit from an incoming turkey, Sir."

"A turkey!"



Soon, Donald's Driver was taken to Wellsworth Hospital, and the dead turkey removed from Donald's cab.

Finally, the Twins continued their journey, and they reached Arlesburgh without mishap.

"I just hope your Driver is all right," said Douglas anxiously to Donald.

"Me too, Douggie, my crew is inseparable."

Later, at Wellsworth Hospital.

"Oh look! He's waking up!"

"Och! What happened?"

"Well . . ."

"The last thing I remember was a turkey comin' towards me!"

"Yeah, it hit you. You were knocked unconscious, you've got a couple scars, but you'll be fine," said the Medic.

"That's good to hear."

A month later, Donald's Driver was back to work.

Donald and Douglas now keep a good lookout on the sky, in case of another turkey!




  • This story is based on a real life accident which occurred on the 1st of June, 2014 in West Mansfield, Ohio on an Amstrak Train.
  • This story reveals that Callan is on the Little Western.
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