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One day boco was pulling into harwick where Ryan was “ello boco” Ryan said “good evening Ryan” boco responded just then daisy pulled in “Ryan what are you- what...” daisy said “you know what goodbye” and daisy hurried away leaving boco and Ryan confused daisy kept thinking what she had saw “what was that imposter! A clone? A green box on wheels? Or the worlds biggest celery?” She thought as she rocketed to ulfstead when she got to ulfstead boco was there “hello” boco said “I didn’t get your name last time my name is-“ daisy interrupted “oh I know who you are” she said “oh then no needs for introductions” boco replied and he set off for knapford daisy followed him boco stopped at the station to let passengers on and off daisy pulled along side “imposter!” She shouted “what?” Boco asked “your an imposter!” Daisy replied “you try to mimic me with your similar shape! I think not! Your not even a real rail car!” And she served forward on the other line donald and Douglas were coming “stop!” Boco shouted “oh no brakes!” Daisy called but it was too late donald Douglas and their freight crashed into daisy daisy was pushed onto her side soon the twin’s train blocked the line soon help arrived and daisy was sent to the diesel works where boco was “you know” daisy said “you aren’t much of an imposter after all” “just crewmates!” Boco laughed


  • Boco
  • daisy
  • donald
  • douglas
  • ryan
  • jerome (cameo)
  • judy (cameo)
  • thomas (cameo)
  • arry (cameo)
  • bert (cameo)
  • rosie (cameo)
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